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The 10 best lawn fertilisers to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a lawn fertiliser

Maintaining the perfect lawn is harder than most think. Your lawn needs a surprising amount of care and attention, including regular mowing, aerating, and feeding. The best lawn fertiliser is essential for a healthy, vibrant lawn with thick growth and minimal weeds. Whether your lawns are in great condition or are dull and patchy, it’s a good idea to use a quality lawn fertiliser. However, with so many products to choose from, finding the best lawn fertilisers is often challenging! Check out our handy buying guide below for all the info you need to find the right fertiliser for your lawn.

What are lawn fertilisers?

Lawn fertiliser is a garden product that provides added nutrients for your grass. All plants need a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), for strong, healthy growth. Lawns are no different, needing a unique balance of NPK to encourage optimal growth throughout the year. The best lawn fertiliser products provide grass with these essential nutrients, which are difficult to obtain naturally. Lawn fertilisers are sold in both liquid and granular forms, while products can target specific things like patchy lawns, new lawns, and summer growth.

Why should you buy a good lawn fertiliser?

While most lawns don’t necessarily need fertilisers, using one certainly improves the overall health and appearance of your lawn. For example, applying a lawn fertiliser high in potassium at the start of the growing season in spring encourages healthier growth, resulting in much greener grass. Of course, sometimes lawns aren’t in good condition, especially after a long winter with extreme temperatures and poor weather. These lawns may be dull, patchy, and covered in weeds. Using the best lawn fertiliser on poor-quality lawns helps restore the appearance, encouraging thick, vibrant growth.

How to choose the right lawn fertiliser in 2024?

Another picture of a lawn fertiliser

Are you struggling to find the best lawn fertilisers for your garden? Here are some things to look out for when buying a lawn fertiliser:

  • Granular or Liquid: There are two main types of lawn fertiliser – granular and liquid. Granular lawn fertiliser offers slow-releasing nutrients that feed lawns over a longer period, often several months. These are the best lawn fertilisers for people who want a low-maintenance way to feed their grass. Liquid fertilisers are mixed with water and applied to a lawn, usually via a watering can. These lawn fertilisers are fast-acting, providing results almost immediately. If your lawn is in poor condition and needs a quick fix, then liquid fertilisers are the best choice.
  • Ingredients: All lawn fertilisers have the chemical ingredients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Be sure to check the NPK ratio of the lawn feed, as the balance of ingredients impacts how it affects the lawn. For example, lawn fertilisers with equal amounts of NPK are considered great all-purpose lawn fertilisers. Feeds with higher nitrogen encourage thick, green grass to grow quickly. Fertilisers high in phosphorus are best suited for newer lawns, as this encourages strong root development.
  • Frequency of Use: Some lawn fertilisers need to be applied more often, which some people would rather avoid. For example, if you don’t want to regularly feed your lawn, then a granular fertiliser is the best choice. It’s slow releasing, lasting weeks or even months, so won’t need to be applied too frequently. Liquid feed requires more frequent application, while you need to spend time mixing it with water and applying it to the lawn.

What is the best kind of lawn fertiliser in Switzerland?

Unsure what type of lawn fertiliser is best for your needs? Here are the main options available:

  • Granular Lawn Fertilisers: This fertiliser has small granules that are applied directly to the lawn. These granules slowly release nutrients over weeks and months. It’s a great lawn feed for a hands-off gardener, requiring little effort while leaving you with a healthier lawn.
  • Liquid Lawn Fertilisers: This fertiliser comes in a liquid form that is diluted with water and then applied to the lawn. It’s fast-acting, providing results almost immediately, making it especially good for lawns in poor condition. However, there is a risk of fertiliser burn if you use too much product and consequently over-fertilise some areas of your lawn.

