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The 10 best cat flaps to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a cat flap

Looking for the best cat flap for your furry friend? It’s a great investment for any cat owner, allowing your pet to easily come and go from your home without needing you to open the door. Yet, finding the right cat flap is not always easy. There are a lot of products to choose from and you may have unique requirements for your pet, which is why it helps to do some research before buying so you know exactly what you need. To help you find the best cat flaps, check out the buying guide below.


What are cat flaps?

A cat flap is a small opening that lets cats enter and exit a property without opening a door. Original cat flaps were simply small holes cut into a door but modern products are far more sophisticated, such as cat flaps controlled by the cat’s microchip to prevent strays from entering.

Why should you buy a good cat flap?

If your cat is allowed outdoors then the best cat flap is highly recommended. It allows you to provide around-the-clock access to the garden and the outside world without needing to open and close the door yourself. This is especially useful if you are out at work but don’t want to leave the cat stuck inside or outside, with a cat flap allowing coming and going as it pleases.

How to choose the right cat flap?

Another picture of a cat flap

Choosing the best cat door can be challenging if you are unsure of what you need, so here are some things to consider when buying:

  • Opening Mechanism: Cat doors come with various opening mechanisms, so be sure to consider what is best for your needs. For example, manual flaps are basic, featuring a hinged opening that the cat pushes against to open, so while cheap it does not prevent other cats from entering. Magnetic and chipped cat flaps provide controlled access, either via a magnet on the cat’s collar or their microchip, being more expensive but ensuring no unwanted visitors use the opening.
  • Features: While a basic cat flap does not come with any features beyond opening and closing, some products come with additional functions you may find useful. For example, a microchip cat flap may have programable timers that lock and unlock during the programmed time frames. Many allow you to apply settings for several cats, which can be handy for restricting access if one needs to remain indoors after a visit to the vet, while there are even cat flaps that come with compatible apps for controlling the settings remotely.
  • Size: There is no standard size for cat flaps. So you need to check what size of the opening you require. If your cat is normal sized then a standard cat flap size should work fine, although you may need to go for something larger if you have a big cat. Also, larger-sized cat flaps can be used for small-sized dogs.

What is the best kind of cat flap in Switzerland?

There are a few popular types of cat flaps available to buy:

  • Manual Cat Flaps: The most basic type of cat flap, these are opened by the cat itself pushing against the flap. You can control access with this type of cat flap, beyond locking it, so you may get unwanted cats and other animals using it.
  • Magnetic Cat Flaps: This type of cat flap is opened via a magnetic lock, with a magnet attached to the cat’s collar unlocking it as it pushes through, helping to prevent strays and other cats from entering.
  • Microchip Cat Flaps: The best cat flap in terms of functionality, it features a sensor that uses the cat’s microchips to grant access. You can use this to control access for many cats, making it a great choice for a multi-cat household. Of course, it also prevents other cats from entering.

