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The 10 best jigsaws to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a jigsaw

Finding the best jigsaw for your DIY projects can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for in this versatile power tool. It’s a great addition to any toolset however, providing a versatile cutting saw suitable for all kinds of projects around the home. To make the buying process easier, here’s a handy guide with all the info you need to find a great jigsaw that fits all your needs.

What are jigsaws?

A jigsaw is a type of saw used for straight and curved cuttings on materials like wood, plastic, metal, tiles, and even masonry. It consists of a reciprocating blade that cuts through materials by pushing and pulling the jigsaw in the required direction, making it one of the most efficient tools for making straight and curved cuts at various angles.

Why should you buy a good jigsaw?

A good jigsaw is a great investment for any DIY enthusiast. It’s a highly versatile power saw that can cut various materials. With interchangeable blades that can be adjusted to various angles, you can easily create curved, straight, and angled cuts on materials for DIY projects.

How to choose the right jigsaw in 2024?

Another picture of a jigsaw

Choosing the best jigsaws can be difficult if you are unsure what to look for in a power tool, so here are a few things to think about to help find the right saw for your needs:

  • Corded or Cordless: Like most power tools, jigsaws are available in corded and cordless models, with each one offering its own benefits. For example, corded tools are usually more powerful and you don’t need to worry about stopping midway through a project to recharge a battery. Cordless jigsaws offer much better manoeuvreability, although they tend to lack the same power.
  • Grip: You have two main grip types for a jigsaw, a barrel handle, and a D-handle. A barrel handle is found at the back end of the tool, allowing for more force to be applied when sawing forwards, although it does require more effort to use so it may not be great the most comfortable for long periods of use. D-handle grips are shaped like a D and found at the top of the tool, offering a more ergonomic grip that more comfortable to operate. It’s also easy to manoeuvre because it offers good balance and a thick rubber grip.
  • Speeds: The best jigsaws come with variable speed settings which is useful for sawing different types of materials. This is important if you want to saw different materials beyond wood, as tougher materials like metal and masonry require much higher sawing speeds, so if you’re sawing different materials then look for variable speed settings that can reach 3,000rpms and above.

What is the best kind of jigsaw in Switzerland?

There are mainly two types of jigsaws available:

  • Reciprocating Jigsaw: This type of jigsaw has a fully exposed blade that is moved with a push/pull motion. It has a much tougher sawing motion so it is generally best used for demolishing materials, such as ripping down tiles, cutting window frames or holes in plasterboard.
  • Orbital Jigasaw: Orbital jigsaws are the most common type available, usually featuring a D-handle grip and a T or U blade. This makes them best-suitable for both broad and fine cuts and they can cut through most materials, being the best jigsaw for making precise curved and straight cuts.

Top 10 list of jigsaws in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their jigsaws. Which jigsaw is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 06033A0770 jigsaw
Bosch Jigsaw PST 650 (500 W, cutting depth in steel/wood: 4 mm/65…
  • Product Type:Jig saw - 500 W
  • Features:Soft grip, dust blower, tool-less blade change, dust extraction port, hanging…
  • Capacity:Cutting depth - wood - 65 mm ¦ Cutting depth - steel - 4 mm
starting from CHF 48.85*
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 06033A0200 jigsaw
Bosch PST 900 PEL Jigsaw (620 Watt, Cutting Depth 90 mm, in Plastic Case), Test Grade: Test winner (magazine: Heimwerker Praxis)
  • Contents: Speedline Wood Saw Blade (T 144 D), CutControl, Chip Protection, Saw Blade…
  • Ideal control and precision when following cuts up to 90 mm deep thanks to the C…
  • Clear view of the workpiece using the switchable air-blowing function and the LED…
starting from CHF 80.35*
Jigsaw 800 W Max Wood Cutting Depth 110 mm, 800-3000SPM Hychika Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 6 Variable Speeds and 0-3 Orbital Position, 6 Blades, Chamfer Cutting: -45° to 45°, Case.
  • Box contents1 x Hychika jigsaw, 6 x T-shaft blades, 1 x guide ruler, 1 x user manual…
  • Laser guide and guide rulerthe built-in laser guide allows a straight, accurate and…
  • Quick release and storage box for saw bladesthanks to the quick release, the saw…
starting from CHF 48.02*
Offer TOP 4
Jigsaw, 800 W Max Wood Cutting Depth 110 mm, 800-3000SPM Hychika Electric Jigsaw with Laser, 7 Variable Speeds and 0-3 Orbital Position, 6 Blades, Chamfer Cutting: -45 ° to 45
  • Box contents: 1 x Hychika jigsaw, 6 x T-shaft blades, 1 x guide ruler, 1 x hex key,…
  • 0-3 orbital position and quick releaseThe positions 0-3 for the saw blade stroke,…
  • Adjustable cutting angle: different cutting angles can be adjusted. The maximum adjustable…
starting from CHF 37.24*
Image of Einhell 4321135 jigsaw
Einhell TC-JS 80/1/TC-JS 60/1 Jigsaw, black, red, 4321135
  • Integrated dust extraction adapter for clean work.
  • Soft grip for comfortable working and a firm grip.
  • For mitre cuts up to 45° degrees: the swivelling saw shoe.
starting from CHF 33.58*
Image of Einhell 4321157 jigsaw
Einhell Jigsaw TC-JS 80/1 Kit (550 W, 20 mm Lifting Height, Pendulum Stroke Function, 80 mm Cutting Depth in Wood, 10 mm in Steel, 3,000 rpm, Includes 3x T-Shank Saw Blade)
  • Easy to use - With its compact design and light weight, the jigsaw sits comfortably…
  • Clean workspace - A wet/dry vacuum cleaner can be connected to the 36 mm suction…
  • Easy saw blade change - The saw blade can be changed easily and completely without…
starting from CHF 48.99*
Image of Stanew JS012 jigsaw
Stanew Jigsaw 650 W with 5 x Jigsaw Blade, 3000 rpm Electric Jigsaw, Tilt Angle ±45°, 6 Adjustable Speeds, Tool-free Blade Change, Suitable for Wood, Metal, PVC
  • Package contents: 1 x jigsaw, 5 x blades (wood x 3, PVC x 1, metal x 1), 1 x dust…
  • Quick release blade with locking button: Easy and quick blade change in seconds without…
  • Precise 45° bevel cutting: The maximum adjustable cutting angle of the jigsaw…
starting from CHF 40.17*
Image of Meister PS600M jigsaw
Meister Pendelhub Stichsäge 600 W, PS600M - 3 Pendelstufen - 45° Gehrungsschnitte - Staubsaugeradapter / Handsäge mit Soft-Grip Einlagen / 5403120, Rot
starting from CHF 27.43*
Image of Bosch Professional 060158G000 jigsaw
Bosch Professional Jigsaw GST 90 E (650 watts, cutting depth in wood: 90 mm, incl. 1x saw blade, splinter guard, in a case)
  • Scope of delivery: GST 90 E, 1 x saw blade, hexagon key, instep protection, craftsman's…
  • Reliable jigsaw with bar handle - ideal for beginners
  • Reliable 650 W motor ensures quick work results
starting from CHF 111.17*
TOP 10
Image of Makita 4351FCTJ jigsaw
Makita pendulum jigsaw 135 mm, with LED, 720W, 4351FCTJ
  • Powerful and fast pendulum jigsaw
  • With bright double LED
  • Coated handle ensures a secure hold and comfortable grip
starting from CHF 154.25*
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