Best home security system 2023

Which is the best home security system in Switzerland?

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The 10 best home security systems to buy in Switzerland

The top 10 list of the best home security systems lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best home security systems in Switzerland and selects the one by TECPEAK as the best home security system. In a home security system buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different home security systems and see a recommendation on which home security system to buy in Switzerland in 2023. By considering the top list of home security systems, you can find the best home security systems and save time shopping online.

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  1. Read the ultimate home security system buying guide
  2. View the home security system picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best home security systems: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great home security system

Picture of a home security system

With a wide selection of options currently available, finding the best home security system to protect your home can feel rather daunting. Whether you plan on using a DIY home security system or go for a professional installation, there are many things you will want to consider before deciding.

What are home security systems?

While there are many variations to a home security system, each one follows the one core principle: Securing entry points of a property to ensure protection against potential break-ins. A home security system can consist of many components and devices, including alarms, sensors, cameras, and a control panel where everything can be operated from. A network of devices is placed throughout entry points in the home so that in the event of break-in the information can be relayed to a central control system, notifying homeowners of potential intruders.

Why should you buy a good home security system?

It’s rather obvious why one would want a great home security system installed – to protect the property from any would-be intruders. The best home security systems act as preventative measures against potential break-ins, while in the event of an actual break-in alarms can notify you, your family, a neighbor or the police that your home is at risk.

For those looking to protect their property, valuables, and themselves from unwanted intruders and opportunistic criminals, a quality home security system is a must.

Another picture of a home security system
How to choose the right home security system?

The best home security system for your home will depend on your personal preferences as there is a fair amount of choice when it comes to securing your home. Here are some important things worth considering when trying to choose the right home security system:

  • Budget: Home security systems can vary quite significantly in prices, which is understandable given the complex electronics and high-tech security systems involved. However, there are many affordable options, too. For example home security cameras and alarms that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Of course, there is no true price you can put on you and your family’s safety, but an inexpensive security system can still provide high-level protection in most cases.
  • Installation: The best home security systems no longer need to be wired throughout your home, as many are now completely wireless. This will result in a less disruptive installation process, and once installed the systems can be moved around for cleaning or decorating purposes. However, hard-wired installations are often viewed as the more robust form of security. Further, they will require less maintenance, but the installation process will be more complex and costlier.
  • Alarm: Alarms are a vital component of a home security system, and you have the option of audible alarms or monitored alarms. For instance, bells-only alarms will produce a loud siren noise if there is a security breach, which is certainly a useful form of security in suburban locations but may be less effective in rural areas. Monitored alarms will produce no sound when activated, rather notifying the alarm receiving center (ARC) who then contact a pre-determined keyholder and police depending on the terms of the home security system.
What is the best kind of home security system in Switzerland?

As previously mentioned, good home security systems can vary in design and function, although they offer the same basic principle of enhanced security. Here are some of the most widely used types of home security systems:

  • Wireless Home Security Systems: The most affordable and easiest to install option, wireless home alarm systems come with no monthly fees and will still offer effective security. They can be used with a variety of devices, including cameras and motion sensors.
  • Monitored Home Security Systems: Perhaps the most widespread system, they are connected to an alarm receiving center that receive a direct notification in the event of a security breach. They can then contact the police or a keyholder. However, they must be directly installed through your phone line and will carry a monthly service free while being generally more expensive.
  • Unmonitored Home Security Systems: These systems set off a loud alarm system in the event of a security breach. This means the system isn't connected to an alarm receiving center and thus doesn’t directly contact the police. You will need to rely on a neighbor hearing the alarm and reporting it.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2023?

Top 10 list of home security systems in Switzerland (February 2023)

The bestseller list compares brands and their home security systems. Which home security system is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of TECPEAK A4-S82 home security system
GSM/WiFi Alarm Systems Complete System, TECPEAK House Alarm System…
  • The burglary protection alarm panel has a built-in super loud siren. When the alarm…
  • WiFi/GSM smart home alarm expandable at any time - 100 built-in sensors including:…
  • WiFi / GSM alarm system set has the function of voice control. It is compatible with…
starting from CHF 274.39*
Image of Ring 53-026285 home security system
Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit (2nd Generation) by Amazon – home security…
  • Put whole-home security at your fingertips with Ring Alarm, a do-it-yourself alarm…
  • Receive real-time notifications when your system is triggered, change your Alarm…
  • Add additional components, such as Motion Detectors, Contact Sensors, and Outdoor…
starting from CHF 215.59*
Image of Safe2Home SP11-880001-komplettMS home security system
Safe2Home Wireless Alarm System Complete Set SP310 Professional -…
  • Individually extendible: the SP310 series can be extended at any time with up to…
  • Easy to install: the wireless security system for your home is suitable for self-assembly.…
  • App and GSM: the break-in system for your home has a WiFi and GSM module (call or…
starting from CHF 1,656.10*
Offer TOP 4
Image of CPVAN Alarme home security system
CPVAN Motion Sensor with Siren, white
starting from CHF 21.05*
Image of AGSHOME B-11PACK home security system
AGSHOME Alarm System, 11 Pieces, WLAN Smart Alarm System with for…
  • Smart home alarm system: The AGSHome alarm system is a complete home alarm system…
  • Customise your home alarm system: You can add additional door and window sensors,…
  • Easy installation: Easy to set up in minutes without tools. The wireless connection…
starting from CHF 88.19*
Image of Wolf Guard W4Q-W03 home security system
Wolf Guard W4Q-W03 WiFi + 4G Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Kit Tuya…
  • WiFi + 4G: It can be used with 4G SIM card, with app or both. Send calls and SMS…
  • Built-in battery and anti-temperature: Burglar alarm and siren are both anti-disassembly…
  • Widely Used: Smart alarm supports multiple advanced alarms such as main power failure,…
starting from CHF 235.19*
Image of TECPEAK A2 SET2 home security system
GSM / WLAN Alarm Systems Complete System, TECPEAK Home Alarm System,…
  • If the magnet now loses contact with the transmitter, i.e. the door or window is…
  • Home WLAN alarm system can be extended at any time, up to 100 sensors can be integrated,…
  • The home alarm system has a voice control function. It is compatible with Amazon…
starting from CHF 274.39*
Image of Cuteefun WC-PH-1376 home security system
Cuteefun Solar Energy Motion Sensor Indoor Motion Sensor Outdoor with…
  • IP67 waterproof: the ultra-high waterproof rating ensures that the sports alarm is…
  • 4 working modes: 4 working modes are available: 1 all-day sound and light alarm,…
  • Fixed installationThe wireless scale alarm comes with a hanging plate that is mounted…
starting from CHF 27.43*
Image of Safe2Home  home security system
Safe2Home® SP310 Wireless Alarm Systems Large Set - Solar Siren…
  • Individually extendible: you can expand this series SP310 with up to 96 compatible…
  • Easy to install: the safety system is suitable for self-assembly. Every step of the…
  • The break-in system for your home has a GSM function (you will receive a message…
starting from CHF 1,656.10*
TOP 10
Image of Multi Kon Trade M2B-4-NK home security system
***Test magazine 07/2013: Test winner in price performance comparison***…
  • many accessories, 4 movement detectors, 9 door and window contact plates, 1 internal…
  • LCD Display with date and time indicator
  • Very easy to install Easy instructions for installation
starting from CHF 205.70*
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