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The 10 best tow ropes to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a tow rope

Whether you are heading off on a road trip for the weekend or potentially running into some trouble out on the road, there are times when a reliable tow rope will come in very handy. This makes it a great investment for anyone that uses their vehicle a lot, especially if you tend to go off-roading or drive in areas that are known for difficult driving conditions. To find the best tow ropes possible, check out the below buying guide for all the hints you need to know.

What are tow ropes?

A tow rope is a type of rope used to couple a vehicle to another for towing purposes. A quality tow rope can connect both vehicles, allowing one car to tow another one by pulling the towed rope. They can be used in many scenarios where a vehicle might need to be towed, such as when recovering a car from an accident or if it’s stuck in a ditch. Depending on the use case, towing ropes are available in different sizes, including thick, strong, and lightweight variants.

Why should you buy a good tow rope?

If you drive a car, you need a good tow rope in the back in case of emergencies. While it’s unlikely you will need it, breakdowns and accidents can occur and if you are left stranded you want to have some way of towing your car to a safer location. Most importantly, a great tow rope avoids damage to the vehicle. For instance, with a bad-quality rope, your car may fall loose resulting in further damage. So, if you want additional peace of mind when driving, a tow rope is one of the essential car accessories to buy.

How to choose the right tow rope in 2024?

Another picture of a tow rope

When you are looking for the best tow ropes, there are many aspects you need to take into consideration before making your final decision:

  • Towing Capacity: One of the most important things to consider when buying a new tow rope is towing capacity. Beyond weights lifted, you obviously need to think about stressed material in the towing process from varying directions. Insufficient ropes can cause accidents and major damage. The best tow ropes are strong and robust, and should meet your car’s weight requirements. Plus, consider the maximum towing speed of a tow rope as higher speed increases the force on the rope.
  • Material: Quality tow ropes are made from heavy-duty materials like tough nylon that are resistant to abrasions and, hence, durable. When looking for a great tow rope, you must check its material and look for high-grade hooks to avoid accidents.
  • Length: In general, long ropes allow for easy towing. For instance, longer ropes allow enough space for braking and better vehicle control. So as most tow ropes come in variable sizes, be sure to choose one that gives you the length required and a little more space for added safety.

What is the best kind of tow rope in Switzerland?

There are several types of popular towing ropes available, any of which may make for a great investment. These include:

  • Nylon Towing Ropes: The best all-round towing rope is made from nylon, a long-lasting and incredibly strong synthetic material. It has some elasticity, which ensures minimal shock during towing and can be used without any issue in all seasons.
  • Polypropylene Towing Ropes: Another synthetic rope, this type is also known for being very strong and has the advantage of floating on water, making it suitable for use in maritime situations, too. Some are treated to be UV resistant, although generally, this type may not be ideal for long-term usage.
  • Towing Straps: This type comes with excellent elasticity that allows for easy towing without causing any kind of strain that may damage a vehicle. Of course, it is well suited to pull out vehicles from difficult situations, too.

