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The 10 best jumper cables to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a jumper cable

Anyone who has been stranded with a dead car battery knows just how useful a set of good jumper cables is. These inexpensive cable wires are a lifesaver when you need to jumpstart your car battery, ensuring you’re not stranded for too long. However, choosing the best jumper cable for your vehicle is often challenging, especially if you’ve never used it before. So, we have created a helpful jumper cable buying guide to help find the right cable for your vehicle.

What are jumper cables?

Jumper cables, also known as booster cables, are electric cables used to connect the car batteries of two vehicles. A jumper cable is used to connect the dead car battery of one vehicle to the working car battery of another to provide a jumpstart. Once the engine is turned on, the electricity from the working battery helps to jumpstart the dead car battery. So, the best jumper cables let you reliably restart a dead car battery using another vehicle’s battery.

Why should you buy a good jumper cable?

It’s always a good idea for a vehicle owner to have a jumper cable on hand should their car battery ever die. Car batteries can die for various reasons, from accidental discharge to faulty or damaged parts. In either case, once a car battery dies your vehicle won’t start unless the battery is given a jumpstart from another vehicle. So, by having a great jumper cable stored in your car, you can give yourself or another motorist a jumpstart.

How to choose the right jumper cable in 2024?

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Not sure how to choose the best booster cable for your vehicle? Here are some things to consider before you buy new jumper cables:

  • Wire Gauge: Wire gauge refers to the thickness of the cable wires. The thicker the wire gauge, the better the jumper cable as it carries much more electricity. The wire gauge thickness is given in numbers between 1-12, with lower numbers indicating a thicker wire. So, be sure to choose jumper cables with a suitable wire gauge, otherwise, they may not be reliable. A wire gauge between 4 and 6 is usually suitable for most vehicles.
  • Insulation Thickness: The best jumper cables have thick insulation around the wires. Thick insulation helps prevent wires from creating a superheating arc, which may cause extensive damage to the vehicle or yourself. Also, thick insulation protects the wires from the cold conditions that might damage or even break the wires.
  • Cable Length: Be sure to choose a jumper cable that is long enough to comfortably reach between two vehicles. The last thing you need is for the cables to be too short to reach another vehicle. For instance, short cables are suitable for cars facing each other, although longer cables are usually needed if one vehicle is behind the other. Hence, you may prefer long cables just to be on the safe side.

What is the best kind of jumper cable in Switzerland?

Here are some of the best types of jumper cables available to buy:

  • Copper Jumper Cables: The best jumper cables use copper clamps and wires, as this material is the most efficient conductor of electricity. While more expensive than other types, copper jumper cables are incredibly reliable and durable.
  • Aluminium Jumper Cables: A more affordable alternative to copper jumper cables, aluminium jumper cables are still a great option for most vehicles. However, they do tend to lack the wire thickness of copper, meaning they are usually not available in lower wire gauges needed for larger vehicles.

Top 10 list of jumper cables in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their jumper cables. Which jumper cable is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Einhell 2030345 jumper cable
Einhell Booster Cables 3.5 m for Petrol Engines up to Max. 5500 cm3,…
  • Comes in a carry bag - perfect for storing in the boot of the car and therefore always…
  • The jumper cable is tested according to DIN 72553-25.
  • The jumper cable is equipped with four fully insulated terminal clamps. The conductor…
starting from CHF 14.35*
Image of AEG 97203 jumper cable
AEG Automotive jump leads
  • With practical storage bag
  • Complies with DIN 72553
  • Copper aluminium technology
starting from CHF 14.99*
Image of Osram OSC160 jumper cable
Osram OSC160 Starter Cable, Jump Leads for Petrol and Diesel Engines, 6/12V, Jumper Cable for 3.5L Engines, Copper Coated Aluminium, 3m, Standard, 300A
  • Cable length: 3.0 metres
  • Copper coated aluminium cable with insulated clamps, handles and cables
  • 150 A continuous current: for continuous current transmission and to protect against…
starting from CHF 18.66*
Offer TOP 4
Image of YRHome 2130 jumper cable
YRHome 12 V/24 V Jump Leads Jump Leads Starter Cable Set Surge Protection for Trucks Cars Copper Battery Quick Start -4 m 500 A
  • Practical starter cable: compatible with many models, perfect for SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles,…
  • Overvoltage protection: Equipped with a 12/24 V surge protection to avoid overcurrent…
  • Safer: the clips are coated with PVC insulation, which makes them safer, more robust…
starting from CHF 14.69*
Image of MAMIZO NO jumper cable
MAMIZO 12 V/24 V Jump Leads, Starter Cable Set, 6 m 30 mm² 1500 A, Quick Start, with Protective Gloves, for Cars, Trucks, Copper Jump Leads (6M)
  • PRODUCT ACCESSORIES 4 sturdy alligator clips and additional protective gloves and…
  • Long service life: cables made of high-quality PVC remain flexible even at -25°C…
  • PVC Insulation The clamps are color coded (red for positive, black for negative)…
starting from CHF 39.19*
Image of sakura SS3626 jumper cable
Sakura Hochleistungs-Starthilfekabel SS3626 - 400 A, 3 m, farblich kodierte Klemmen - für Pkw, Fahrzeuge bis 3,0 l/3000 ccm - leere Batterie
starting from CHF 20.28*
Image of Einhell 2030335 jumper cable
Einhell Jump Leads, 3 m, Cross Section 19.4 mm², for Petrol Engines up to 2,500 cm³, Includes Carrying Bag
  • Comes in a carry bag - perfect for storing in the boot of the car and therefore always…
  • The jumper cable is tested according to DIN 72553-16.
  • The jumper cable is equipped with four fully insulated terminal clamps. The conductor…
starting from CHF 12.06*
Image of AEG 97216 jumper cable
AEG Automotive Safety Jump Leads
starting from CHF 26.56*
Image of Brüder Mannesmann M01788 jumper cable
Bruder Mannesmann Werkzeuge M01788 Booster Cables 25 mm in Round Bag
  • In a practical round pocket
  • Diameter: 25 mm².
  • For petrol engines up to 5.5 l displacement + diesel engines up to 3.0 l displac…
starting from CHF 31.47*
TOP 10
Image of Trintion ss-005 jumper cable
Trintion Jumper Cable 2 x 4 m Starter Cable Truck Jump Leads Car Battery Emergency Cable 2000 Amp 12/24 V Quick Start Tangle-Free with Storage Bag for Petrol and Diesel Engines Cars
  • [Powerful Alligator Clips] The starter cable truck features four giant alligator…
  • Save space: The quick start cable can be stored gently and space-saving, when not…
  • [Applicable] Cold winters and forgotten lights cause the battery to discharge faster.…
starting from CHF 15.18*
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