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Review10Best compares the best card games in Switzerland and selects the one by Magilano as the best card game. In a card game buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different card games and see a recommendation on which card game to buy in Switzerland in 2021. By considering the top list of card games, you can find the best card games and save time shopping online.

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Best card games: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great card game

Picture of a card game

The best card games offer countless hours of fun between friends and family. While the classic 52 card deck has spawned endless card games of its own, there are dozens of other card games that use unique cards, rules, and strategies.

So, it’s safe to say that choosing the best card game can take some time, as there simply so many great options available. Looking to buy a great card game but are unsure where to start? Check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need!

What are card games?

A card game is a type of game where card decks are used as the main form of gameplay. This includes traditional card games using 52-deck playing cards (e.g. blackjack, poker, solitaire etc), as well as more modern types of games that feature game-specific rules and cards, such as trading card games and trivia card games.

Why should you buy a good card game?

The best card games offer endless hours of entertainment. Whether you’re playing traditional card games or newer games, there are so many fun-filled options out there to play with. Better still, card games can involve solo or group play. For instance, a game of solitaire is very enjoyable on your own, while playing a game of poker with friends is also a great time.

The same goes for other types of card games. Trading card games feature a strong community of players, and the cards aren’t only used to play the game, but are also collected and traded too. There are card games suitable for all ages, and you can play the games virtually anywhere you want to!

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How to choose the right card game?

Choosing the best card game is usually down to personal preferences, much like any other game. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine what you might enjoy playing. Here’s some things to consider that can help you choose a great card game:

  • Number of Players: One of the easiest ways to choose a card game is by the number of players it allows. For group games, you can’t go wrong with the classic 52-card deck or a trivia card game. Trading card games are great for solo play, although you do need to play against other players, but collecting and building decks can be done without other players.
  • Gameplay: Card games vary in their gameplay, so it helps to know what style of gameplay you most prefer. For instance, people looking for serious, competitive gameplay will like playing bridge or poker, while trivia card games offer a lot fun entertainment for parties and the like. Trading card games require a lot strategy and planning, but are also great fun to play.
  • Complexity: Card games come with varying levels of complexity, so be sure to consider this before you buy one. This is especially important if you’re looking for family-friendly games where kids are playing, as you want a game that everyone can learn with relative ease. Card games come with so many different type of rules and styles of play that it can be rather difficult to grasp for first-time players.
What is the best kind of card game in Switzerland?

As mentioned, there are countless types of card games available, but they can be generally categorised into the following types:

  • Traditional Card Games: The best-known card games, they use the traditional 52-card playing deck to play an endless selection of games. Poker, blackjack, solitaire, and bridge are just a few examples of popular traditional card games, and there are countless rules that can be applied to each. For most games all you need is a deck of traditional playing cards, so it’s one of the cheapest options that provides countless games.
  • Trading Card Games: Trading card games (also known as collecting card games) involve buying unique sets of playing cards to build what is known as deck. Once you have a suitable deck, you can play the game in its most basic form against another player, although there are usually hundreds of cards of varying rarities that can be collected and used in different ways. The best-known examples are the Pokémon card game and Magic: The Gathering, and players tend to commit long-term collecting and playing.
  • Trivia Card Games: Trivia card games - often called party games - are card games that involve several players playing as teams or individuals. The rules vary depending on the game, but often involve logic, memory, or creative thinking. Many of these card games feature basic question and answers, while others utilise very unique rules like a board game. Examples include Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, and Uno.
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Top 10 list of card games in Switzerland (October 2021)

The bestseller list compares brands and their card games. Which card game is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of Magilano SKYJO card game
Magilano SKYJO Action Card Game, 19,4*
  • Spieler packed for 2 to 8 players. Age: 8 years +. Game duration: approx. 30 minutes.…
  • Quick start. Simple easy to Verstehendes game principle. Short of instructions with…
  • You can find: – up to 100 Zweistellige numbers accumulate lernen sums. Appreciate…
Offer* TOP 2
Image of Schmidt Spiele 40862 card game
Schmidt Spiele 40862 Mogel Moth Three Magicians Card Game*
  • Manufacturer: Heidelberger Spieleverlag
  • Age range: 7 and up / Number of players: 3 to 5 / Play time: 20+ minutes
Image of Mattel Games 52370 card game
Mattel Games Card Game*
  • First player or team up to 500 victories.
  • Points by first getting rid of all cards in your hand.
  • Write your own rules for the game with the wild, customizable cards.
Image of ASS 22570071 card game
ASS Altenburger 22570071 Rummy Card Game in Snap-on Lid Box*
  • From 10 years on up.
  • Contents: 110 cards.
  • 2 or more players.
Image of Dreister  card game
Rude game - The funny card game with rude messages from the makers of Dreists, party game with 480 funny playing cards, perfect for any game night with friends*
  • Local: designed in Germany and made using environmentally friendly paper, 1% of profits…
  • Game progression: for fun for third and more, with funny messages that are attacked…
  • Ingeniously simple: answer messages, just as you've always wanted. This fun card…
TOP 10
Image of Mattel Games W2087 card game
Mattel Games - UNO card game and board game, suitable for 2 - 10 players, card games and board games from 7 years*
  • Board game for 2 to 10 players from 7 years
  • And you must not forget to call out "UNO!" if you only have one card in…
  • Special action cards bring fresh twists and help defeat opponents
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