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The 10 best nail files to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a nail file

Many people end up buying low-quality nail files without even realising that not all nail files are the same, leaving their nails in a far worse condition than they should be. At the end of the day, you want the best nail file you can afford – cheap low-quality alternatives will only lead to costly charges at your local nail studio. Buying great nail files doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune though! In fact, there are many high-quality models available at very affordable prices. To make sure your next nail file is the right one, check out this buying guide and the top recommendations below.

What are nail files?

A nail file, also known as an emery board, is a tool used to shape, smooth, and buff the nails. Traditionally, they were made from rough materials such as metal or glass, though these have largely been replaced with more flexible cardboard and sandpaper materials that come as either disposable or reusable files. Quality nail files come in many shapes, allowing you to accurately file nails to your desired length and style, while various designs can feature a straight edge separator that reduces pressure on the nails, working to remove the risk of them splitting while being filed.

Why should you buy a good nail file?

If you like to maintain the appearance of your nails, then there’s no denying that a suitable nail file is a fantastic investment. Allowing you to even remove small sections of the nail to maintain a uniform shape, you can achieve a neat and healthy-looking nail with a file. Furthermore, some people may need to frequently trim their nails with clippers, leaving them feeling very abrasive. Using the best nail file can help to buff away these rough edges and make the nails feel much smoother. Plus, if your nails split from time to time, you want a flexible file for the nail reducing the risk of the nail cracking even further.

How to choose the right nail file in 2024?

Another picture of a nail file

While it may not seem obvious, not all nail files are equally effective, so it’s important to find the right file for your nails to keep them looking great. Here are some things to think about before choosing the best nail files:

  • Shape: Like your nails themselves, there are various shapes of nail files, and they each are recommended for particular nail types. For example, a straight nail file is best for short nails as it helps to give them shape. The straight nail files are also recommended for people with soft nails, so it’s recommended to get this shape if you have this nail type
  • Material: All quality nail files should be made from a durable material, so be sure to check this out before you buy anything. For example, you want to choose a proper file with a lighter grain for people with fragile nails, while stronger nails need stronger nail file products.
  • Length: The size of nail files can differ, so you want to get the best nail file length for your purposes. If it’s only being used at home, then longer nail files are fine. If you are using it while travelling, then buying a shorter nail file length for trimming and maintaining your nails on the go is recommended.

What is the best kind of nail file in Switzerland?

Here are some of the best-selling types of nail files that you can buy:

  • Metal Nail Files: These nail files are often considered to be too tough and powerful for use on natural nails, and are better used for acrylics or artificial nails.
  • Glass Nail Files: Gentle but effective, glass nail files are often long-lasting, and they are very gentle on the nails, being the perfect choice for maintaining nail length and shape without causing damage.
  • Emery Boards: These are the most common types of nail files, featuring a rough side for shortening your nails and a smoother side for smoothing and refining the nail’s shape. They are not as long-lasting as a glass file, however.

Top 10 list of nail files in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their nail files. Which nail file is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of URAQT U4-ZY82C-U19121806-FBA nail file
URAQT Pack of 16 Nail Files for Gel Nails, 100/180 Grit, Double-Sided,…
  • Long-lasting and washable: The nail file made of high-quality sand, is very wear-resistant…
  • Wide range of applications: These nail files can be used for manicure, nail adjustment,…
  • Double-sided grain: Double-sided nail file with different grit density on each side.…
starting from CHF 5.87*
Offer TOP 2
Image of Nimisyra XHSSHAT002 nail file
Pack of 6 100/180 Black Nail Files, Nail Files, Professional Nail Files, Reusable Nail Files, Double-Sided Nail File, Robust and Wear-resistant and Washable
  • High quality nail filing tools are easy and effective to use, ideal in professional…
  • These nail files can be used for manicure, nail adjustment, for shortening and shaping…
  • You can get 6 double-sided black nail files to meet your daily needs. You can also…
starting from CHF 3.91*
Image of H.Herder 241-Herder-weiß nail file
Solingen Original H.Herder Sapphire Manicure Nail File Metal Fine Coarse Set of 3
  • All files come in a protective case
  • Our Solingen sapphire nail files are made of flexible, dimensionally stable spring…
  • One side is with coarse sapphire coating, for shaping nails, the other side with…
starting from CHF 4.60*
Image of Schwertkrone 4-Nagelfeilen-SG nail file
Sword Crown High Quality Nail File Set 4-Piece Sapphire Nail File Fine / Coarse in 4 Sizes / Manicure and Pedicure
  • Sizes: The smallest file starts at 9 cm. The set also includes the following sizes:…
  • Quality: Our products come from Solingen and are chosen with great love and knowledge…
  • Small or large: The right size for everyone is included in the set. Whether in the…
starting from CHF 7.83*
Image of GeekerChip Tool-NailFile-DoubleSided-15Pack nail file
Tool Nail
  • Basic Manicure Tools: 15 sets of professional nail files, with these nail files,…
  • Washable and disinfectable - These nail files and buffers are easy to clean, can…
  • Nail file material emery paper very robust: the material is of high hardness, has…
starting from CHF 4.89*
Image of Solingen 241 nail file
3 Professional Nail Files Solingen Sapphire File Manicure Nail File Metal Fine Coarse Set Solinger Quality
  • Production - Distribution and delivery directly from Solingen
  • All sapphire nail files come in a protective case. (The color of the case is red…
  • One coarse and one fine side
starting from CHF 5.74*
Image of Kafeiya ZJC-Nail-5P-BK-20920 nail file
Kafeiya Nail File [Pack of 5] Nail File 100/180, Nail Files for Gel Nails, Nail Files, Nail Files, Nail Files, Double-Sided Files, Nail Polish Combination for Nail Studio and Home
  • Basic Manicure Tools: 5 sets of professional nail files, with these nail files, you…
  • Durable and washable: the nail file made of high-quality sand is very wear-resistant…
  • Nail file material emery paper very robust: the material is of high hardness, has…
starting from CHF 3.22*
Image of Solingen 241-S nail file
3 Professional Nail Files Solingen Sapphire File Manicure Nail File Metal Fine Coarse Set Black Solinger Quality
  • Production and distribution directly from Solingen
  • All sapphire nail files come in a protective case. (The color of the case may be…
  • File handle can be used as a cuticle pusher
starting from CHF 4.89*
Image of Drei Schwerter SB 94-4836 nail file
DREI SCHWERTER - Saphir Nail File Set 2+1 | High Quality Nail Set for Manicure and Pedicure, Made in Germany | Contents: 2 x Sapphire Nail File in Various Sizes and 1 x Three-Way Nail Polisher
  • DREI SCHWERTER Made in Germany – First-class, tested three swords brand quality…
  • Ideal gift – this nail file set is the ideal gift for any occasion, be it Christmas,…
  • Practical versatility – in addition to shaping and filing the nails, the tip…
starting from CHF 6.81*
TOP 10
Image of FYACCD MZJT-10PCS nail file
Pack of 10 Nail Files, Double-Sided 100/180 Nail Files for Nails, Professional Nail File Set for Nail Care & Styling
  • Quality service: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we…
  • Widely used: the professional nail files are suitable for manicure, nail shaping,…
  • Easy to use: with semi-circular design, it sits comfortably in the hand and is easy…
starting from CHF 4.89*
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