Top 10 list of lawn fertilisers in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their lawn fertilisers. Which lawn fertiliser is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Compo 13112 lawn fertiliser
Compo Long-Term Lawn Fertiliser, 3 Months Long-Term Effect, Fine…
  • Box contents: 1 x Compo lawn long-term fertiliser, up to 3 months long-term effect,…
  • Lawn fertiliser for spring: ideal for the start of the season, new lawns or reseeding,…
  • Easy to use: apply Compo lawn fertiliser by hand or spreader, water the lawn, after…
starting from CHF 44.15*
Image of Substral 8707595 lawn fertiliser
Substral lawn fertiliser, with long-term effect, 100 days long-term fertilisation, dust-free granules with coated long-term nitrogen, 15 kg for 750 m²
  • No risk of burning when used correctly - NPK (MgO) fertiliser, mixed fertiliser,…
  • Dust-free granules for optimal application - very suitable for use with the spre…
  • Fertilises the lawn for up to 3 months and makes it competitive against moss and…
starting from CHF 34.30*
Offer TOP 3
Image of TURBOGRUEN 1 lawn fertiliser
Turbogrün Lawn Fertiliser Spring 5 kg with 3 Months Start Fertiliser, Ideal for Spring and Summer, Suitable for Spreaders, Low-Dust Granules, Long-Term Fertiliser
  • When the grass is watered after fertilisation, there is no harm to children or p…
  • The lawn starter fertiliser is more mineral. Lawn fertiliser with long-term effect…
  • Long-term fertiliser is ideal for spring, even in summer, the 20 kg lawn fertiliser…
starting from CHF 29.39*
Image of Agrarshop 12-5-5 lawn fertiliser
Eco 12-5-5 Lawn Fertiliser / 25 kg / Starter Summer / Autumn Fertiliser
  • For resilient, lush green grasses.
  • For healthy growth.
  • Economical lawn fertiliser.
starting from CHF 31.31*
Image of Natureflix NF01 lawn fertiliser
Natureflix Lawn Fertiliser Spring | Long-Term Fertiliser for Any Lawn - The Premium Fertiliser (Grit 2-5 mm) with Moss Displacement | Ideal for Many Spreaders in Spring and Summer (2.5 kg for 125 m²)
  • Long-term fertiliser - Let your meadow shine in unprecedented splendour with our…
  • No more moss - Although this is not a lawn fertiliser with weed killer and moss killer,…
  • Lawn fertiliser for new sowing - Our mineral grass fertiliser is classified as CMC…
starting from CHF 19.59*
Image of TerraUno 8720598702712 lawn fertiliser
TerraUno Lawn Fertiliser Spring/Summer I Instant Effect for Juicy Green I 20 kg for 1000 m² I Healthy Lawn Displaces Moss and Weeds I NPK Fertiliser Lawn I Against Dry Stress I For the Spreader
  • Spreader lawn fertiliser: the spreader settings are on the packaging. If fertilising…
  • Quick start effect: the lawn fertiliser has a quick visible starting effect. After…
  • Lawn instant fertiliser: targeted nitrogen blasts of the NPK complete fertiliser…
starting from CHF 48.95*
Image of versando RDV10KG lawn fertiliser
versando Autumn Fertiliser, Blue Fertiliser or Garden Limescale in Various Sizes for Garden and Lawn Care for Autumn
  • NPK fertiliser 12+5+5(+19+7+6): 12% total nitrogen made from 5% nitrate nitrogen…
  • Works against weeds and moss - branded product from versando - bottled in German…
  • For year-round use, 10 kg for approx. 300 m²
starting from CHF 27.33*
Image of WOLF Garten 3830010 lawn fertiliser
WOLF-Garten Long-Term Lawn Fertiliser
  • Professional fertilisation, proven on golf and sports fields
  • Creates dense, healthy, vital and resilient lawns instead of moss and weeds
  • No shock growth
starting from CHF 11.71*
Image of Terra Domi 260400870641 lawn fertiliser
TerraDomi NPK 15-15-15 Compound Fertiliser, High-Performance Universal Fertiliser with Sulphur and Long-Lasting Effect, for Over 2000 m2 Lawn, Perfect for of All Soils
  • The application rate is only 20-40 g/m². When using with spreaders, we recommend…
  • Our fertiliser is suitable for spring, summer and autumn. We also recommend fertilising…
  • Compatibility: Our fertiliser is not harmful to children and pets and still ensures…
starting from CHF 45.91*
TOP 10
Image of TURBOGRUEN SOMMERDÜNGER lawn fertiliser
Turbogrün Lawn Fertiliser Summer 20 kg, Healthy Lawn Displaces Moss, Ideal in Summer, Suitable for Spreader Low-Dust Granules, Lawn Fertiliser, Lawn Care
  • After fertilising, there is no danger to pets and children as long as the lawn is…
  • The summer fertiliser is mineral and contains NPK 11/3/15 for optimal nutrient s…
  • The lawn fertiliser provides a long-lasting effect and supports the lawn throughout…
starting from CHF 51.16*
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