Top 10 list of cat flaps in Switzerland 2024

The bestseller list compares brands and their cat flaps. Which cat flap is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Lessmon Medium cat flap
Cat Door, Security Pet Door with 4-Way Lock, Weatherproof, Easy Installation,…
  • Easy installation: the cat door for outdoor door comes with detailed instructions,…
  • With 19 cm x 20 cm outer size, 15 cm x 15.5 cm flap, this pet door for cats and small…
  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic, the cat door interior door is ready to serve your pets…
starting from CHF 16.65*
Offer TOP 2
Image of PetSafe 715SGIFD cat flap
PetSafe Staywell Original Cat Flap and Dog Flap, 2 Closure Options Incl. Fastening Plate, Robust Plastic Flap, Cat Flap and Dog Flap for interior and exterior door mounting, size S, white.
  • More freedom and movement: With this cat flap and dog flap for small dogs, your pet…
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the PetSafe small cat flap (S) are: 23.60 x 19.80 cm;…
  • Weatherproof and safe: Thanks to the insulating frame, which is attached in front…
starting from CHF 13.08*
Image of TRIXIE 44231 cat flap
TRIXIE 44231 Waterproof and Quiet Cat Flap "4-Way Freewheel Door with Tunnel, 20 x 22 cm, White"
  • Dimensions: installation depth 20-52mm; overall dimensions 20×22cm; cutout…
  • With the help of the twist lock you can make the following four "settings":…
  • Thanks to a all-round TPR seal, the entry remains dry even in the rain
starting from CHF 14.23*
Image of JIZZU M cat flap
JIZZU Cat Flap, Cat Door Outer Door with 4-Way Lock, 20 x 19 x 5.3 cm, Cat Flap Inner Door, Pet Door, Outdoor Door, Large Cat Door (White, M)
  • Easy installation: this pet flap is suitable for brick walls, panels, wooden doors,…
  • Suitable for most small pets – this cat flap dog flap is extremely quiet and…
  • High-quality materials: the cat flap is made of ABS plastic, which protects against…
starting from CHF 14.69*
Image of Relaxdays 10024155_46 cat flap
Relaxdays 10024155_46 Pet Flap 4 Way Height 22 x 20 cm with Magnet Lockable Cat Flap for Cats and Small Dogs Black
  • Details: outer dimensions dog flap H x W: approx. 22 x 20 cm. Inner dimensions (H…
  • Insulated: fabric edge on the flap of the pet door protects against draughts and…
  • With magnet: magnet ensures that cat door does not open by itself and closes ind…
starting from CHF 6.85*
Image of Lessmon M cat flap
Thin Cat Door for Windows, Pet Doors and Sliding Door, Security Pet Door with 4-Way Lock, Weatherproof Cat Flap for Thin Door and Wall (Medium, 6.7 x 6.3 inches)
  • Easy installation - Package includes detailed instructions (with stencils on), 8…
  • Durable and comfortable - Made of robust ABS plastic, the cat door inner door is…
  • No tunnel part, no need to cut - the panels are only 2 cm thick and close-fitting,…
starting from CHF 13.71*
Image of Namsan DE-KN9-LS22-Catdoor-White cat flap
NAMSAN Cat Flap Cat Door with 4-Way Cat Flap Large Cats 27.5 x 23.5 cm Cat Flap for Interior Door Windproof Quiet Cat Door for Cats / Puppies, White
  • Dimensions: Internal dimensions of the flap opening: 18.5 x 18 cm, outer dimensions…
  • Construction details: the sealing brush strip of the cat flap can reduce the noise…
  • 4 switching modes: the cat door can be set switches in 4 modes: just out, only in,…
starting from CHF 22.04*
Image of CEESC XL cat flap
Large Cat Flap (Outer Size 28 x 24.9 cm), 4-Way Locking Large Cat Door, Weatherproof Cat Door for Pets with a Circumference <63 cm
  • Excellent quality: the surface is made of ABS material, weather-resistant, smooth…
  • Easy installation: the full instructions include easy installation in windows, doors,…
  • Safe and thought: the transparent flap allows the pet to see through the door. The…
starting from CHF 27.33*
Image of Gowkeey JZ001 cat flap
Cat Door, Cat Flap with 4-Way Lock, 28 x 25 x 5.5 cm, Easy Installation, Safety Pet Door, Weatherproof Cat Door, Cat Flap Door, Pet Flap
  • Very quiet: This cat flap is made of robust ABS plastic and offers optimal protection…
  • Pet Door Size 25 x 28 cm (width x height), door size: 20 x 22 cm (width x height),…
  • Easy installation: This pet flap is suitable for brick walls, wooden doors, PVC and…
starting from CHF 15.67*
TOP 10
Image of Cat Mate 304W cat flap
Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap Width 19.2 cm Height 20 cm White
  • Cutout Size Width 6 1/2" (165mm) Height 6 7/8" (174mm) Flap Opening Size…
  • Self-adhesive up to a thickness of 1/2 inch (13 mm)
  • Pull and weather resistant, fully brush sealed flap with magnetic closure
starting from CHF 15.63*
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