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Review of the 10 best carpet cleaning machines to buy in Switzerland

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Review10Best compares the best carpet cleaning machines in Switzerland and nominates the one by Bissell as the best carpet cleaning machine. In our carpet cleaning machines review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different carpet cleaning machines and follow our recommendation on which carpet cleaning machine to buy in Switzerland in 2020. With the carpet cleaning machine comparison, you can be sure to buy the best carpet cleaning machine on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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Best carpet cleaning machines: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great carpet cleaning machine

Picture of a carpet cleaning machine

When looking for the best carpet cleaning machine for your home, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research so you find the most suitable model for your needs. While there are many great carpet cleaning machines out there, there are also many low-quality machines that are well worth avoiding. So, be sure to check out the guide below on how to find the right carpet cleaning machine for your home:

What are carpet cleaning machines?

As the name suggests, a carpet cleaning machine is a device used to clean carpets. While designs and functions can vary from each model, every carpet cleaner works to remove deep dirt and stains embedded within a carpet. For the most part, this is done through soaking the carpet with hot water treated with a good carpet cleaner before extracting the now-dirty water, leaving the carpets much cleaner and fresher.

Why should you buy a good carpet cleaning machine?

The best carpet cleaning machine allows homeowners to maintain a high standard of hygiene in their carpets. As most people just vacuum their carpets, there’s a lot of dirt and debris that remains embedded in the fibers that can cause allergies and look rather unpleasant. So, by using a good carpet cleaning machine, your carpets will not only look and smell much nicer, they will be more hygienic and likely to last much longer. If your home has a lot of carpets, then the right carpet cleaning machine is a fantastic investment!

Another picture of a carpet cleaning machine
How to choose the right carpet cleaning machine?

There are plenty of carpet cleaners out there worth buying, but there are also plenty of less than reliable machines that are best avoided. To ensure you get the best carpet cleaner possible, consider some of the following:

  • Features: The more cleaning features the machine has, the better. This is because they can help make the cleaning process faster and more efficient, so be sure to look out for features such as auto-mix, dry vacuuming, water tank heater and attachable brushes.
  • Power: Carpet cleaning machines with more power perform better. If you want a machine that will clean deep and through, look for something with a high wattage.
  • Weight: An often-overlooked aspect, the best carpet cleaning machines tend to be the heaviest, and this can be troublesome for some people. Anyone that may have problems constantly moving a heavy machine should look for a more portable or lightweight type of carpet cleaner, as you don’t want to struggle using it!
  • Water Tank Capacity: If you have a lot of carpets that will be cleaned frequently, then a carpet cleaning machine with a large water tank will be the better option. This will save constantly having to refill the tank at the sink, reducing the time needed for cleaning.
What is the best kind of carpet cleaning machine in Switzerland?

There is a huge range of quality carpet cleaning machines out there. Some will be more suited for certain carpet sizes and conditions, while others will provide a range of additional features that you may find useful.

  • Shampoo Carpet Cleaners: The standard carpet cleaning machine, it typically resembles an upright vacuum cleaner. It shampoos the carpet to remove stains, dirt, and spillages, helping to restore its appearance, making them great for most homes. They do leave the carpet wet, however, unless they come with a vacuum feature, which most modern machines do. Should it not, you will need to let the carpet dry naturally.
  • Steam Carpet Cleaners: By utilizing steam as the main cleaning method, steam carpet cleaning machines are highly effective for sanitizing and cleaning carpets. Working at very high temperature, the steam and cleaning solution combine to clean very deep, making them one of the best performing carpet cleaning machines.
  • Spot Carpet Cleaners: Small and compact, these carpet cleaning machines are great for minor maintenance and dealing with spills and stains as they occur. To make them more portable they do have smaller tanks, so they aren’t ideal for cleaning large areas of carpet. But as they are lightweight and easy to use they still make for a great cleaning tool in most households.
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Top 10 list of carpet cleaning machines in Switzerland (February 2020)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their carpet cleaning machines rank and which carpet cleaning machine is the best.
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Image of Bissell 1558N carpet cleaning machine
Bissell 1558N SpotClean Professional Carpet and Cushion Stain Cleaner, Portablei
  • Easy storage – the lightweight, compact design allows use in small cabinet…
  • To reach the built-in 1.5 m hose allows you to on any, and support the at any time,…
  • Tanks With Large Capacity, Easy to fill and to empty – Practical handle and…
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Image of BISSELL 36988 carpet cleaning machine
BISSELL 36988 SpotClean ProHeat Stain Cleaner 330 Titanium and Redi
  • Easy to store - Lightweight, compact design takes up little space
  • Easy to grip flat filling container for quick filling and emptying
  • The included 8cm stubborn stains attachment is suitable for everyday stains and…
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Value deali TOP 3
Image of Albatros 2906 carpet cleaning machine
Wash Vacuum Cleaners Carpet Cleaner Hydro 7500 – Test Result: “Good” Tested 06/2018i
  • Power: maximum 1200 W, Suction power: 16 kpa; Boiler volume: 20 litres; Cleaning…
  • For the dry suction a real innovation is used: a reusable vacuum bags. The vacuum…
  • But the Hydro 7500 not only efficiently cleans carpets and carpets, but also upholstered…
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Image of Bissell 3698N carpet cleaning machine
Bissell 3698N SpotClean stain cleaner.i
  • Contains trial packs the spot and stain formula and the oxygen boost formula, we…
  • Removable water tank for easy filling and emptying
  • Heatwave technology – Cleaning with it, provides a constant temperature of…
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Image of SEBO Reinigungsgerät duo carpet cleaning machine
Sebo 9400 Cleaning Tool Duo Cleaning Tool for Carpet Grey/200 Wi
  • Brush speed: 400 RPM
  • Two speed rotating brushes
  • For cleaning of large carpet floors
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Image of Bissell 2005N carpet cleaning machine
BISSELL 2005N Stain Eraser Stain Cleaner for Carpets and Upholstery 763 milliliters Titanium and Redi
  • Includes two detergent samples: Spot & Stain and Oxygen Boost detergent
  • Stains are immediately and permanently removed. These include: urine, droppings,…
  • Removes stains thanks to detergents and powerful suction power with 7.2 volts
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Image of Bissell 4720M carpet cleaning machine
Bissell MultiClean Spot & Stain Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery 300W, Singlei
  • Removable water tank allows for easy filling and emptying.
  • The stain cleaner contains multiple attachments for the clean small or tight spaces…
  • The particularly long hose of 2.20 m length allows for, you'll find it hard to reach…
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Image of Vileda 147509 carpet cleaning machine
Vileda Steam Cleaner, Standard + 2 additional coversi
  • Set of 2 extra replacement covers (4 microfibre covers)
  • A tank filled with water will cover an area of up to 130 m131
  • Ready to use on the ground within 15 seconds: simply fill water into the tank and…
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TOP 10
Image of Vileda SC-1086 carpet cleaning machine
Vileda Steam Cleaner, Standard, -i
  • A tank filling with water is sufficient for an area of up to 130 m2
  • Ready to use on the ground within 15 seconds: simply fill water into the tank and…
  • The high-quality microfibre cover of the Vileda Steam Cleaner Set ensures streak-free…
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