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The 10 best multi tools to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a multi tool

The best multi tool lets you complete all kinds of DIY tasks using a single device, making it incredibly convenient and cost-effective. Yet finding the right multi tool can be challenging when there are so many products to choose from and a few things to consider before you buy. To help with this, we’ve created a simple multi tool buying guide. It covers all the information that you need to know to find the best multi tools.

What are multi tools?

A multi tool, also known as an oscillating multi tool, is a power tool that uses interchangeable heads to complete various functions. This combines all the most common power tools in a single device, allowing the user to saw, sand, scrape, and grind various types of materials. Available as corded and battery-powered, a good multi tool can come with a wide range of attachments for different functions, while the speed and power settings can vary from model to model.

Why should you buy a good multi tool?

As one of the most versatile tools available, you cannot go wrong with the best multi tool in your home or workshop. It allows you to complete different DIY tasks using a single device, saving a lot of time and effort switching between tools, not to mention saving a small fortune! Whether you have a lot of home improvement projects, enjoy DIY, or just want to have access to various tools for emergency repairs, a multi tool is one of the best tools to have at your disposal.

How to choose the right multi tool in 2024?

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Not everyone knows what to look for when buying a power tool, so here are some things to look out for when you are planning to buying a great multi tool:

  • Speed Settings: The more speed settings a multi tool offers the better, as you can adjust this to accommodate different tasks. For instance, when using the sanding attachment you want to be able to switch between high and low speeds to get the desired finish for different materials.
  • Power: Measured in watts, the power of a multi tool indicates how quickly and efficiently it performs each function, with higher wattages meaning you can complete tasks much quicker. This is especially useful for larger projects with many tasks to complete, although it does mean the tool will cost a lot more than a low-powered model.
  • Manoeuvrability: A corded multi tool offers less manoeuvrability and this can be a hassle when working in tight spaces or hard to reach areas. If you need unrestricted freedom when using the tool, consider a battery operated multi tool as these provide the best manoeuvrability.
  • Accessories: Multi tools come with a wide array of accessories, with each attachment providing an additional function. Consider what tasks you need the tool for and then look for a product that comes with the appropriate accessories.

What is the best kind of multi tool in Switzerland?

There are two main types of multi tools available to buy:

  • Corded Multi Tools: This variant is plugged into mains power to operate. The most powerful multi tools are often corded as they can deliver higher voltages, so if you have a large project to deal with or need all the power you can get this is the best choice of multi tool.
  • Cordless Multi Tools: A cordless multi tool is battery operated, allowing unrestricted movement when working on projects. This can be useful in many situations, providing the freedom needed to get into tight spots, high spaces, or when working outdoors. Just be mindful of the run time and consider buying additional batteries if you are using the tool for long periods.

