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The 10 best paper shredders to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a paper shredder

Whether for the home or office, buying the best paper shredder is always recommended for the safe disposal of sensitive information. However, finding a good shredder can be difficult if you are unsure what to look for, so check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need to know!

What are paper shredders?

As the name suggests, a paper shredder is a device used to shred up paper! While designs can vary, most consist of a motor that powers rotating blades to shred paper, along with a wastebasket to gather the shredded debris.

Why should you buy a good paper shredder?

Using a great paper shredder remains the most effective way of disposing of sensitive information like bank statements, bills, invoices, medical info - basically anything that has information you don’t want other people accessing.

Any paper with personal information about yourself should be effectively destroyed, otherwise, there is a risk someone steals this info and uses it for malicious intent, such as identity or credit card fraud.

How to choose the right paper shredder in 2024?

Another picture of a paper shredder

Choosing the best paper shredder can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Consider the following before buying a new shredder:

  • Bin Size: The waste bin gathers the shredded materials for disposal, so always check the size of this and make sure it has a suitable capacity for your needs. It’s usually measured in litres and be sure to choose a high volume if you plan on shredding frequently.
  • Page Load: This refers to how many pieces of paper can be shredded at one time, ranging from 10 to upwards of 50. Anyone using to occasionally shred won’t need anything higher than ten, while those shredding a lot of paper will benefit from a high maximum page load as it will make the process much quicker.
  • Page Size: Not all paper shredders are designed for large papers, so be sure to check the page size that it can shred. If shredding only A4 paper then don’t worry too much about page size, although those shredding much larger documents will find a large page size capacity more efficient.
  • Shredding Capability: The best paper shredders can shred much more than paper, with some capable of shredding CDs, cred cards, and old floppy disks. This is great for disposing of other sensitive information, just make sure that the shredder can handle more robust materials!

What is the best kind of paper shredder in Switzerland?

There are few options when it comes to the types of paper shredders that you can buy:

  • Strip-Cut Paper Shredder: Features a basic cutting blade that shreds into thin strips. While very affordable and useful for infrequent shredding, it doesn’t offer the highest level of security.
  • Cross-Cut Paper Shredder: The cutting blades on this type of shredder cut in both directions, resulting in a cross-shredding action that offers one of the secure ways to shred sensitive documents.
  • Micro-Cut Paper Shredder: Much like a cross-cut shredder, micro-cut shredders cut in two directions, although they shred the paper down into even finer sizes. It’s so efficient that the shredded paper comes out looking like confetti!
  • Crypto-Cut Paper Shredder: The best quality paper shredder, crypto cut shredders completely cuts and shreds materials to the point it comes out resembling dust.

