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Review10Best compares the best car polishers in Switzerland and selects the one by Ginour as the best car polisher. In a car polisher buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different car polishers and see a recommendation on which car polisher to buy in Switzerland in 2022. By considering the top list of car polishers, you can find the best car polishers and save time shopping online.

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Best car polishers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great car polisher

Picture of a car polisher

The best car polishers make vehicle maintenance even easier, letting you efficiently polish your car with minimal effort. However, knowing what to look for in a car polisher can be challenging for first-time buyers, so we have created a helpful buying guide to find the right product. Check out the buying guide below for all the information you need to know to find the best car polisher.

What are car polishers?

A car polisher, also called a car buffer, is a high powered device used to apply car polish to the surface of a vehicle. It consists of an electric motor that rotates a buffing pad at high speeds for fast and efficient polishing across the surface of a car, removing scratches, dirt, oxidation and other imperfections from the paintwork.

Why should you buy a good car polisher?

The best car polishers make one of the toughest maintenance tasks quick and easy, letting you polish the entire surface area of a car in no time. This saves a lot of effort compared to polishing by hand and will leave the car looking better than ever by restoring the quality of the paintwork, with polish removing dirt and imperfections from the surface.

Another picture of a car polisher
How to choose the right car polisher?

Choosing a good car buffer can be challenging for the first time, so here are some things to look out for when you are buying:

  • Power: The power of a polisher will determine how effective it is at removing imperfections and restoring the surface quality, with higher powered devices being recommended for bigger vehicles or those with poor quality paintwork. Power is measured in watts, ranging from 100-500W for smaller polishers and between 1100 to 1600W for larger devices.
  • Speed: The speed of the car polishing machine is linked to the power, with higher powered models producing quicker buffing speed for improved performance. Measured in RPM, lower speeds are around 600 RPM while high speeds reach upwards of 4000 RPM, so consider the size and condition of your vehicle when looking at the speed of the buffer. Many polishers come with adjustable speed settings, letting you use various speeds for different polishing requirements, which can be useful if you are frequently polishing to maintain the paintwork.
  • Other Features: Like most power tools, a car polisher can come with a wide selection of additional features, so always be on the lookout for any you might find useful. For instance, an ergonomic handle improves comfort, thermal override and anti-start systems are good safety features, and a range of polish heads offer even more functionality.
What is the best kind of car polisher in Switzerland?

There are two main types of car polisher available to buy:

  • Rotary Car Polishers: Also called a circular polisher, this is the most powerful type of car polisher and should be used carefully to avoid damaging the paintwork. The power does make it better at removing heavier imperfections, however.
  • Orbital Car Polishers: An orbital car polisher looks like a rotary polisher but is less powerful, making it a good choice for general maintenance where lighter defects need to be removed. Most buyers will find this is the best type of car polisher for their needs, as it can easily remove most minor imperfections and is less likely to damage the paintwork if too much pressure is applied.
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Top 10 list of car polishers in Switzerland (May 2022)

The bestseller list compares brands and their car polishers. Which car polisher is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of Ginour 001 car polisher
Ginour 1200 W Car Polisher with 6 Variable Speeds, LED Display, Interchangeable 180 mm / 150 mm Discs, 5 x Sanding Discs, 4 x Sponge Pads, 1 x Wool Pad*
  • Safety lock design: Thanks to the safety lock design, you can easily switch on the…
  • Numerous accessories: The Ginour car polisher comes with a D-handle & side handle.…
  • Powerful 1200 W motor: With a power of 1200 W, the car polisher is very powerful.…
Image of Dino KRAFTPAKET 640220 car polisher
DINO KRAFTPAKET 9 mm - 650 W Eccentric Polishing Machine, Stepless Set With Polishing Sponge, Polishing Disc Bag for Car / Boat*
  • Practical accessories: Comes with a bag, 160 mm polishing pads, 150 mm polishing…
  • Extra long cable: 5 metres for maximum mobility. Power supply: 230-240V. Motor power:…
  • Smoothly adjustable rotation speed: 1, 600 to 6, 400 rpm - Suitable for polishing,…
Offer* TOP 3
Image of Einhell 2093264 car polisher
Einhell Angle Polisher*
  • Practical transport and storage case made of plastic and extensive polishing and…
  • Spindle lock for quick, tool-free replacement of the grinding pad and micro Velcro…
  • Electronic speed control allows you to optimally adjust the speed of the polishing/grinding…
Image of Ginour 1 car polisher
Ginour Polisher, Eccentric Polisher 900 W, 6 Variable Speed, with 5 x 150 mm Polishing Sponge, Removable D-Handle and Side Handle, 4.5 m Cable, for Polishing Car, Boat, Motorcycle*
  • Wide range of use: The polishing machine can be used on cars, boats, home appliances…
  • Adjustable speed: high-performance polisher with variable speed, powerful 7.5 A motor,…
  • 5 different sponge discs & D handle and side handle: equipped with 5 types of…
Image of Shiny Freaks 10153 car polisher
Shiny Freaks Multi Step+ Car Polisher Set: Liquid Elements T2500 Eccentric Polisher, Menzerna Polish Set + Sonax Sealant + Paint Cleaner + 6 x Polishing Pad + 18 Microfibre Cloths*
  • K2 Pro Klinet Pro paint cleaner, 1 litre. MaxShine Clay Bar, cleaning clay, heavy…
  • Sonax Xtreme Ceramic LackProtect 4-piece ceramic coating set: Sonax Xtreme Ceramic…
  • 6 x high-quality polishing sponges for support plates, diameter 125 mm: The polishing…
Image of Makita PO5000C car polisher
Makita PO5000C Orbital Polisher 900 W, 230 V, PO5000C*
  • Switchable from eccentric movement to eccentric / rotary operation
  • Improved kink protection on the power cord for great flexibility and durability
  • Rubberised inserts on the exposed housing parts protect the workpiece from damag…
Image of Marke: Makita DPO600Z car polisher
Brand: Makita DPO600Z 18 V*
  • Original Makita quality
Image of Einhell 2093173 car polisher
Einhell CC-PO 90 Car Polishing Machine*
  • The synthetic polishing pad produces a long-lasting shine when repolishing.
  • Polish is applied onto the surface via the textile polishing pad.
  • Polishing machine with 3, 700 oscillations per minute and large polishing disc with…
Image of Flex 373680 car polisher
FLEX PE14 2 150 Rotary Machine Polisher*
  • Gears made from stainless steel for unparalleled
  • Innovative combination of planetary & angular
  • Powerful internal fan provides optimised airflow
TOP 10
Image of Proxxon 28660 car polisher
Proxxon 28660*
  • craftsman
  • Proxxon 28660
  • EAN 4006274286603
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