Top 10 list of tow ropes in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their tow ropes. Which tow rope is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of AA 5060114616226 tow rope
AA AA6226 Heavy Duty Tow Rope up to 4 t Yellow Tow Strap for Passenger…
  • Conforms to BS AU 187
  • Towed vehicle must have a tow hook
  • Metal hook with quick release, zip pocket and instructions
starting from CHF 12.27*
Image of MAIKEHIGH 0208221001O tow rope
MAIKEHIGH Tow Rope 5 m x 5 cm, 10 Tonnes (22,000 Lbs) Polyester Tow Rope Kit for Off-Road Recovery with 2 Reinforced Hooks and 2 Gloves
  • Professional off-road equipment: we offer the entire car emergency kit: a robust…
  • Highly visible: during towing, the bright orange tow rope provides a warning to people…
  • Suitable for all towing occasions: the 10 ton tow ropes with hooks is built for harsh…
starting from CHF 33.31*
Offer TOP 3
Image of HP Autozubehör 10295 tow rope
HP-Autozubehör 10295 Abschleppseil 4000kg Schäkel/Schäkel
starting from CHF 10.24*
Image of HERKINDNESS UXGTCS tow rope
HERKINDNESS Tow Rope, 4 Metres, 5 Tonnes (11000 Lbs) Tow Rope Car with Reflective Strips, Tow Rope Car with 2 Safety U-Ring Hooks and Storage Bag
  • Wide application: our car pull ropes are an indispensable aid for vehicles, rescuers,…
  • Reinforced U-shaped safety hook: The loop end has an additional spiral rod to protect…
  • With reflective strips: two reflective strips are woven into the tow rope. The reflective…
starting from CHF 13.71*
Image of UIHOL Tow Rope tow rope
UIHOL Tow Rope, Car Emergency Tow Strap 5 cm x 5 m, 17,600 lbs - 8 Tonnes Triple Reinforced, Loop End for Safety with Non-Slip Gloves and Storage Bag (5 m Long)
  • Wide range of applications: Application: perfect for towing most vehicles such as…
  • With fluorescent reflective strip: Flexible and reflective, it is soft and flexible…
  • Reinforced U-shaped safety hooks: Reinforced device-ends, extra padding on slung…
starting from CHF 21.06*
Image of ZOVHYYA WZEU007 tow rope
ZOVHYYA Tow Rope Tow Sling with Fluorescent Strips 5 m x 5 cm 9T Tow Rope Emergency Tow Strap with Two Thick U-shaped Hooks Gloves Double-Sided Cleaning Cloths
  • Wide range of applications: our car pull rope is an indispensable aid for vehicles,…
  • Reflective design hems: the high-performance tow rope is wrapped with reflective…
  • Fat U-shaped hook: the thick U-shaped double hook with safety buckle of the emergency…
starting from CHF 15.67*
Image of PETEX 43191805 tow rope
PETEX Tow Rope up to 3000 kg for Cars, SUVs, Quad & Motorhomes with Carabiner Hook
  • Includes red warning flag
  • 4 metre length between attachment points
  • Material: 80% polypropylene, 20% polyethylene
starting from CHF 15.19*
Image of Zawaer Tow Rope-10T tow rope
Zawaer Car Tow Rope, 10T Tow Strap, with High Strength Shackle, Breaking Strength of 26.455 lbs, 5 m x 5 cm Car Emergency Tow Rope with Storage Bag, Improved, Safer
  • [High Quality After Sales Service]:Perfect for towing most vehicles such as car,…
  • [Reflective at Night]:It is soft and flexible for easy rolling up and storage, and…
  • [SAFE TOWING]:Extra padding on looped ends to protect your rig and provide extra…
starting from CHF 21.55*
Image of Luckybee Luckyls-02 tow rope
Car Tow Rope Set – Tow Rope Car 5 m x 5 cm, 10 Tonnes (22,000 Lbs), Recovery Strap for Car, Car Emergency Tow Strap, Tow Strap with 2 Reinforced Hooks and 2 Gloves and Storage Bag
  • Suitable for all towing occasions: our car emergency tow strap is an indispensable…
  • Highly visible: it is soft and flexible for easy rolling up and storage. During towing,…
  • Durable and improved emergency tow strap: tow rope ends are double-layered, thickened…
starting from CHF 23.51*
TOP 10
Image of UIHOL New Tow Rope-2 tow rope
UIHOL Car Tow Rope, 8T 1/2 Inch Shackle with a Breaking Strength of 26.455 lbs, 5 m x 5 cm Car Emergency Tow Strap with Storage Bag, Improved, Safe, Durable, Fluorescent Green
  • Wide range of applications: perfect for towing most vehicles such as car, truck,…
  • Fluorescent Rope: It is soft and flexible for easy rolling up and storage, and it…
  • Secure connection: extra padding on looped ends to protect your rig and provide extra…
starting from CHF 20.57*
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