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The 10 best smart plugs to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a smart plug

The best smart plugs allow for easy control of appliances at home with a smartphone or voice assistant, letting you control power usage, set timers, and overall just make home life more convenient. However, it’s still a rather new technology, so it is challenging for most people to buy the best smart plug, and this could be holding you back from enjoying the benefits of this great gadget. To make your decision easier, check out the buying guide below, it has all the info you need to know about choosing the right smart plugs.

What are smart plugs?

A smart plug is a type of electrical outlet that can be controlled with a remote device. It looks just like a standard plug outlet, however, it can be controlled via an app on a smart device or, in some cases, a physical remote. Equipped with a wireless internet connection, it allows you to turn any plugged-in devices on and off. Hence, a good smart plug helps you create a more efficient home.

Why should you buy a good smart plug?

The best smart plug devices will bring many benefits to your home: Turning any appliance into a smart device, you can easily control them. So even when you aren’t at home, you can turn on and off lighting or control temperature. For example, you could set a schedule for your plug-in air conditioner so that it only is used during certain times. Additionally, if you need to turn anything on and off you can easily do so without having to get out of bed.

How to choose the right smart plug in 2024?

Another picture of a smart plug

Here are a few things to consider when buying the best smart plug:

  • Compatibility: An important to consider when buying any smart device is compatibility. For example, if you use an iPhone, Google Assistant, or any other third-party programs to operate your other smart home devices, then you will need to choose smart plugs that work with these smart home systems. If you are already using a smart home hub, be sure to find out whether the plug is compatible with it. However, if it’s just for a few lamps, you might not need to control it away from the home and a physical remote control is recommended.
  • Design: Many brands offer a range of colours and shapes for the plugs. When it comes to design, the most important thing is the size, as bulky and large plugs could cover other outlets.
  • Energy Monitoring: Some smart plugs offer additional features, such as energy monitoring, allowing you to see how much energy a connected device is using. While not an essential function, it can be a very handy feature, especially if want to reduce your energy bills. However, expect to pay more for smart plugs with this feature.

What is the best kind of smart plug in Switzerland?

There are many great types of popular smart plugs out there and here are some of the most commonly bought ones:

  • Simple Smart Plugs: Many of the best smart plugs are sold without automation features, so they are a lot cheaper but only can offer on-off-functionality. In most cases, they are better for one or two devices at a time so won’t be the best type for more advanced home automation setups.
  • Smart Plugs for Home Automation: Many smart plugs are designed for use with home automation technologies. The type is usually named after a certain home automation standard, such as Z-Wave smart plugs or Zigbee smart plugs, both being popular home automation standards. They are the best smart plugs for connecting multiple devices throughout the home.
  • Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring: These smart plugs feature an LED screen that displays various energy statistics (e.g., the amount of power being used) to monitor home electricity usage.