Top 10 list of multi tools in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their multi tools. Which multi tool is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Tilswall ‎‎S1J-FE7-10 multi tool
Tilswall Multifunction Tool, Rotary Tool 160 W with 145 Accessories,…
  • Contents: 1 x Tilswall multifunction tool; 1 x Tilswall flexible shaft, 145 x accessories…
  • High power brings outstanding performance: Tilswall 160 W multifunction tool can…
  • Soft grip, comfortable experience: The tool is wrapped in soft rubber to reduce the…
starting from CHF 39.19*
Offer TOP 2
Image of Vastar AAVART0204 multi tool
Vastar Multifunction Tool, Rotary Tool, 6-Speed Adjustment, 8,000-35,000 RPM, with 218 Accessories, 3 Attachments for Engraving, Drilling, Grinding
  • Widely usedThe Vastar multifunctional tool is widely used in many scenarios, such…
  • Convenient to useThe rotary tool is lightweight and easy to use. Ergonomic design…
  • Structural advantagesThe speed control gear mechanism has been improved. The gear…
starting from CHF 37.23*
Image of Dremel F0133000JP multi tool
Dremel 3000 Multifunctional Tool 130 W, Set with 1 Attachment, 25 Accessories, Variable Speed 10,000 - 33,000 rpm for Cutting, Grinding, Engraving, Polishing, Sharpening, Cleaning, Carving
  • As the inventor of one of the world's most valued tools, Dremel has worked hard…
  • Box contents: 1 attachment + 25 accessories
  • Idle speed 10, 000-33, 000 rpm, power 130 watts
starting from CHF 67.62*
Image of Akdomart ALDD-081 multi tool
Multifunctional Tool Battery, 8 V 2.0 Ah Rotary Tool with LED Light, 5 Speed 30,000 rpm Max, 135 Multifunctional Tools Accessory Set for Drilling, Engraving, Polishing, Grinding, Rust Removal
  • We strive to provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service. If you…
  • Rich accessories: the rotary tool set contains 135 accessories, including a cutting…
  • Compact and lightweight: Akdomart rotary tool weighs only 370 g and is 22.5 cm long.…
starting from CHF 39.19*
Image of DEPSTECH ‎RTD36AC multi tool
DEPSTECH Multifunction Tool 200W Rotary Tool 6 Variable Speed 10000-40000RPM Multitool Set with 128 Accessories Set for Engraving, Drilling, Cutting, Grinding, Engraving, Polishing, Sharpening
  • Ergonomic design and grinding protection: the body of the cutting tool is ergonomically…
  • 128 accessories can effectively complete different projects and meet most of your…
  • Flexible protection: the flexible shaft improves the flexibility of the product and…
starting from CHF 58.79*
Image of DEPSTECH DC08 multi tool
DEPSTECH Multifunctional Tool Battery, 8 V 2.5 Ah Rotary Tool Set with LED Light, 5 Speed 30,000 RPM Max, 47 Versatile Accessories for Carving, Polishing, Grinding, Drilling, DIY Crafts
  • You will receive: The DEPSTECH rotary tool set includes a neatly organised storage…
  • Ergonomic design: the ergonomic body has non-slip soft rubber handles that provide…
  • Compact and lightweight: Our versatile multifunctional tool weighs only 373 g and…
starting from CHF 48.99*
Image of Ginour 013EU multi tool
Ginour 170W Multi-Purpose Grinder 7 Speed Settings Multitool Tool Set with 109 Accessories Yellow and Black
  • Humanised design - the ergonomic handle is made of non-slip material which provides…
  • Variety of accessories - the multifunctional tool is equipped with 110 multi-purpose…
  • Adjustable working speed - 7 speed settings, the multifunction tool can run from…
starting from CHF 39.19*
Image of GOXAWEE G5225 multi tool
GOXAWEE Multifunction Rotary Tool 3.6V 104 Accessories Wireless Rotary Tool 5 Speed USB Charging 0-18000RPM for Engraving, Cutting, Drilling, Polishing, Cleaning, DIY (Orange)
  • Portable and lightweight: Goaxwee mini rotary tool is very light and easy to hold.…
starting from CHF 23.51*
Image of DEPSTECH DC08 multi tool
DEPSTECH 8 V 2.0 Ah Battery Multifunctional Tools, Rotary Tools, 5 Speed Engraving Device (5000-30000 rpm), 127 Multifunctional Tool Accessory Set for Drilling, Engraving, Polishing, Grinding, Rust
  • Professional guarantee: We strive to provide high-quality products and exceptional…
  • Great gift for DIY: The DEPSTECH DC08 multifunctional tool accessory set is ideal…
  • The set contains 127 accessories, including a cutting guide that helps cutting/drilling…
starting from CHF 58.79*
TOP 10
Image of SOBEAU Tool-mini multi tool
Multifunctional Rotary Tool Set with 104 Accessories, 5 Adjustable Speeds, Mini Multifunction Tool Drill 5000-18000rmp, for Drilling, Engraving, Grinding, Polishing
  • Versatile: the electric multifunctional tool includes 104 fittings and chargers,…
  • Easy installation: the quick-change function of the rotary tool is designed to increase…
  • Comfortable handle: The rotary tool is compact, lightweight and ergonomically shaped,…
starting from CHF 15.87*
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