Top 10 list of paper shredders in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their paper shredders. Which paper shredder is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of bonsaii IT237-5*18 paper shredder
Bonsaii Shredder Paper Shredder, 6 Sheets Cross Cut Paper Shredder…
  • Dimensions: 36.2 x 30 x 18 cm (L x W x D); We offer a two-year warranty and professional…
  • 22 cm paper feeder; 13 litre waste basket; overheating protection extends the life…
  • Automatic start and manual reverse to avoid paper jams. 3 minutes of continuous…
starting from CHF 29.39*
Image of Leitz 80090000 paper shredder
Leitz IQ Home Office Document Shredder 80090000, Cross Cut, Security Level P4, 10 Sheet Capacity, 23 L Waste Bin, White
  • Contents: 1x Leitz IQ Home Office document shredder, security level P4, cross cut,…
  • Ideal for occasional use: Continuous operating time of 6 minutes, LED indicator light…
  • Easy to empty 23 litre waste bin with a capacity of up to 225 sheets. With anti-paper…
starting from CHF 88.19*
Image of Amazon Basics AU864XA paper shredder
AmazonBasics - high security cross cut shredder for 7-8 sheets, for paper and credit cards
  • Bucket with a capacity of 15.5 l and a transparent window for easy inspection of…
  • Angled feet guarantee a secure hold; with autostart function and manual return key…
  • 3 minutes continuous operation possible; the cooling time is then 30 minutes; with…
starting from CHF 36.25*
Offer TOP 4
Image of bonsaii S123-A-EU paper shredder
Bonsaii Paper Shredder Attachment, 6 Sheets Strip Cut Shredder, Security Level P2, Document Paper Shredder with Telescopic Arm, with 9 Litre Waste Paper Bin (S123-A)
  • Professional service: bonsaii offers 2 years warranty for our shredder paper. If…
  • Easy Maintenance The jam removal button helps to fix paper jams easily, and the automatic…
  • Enhanced Security: The shredder cuts paper into 6mm strips and provides security…
starting from CHF 21.55*
Image of bonsaii 266B-NEW-EU paper shredder
Bonsaii 12-Sheet Particle Cut Paper Shredder, Runs 60 Minutes, High Performance Shredder for Home Office, P4 Micro Cut Paper Shredder with 4 Rolls & 16L Container (C266-B)
  • 2 Year Warrantybonsaii offers 2 years warranty for our products. Please feel free…
  • Easy to use: Shredder has 4 removable wheels for easy mobility and flexible placement.…
  • Auto start and reverse: Auto start/stop and manual return function protect you from…
starting from CHF 66.63*
Image of bonsaii C209-DDE paper shredder
Bonsaii Home Office 10-Sheet Paper Shredder, Cross Cut Shredder for Paper and Credit Cards, Security Level P4, Overheating Protection and Practical Handle Design, 21L Waste Bin (C209-D)
  • Bonsaii Shredder offers 2 year warranty on our products. If you encounter any questions…
  • 21 litre capacity of the waste bin for less frequent emptying; see through window…
  • 4-minute continuous running time with 40 minutes cooling time, electric shredder…
starting from CHF 41.64*
Image of bonsaii EU-S120-C-15MIN paper shredder
Bonsaii Paper Shredder, 8 Sheet Strip Cut Paper Shredder for Home Office, CD/Credit Card Shredder with Overheating Protection, Shredder, 13 Litre Waste Paper Bin (S120-C)
  • Professional Service- bonsaii offers 2 years warranty for our products. If you have…
  • Easy to use: the small paper shredder has a safe start mode and manual reverse d…
  • Overheating protection: the office shredder can run continuously for 2 minutes. If…
starting from CHF 29.39*
Image of GENIE 240 S paper shredder
Genie - Professional Shredder 240S Security Level P2 Including 10L Waste Paper Bin | Credit Cards & Documents Shredder Shredder | Paper Shredder Strip Cut up to 6 Sheets
  • Energy saving mode – thanks to the built-in sensor, the shredder automatically…
  • Overheat protection – when used continuously, the drive motor switches off…
  • Large collection container – the collection container of the document shredder…
starting from CHF 19.59*
Image of Hama 00050541 paper shredder
Paper Shredder
  • Can also be used as a shredder office shredder, paper shredder devices, paper hexler,…
  • Electric shredder for shredding with return function against paper jam, automatic.…
  • Electric shredder automatic feed: the shredder feeder for shredding as a shredder…
starting from CHF 24.15*
TOP 10
Image of bonsaii 261C-NEW-EU paper shredder
Bonsaii Paper Shredder for 8 Sheets Cross Cut, Paper Shredder Devices P4, Shredder with Portable Handle & 16L Waste Paper Bin, for Credit Cards/Paper Clips, for Home Office (C261-C)
  • Professional service: We provide a 2-year warranty on Bonsaii shredder. If you have…
  • 4 minutes working time: a maximum of 170 sheets (maximum 8 sheets at the same time)…
  • High capacity: The 16 litre container can hold more than 250 sheets of A4 paper and…
starting from CHF 38.21*
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