Top 10 list of smart plugs in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their smart plugs. Which smart plug is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Unitec 48110 smart plug
UNITEC radio remote switch set, radio-controlled sockets, 3 sockets…
  • Note: the product is not suitable for the "old" French plugs
  • Wireless range: 40 m
  • Safety: Intertek GS tested
starting from CHF 10.28*
Image of Brennenstuhl 1507050 smart plug
Brennenstuhl Remote control set RC CE1 4001, radio socket set
  • Contents of delivery: 4 x radio receivers, 1 x hand-held transmitter, 1 x battery…
  • Radio sockets with integrated child protection: Plastic caps close the contacts of…
  • Easy and flexible use by self-learnt programming.
starting from CHF 20.89*
Image of TESSAN TS-WRC01-DE smart plug
TESSAN Radio Socket with Remote Control, Socket with 30.5 m Range, 3600 W Inside, Switchable with Magnetic, Programmable
  • Compact size: the size of the wireless TESSAN radio socket is 7 x 5.5 x 3.4 cm. It…
  • Magnetic Remote Control There is a magnet attached to the back of the remote control,…
  • Energy-saving and reliable: the socket with remote control inside is compatible with…
starting from CHF 16.65*
Offer TOP 4
Image of Brennenstuhl 1507070 smart plug
Brennenstuhl Comfort-Line Mini 3+1 Remote Control Socket Set of 3 (Indoor Use with Handheld Transmitter and Increased Touch Protection) White
  • Box contents: 3 x wireless switch receiver, 1 x hand-held transmitter, 1 x battery…
  • Easy and flexible use thanks to self-learning coding
  • 3-channel hand-held transmitter (433.92 MHz) for universal control of single or multiple…
starting from CHF 16.54*
Image of SURNICE SNW0002 smart plug
SURNICE Radio Sockets with Remote Control, 2300 W 4 Sockets with 1 Remote Control Indoor, 40 m Range Wireless Switch Set, Programmable and Expandable Radio Socket for Holiday Decoration
  • Mini size: the size of the socket is 5 x 5 x 7 cm, weight 61 g. A new material is…
  • Remote control function: the remote control has 4 different channels, and can control…
  • Safety: the plastic plate in the socket blocks the socket, which can protect children…
starting from CHF 23.51*
Image of SURNICE SNR3006 smart plug
SURNICE Sockets with Remote Control, 10 A/2300 W Radio Sockets, Indoor Range 40 m, 3 Radio Sockets with 1 Remote Control, Wireless Switch Set, Self-Learning Function for Household Appliances
  • Related parameters: voltage: 230 V. Frequency: 433.92MHz Electrical power: 2300W.…
  • Energy-saving: the remote control sockets can eliminate standby power, save your…
  • Learning function: Transmitter and receiver are pre-programmed for immediate use,…
starting from CHF 16.65*
Image of TESSAN 1 smart plug
Radio Sockets with Remote Control, Tessan Socket with Remote Control, 25 m Range, Self-Learning Function, Wireless Socket, Radio Socket, Compatible with Indoor Fairy Lights and Household Appliances, White
  • Contents: 1 x remote control socket, 1 x remote control, 1 x battery 12 V/23 A. With…
  • Suitable for different indoor occasions: Wireless remote control socket can switch…
  • Energy-saving: Turn off household appliances remotely anytime and anywhere, so that…
starting from CHF 16.65*
Image of SURNICE RNW55201 smart plug
SURNICE Socket with Remote Control, 1000 W 5 Radio Sockets with 2 Remote Controls, 40 m Range, Radio Remote Switch Set with Self-Learning Function, Programmable and Expandable Radio Switch
  • Related parameters: voltage: 230 V. Frequency: 433.92MHz Electrical power: 1000W.…
  • Energy saving: the standby power consumption of the socket is only 0.5 W, the socket…
  • Practical: One remote control can be connected to multiple sockets, while one socket…
starting from CHF 22.53*
Image of DEWENWILS DHRLS11L smart plug
DEWENWILS Radio Sockets with Remote Control, 16 A 3680 W, Plug-In On/Off Wireless Wall Switch, No Cable Required, Expandable Light Switch for Holiday Decoration, 30 m Range, Pre-Programmed, White
  • Compact design: white and modern look suitable for most decoration styles; smaller…
  • Energy saving: the standby power consumption of the socket is only 0.6 W. The radio…
  • Pre-programmed and energy saving: transmitter and receiver are pre-programmed for…
starting from CHF 17.63*
TOP 10
Image of EMOS P0068 smart plug
EMOS Outdoor Radio Socket Set with Remote Control, 2 Shockproof Sockets for Outdoor Use + 1 Remote Control, IP44 Splashproof, Range 30 m, 3000 W 230 V P0068
  • Child safety lock / child protection.
  • Power supply for remote control: 1 x CR2032 button cell battery, included.
  • No installation necessary. Automatic pairing of the remote control to the socket…
starting from CHF 10.08*
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