Best body wash 2023

Which is the best body wash in Switzerland?

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The 10 best body washes to buy in Switzerland

The top 10 list of the best body washes lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best body washes in Switzerland and selects the one by Palmolive as the best body wash. In a body wash buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different body washes and see a recommendation on which body wash to buy in Switzerland in 2023. By considering the top list of body washes, you can find the best body washes and save time shopping online.

Table of contents

  1. Read the ultimate body wash buying guide
  2. View the body wash picks and see how they rank in the top list
  3. See other reviews related to body washes


Best body washes: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great body wash

Picture of a body wash

Looking for the best body wash you can find? It’s often easier said than done when you consider all the options available. Different products are suitable for different skin types, while some people have personal preferences when it comes to scents and ingredients. So finding the best body washes can take some research.

What are body washes?

A body wash is a liquid substance applied across the body to clean the skin. They come with various fragrances and properties, while certain body wash products are designed to treat certain skin types, such as dry and sensitive skin.

Why should you buy a good body wash?

A great body wash cleanses the skin and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. Better still, body wash products are very versatile, with some capable of washing your entire body and hair, while others can moisturize the skin as it cleanses it. If you like to stay fresh and clean, there’s no denying a body wash is a must-have product.

Another picture of a body wash
How to choose the right body wash?

Determining the best body wash can take some time, so it helps to know what properties to look for and what you need from your body wash. Here are some things to consider:

  • Skin Type: By knowing your skin type it makes it much easier to find a suitable body wash that won’t irritate your skin. Oily skin results in greasy texture over the face, dry skin often feels tight and dull, while combination skin has aspects of both oily and dry skin. There are body washes designed for every type of skin, so try to establish what your skin type is when looking for a quality body wash.
  • Versatility: Some feel the best body wash is one that covers your entire cleaning regiment. For instance, a body wash that can be used to wash your face, hair, and body is very versatile, saving you having to invest in different products.
  • Ingredients: The best body washes tend to feature natural ingredients. These are great for cleaning the skin without causing any irritations, which can often be the case with chemical ingredients that upset the natural pH balance of the skin. Try to figure out if any ingredients irritate your skin and make sure to avoid them in any body wash you buy. If this isn’t a concern, look for ingredients that benefit your skin, such as moisturizing agents.
What is the best kind of body wash in Switzerland?

Looking for the best body wash you can but aren’t sure the difference between each type? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Organic Body Wash: Organic and natural ingredients produce a very nourishing body wash for the skin. With no harsh chemical ingredients, this is the best body wash for sensitive skin.
  • Moisturising Body Wash: One of the best body wash products for dry skin, they feature a high concentration of moisturizing agents that restore moisture to your skin.
  • Exfoliating Body Wash: A great body wash for removing dry and dead skin cells, exfoliating body washes leave the skin feeling much softer and smoother.
  • Tanning Body Wash: These body washes offer tanning properties that can leave a darker hue to the skin, working like self-tanning sprays and creams.
  • Multi-Use Body Wash: The best body wash in terms of versatility. These products can provide a range of properties that work to clean multiple parts of your body, such as your face and hair.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2023?

Top 10 list of body washes in Switzerland (February 2023)

The bestseller list compares brands and their body washes. Which body wash is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Palmolive IT06043A body wash
Palmolive Naturals Sensitive Shower Gel 6 x 250 ml - Cream Shower…
  • 95% of the formula of natural origin (water and naturally derived ingredients)
  • With 95% biodegradable ingredients (based on the organic ingredients)
  • With pH neutral and dermatologically tested formula
starting from CHF 5.80*
Offer TOP 2
Image of Duschdas 8711700962223 body wash
Duschdas 2-in-1 shower gel & shampoo sport with a fresh, sporty…
  • Duschdas “Sport” 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo can be used for skin and…
  • The shower gel gives a sporty fresh scent that activates the muscles and the bod…
  • The men's shower gel is dermatologically tested and pH neutral
starting from CHF 5.82*
Image of Duschdas 8710908394775 body wash
Shower gel Flowering Beautiful, pack of 6 (6 x 250 ml)
  • Duschdas “Blühend Schön” corresponds to Duschdas Spring Magnolia…
  • pH-neutral.
  • Dermatologically tested.
starting from CHF 5.82*
Image of Duschdas 8711700960663 body wash
Duschdas Noir Shower Gel for Men, Pack of 6 ( 6x250 ml)
  • Shower gel with an environmentally-friendly formula without microplastics
  • pH skin-neutral shower gel.
  • Shower bath with dermatologically-tested skin compatibility
starting from CHF 5.82*
Image of Duschdas 8711700956772 body wash
Duschdas For Men 2 in 1 Duschgel & Shampoo, 6er Pack (6 x 250…
  • Duschdas 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo “For Men” can be used for skin…
  • Discover the world of dynamic masculinity with the distinctive fragrance
  • The men's shower gel is dermatologically tested and pH neutral
starting from CHF 5.82*
Image of Fa FSFD1 body wash
Fa Fiji Dream Shower Gel with Invigorating Fresh Scent of Watermelon…
  • 100% recycled bottle (excl. Cap)** (**bottle body is made of 25% "social pl…
  • Shower gel with mild formula
  • 94% ingredients of natural origin (including 83% water)
starting from CHF 1.36*
Image of Duschdas 8710908394270 body wash
Duschdas “Prickelnd Frisch” Shower Gel, Pack of 6 x 250…
  • Shower gel with an environmentally-friendly formula without microplastics
  • pH skin-neutral shower gel.
  • Shower bath with dermatologically tested skin compatibility
starting from CHF 5.82*
Image of Komet Verlag  body wash
Seifen, Badekugeln, Duschgel & Co.: Zauberhafte Wellnessprodukte…
starting from CHF 14.69*
Image of Dior 3348901484886 body wash
Dior Homme Shower Gel 200 ml
    starting from CHF 35.57*
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