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The 10 best shower heads to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a shower head

Buying a new shower head often feels like you’ve bought a new shower. The best shower heads offer fantastic pressure and reliable water flow, making them a great investment in most instances. However, with so many types of shower heads available, knowing which one is best for your bathroom is often difficult.

Check out this handy buying guide if you’re looking to buy the best shower head for your shower:


What are shower heads?

A shower head is the part of the shower where the water sprays from. It connects to the hose of the shower and can be used to shower various parts of the body with ease. While traditionally fixed to the shower hose, there are other types of shower heads available, such as ceiling mounted and handset.

Why should you buy a good shower head?

The best shower head offers quality performance and saves you money. The reason for this is because most modern shower heads are designed to use less water than older models, using an even spread of water that requires less volume. Better still, a good shower head upgrade can provide a much better shower. With more pressure and even spread of water, your showers are much more refreshing, especially if the shower head comes with additional features such as adjustable spray settings.

How to choose the right shower head?

Another picture of a shower head

Choosing the best shower head requires some research, as there are many options out there that you may find suitable. Here are some things to consider when buying a showerhead:

  • Water Pressure: Not all shower heads are compatible with your home plumbing, so you will want to check your water pressure to see what options are available to you. Test this using a water pressure gauge, or you may want to hire a professional to check for you.
  • Type: There are many types of shower heads available, any of which may be compatible with your plumbing and current shower system. You may want to stick with the same type as you previously had, as a new type of shower head might be harder to install.
  • Spray: Newer shower heads come with many types of sprays, so be sure to think about the type of spray you enjoy when showering. For instance, a rain shower head offers a low-flow spray that mimics rainfall, while a jet spray is a high-pressure water spray that many find enjoyable. If you use a good shampoo a high-pressure spray may be neccessary to remove it from your hair, while for removing body washes a low-flow spray is sufficient. Remember: Make sure to check what water pressure is needed for the shower head’s spray pattern.

What is the best kind of shower head in Switzerland?

There are many great shower heads out there, so finding a suitable option for your shower should be easy enough. Here are some of the most popular types of shower heads to buy:

  • Wall Mounted Shower Head: One of the most popular types of shower head, they are relatively affordable and easy to install. Changing wall mounted shower heads couldn’t be easier when it matches the existing plumbing, and they usually come with adjustable settings for getting the perfect pressure and heat.
  • Rainfall Shower Head: This type of shower head provides a spray that resembles rainfall. The low-flow spray is very relaxing and tends to use much less water, making a rainfall shower head a better choice for saving energy.
  • Fixed Shower Head: A very stylish type of shower head, it is fixed to either the wall or ceiling with an elegant finish. The heads aren’t removable as they don’t connect to an external hose, so they aren’t the best for showering specific body parts like hand-held shower heads.
  • Hand-Held Shower Head: Probably the best option for a busy family that needs a versatile shower, hand-held shower heads are attached to flexible hoses that allow them to be used for a variety of tasks such as washing kids, pets, or just your hair.

Top 10 list of shower heads in Switzerland 2024

The bestseller list compares brands and their shower heads. Which shower head is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of hansgrohe 24111000 shower head
Hansgrohe Pulsify Select S shower head, water-saving shower head,…
  • Limescale can be easily wiped off the silicone nozzles on the shower head (Quick…
  • Saves money, protects the environment: This shower head uses max. 9 l/min. (EcoS…
  • The eye-catching jet disc is characterised by ring-shaped nozzles - here people are…
starting from CHF 31.34*
Image of Duravit UV0652016010 shower head
Duravit Universal Shower Head with 3 Jet Types (Rain, Intense Rain, Soft Rain), Hand Shower Round (Diameter 110 mm), Shower Head with Water-Saving MinusFlow Function, Easy to Clean, Chrome
  • 5 YEARS WARRANTY: Strict internal quality controls guarantee consistently high quality…
  • For a harmonious overall impression, the hand shower is equipped with a durable and…
  • 3 jet types: the hand shower head is equipped with the latest technology. This makes…
starting from CHF 20.09*
Image of hansgrohe 28535000 shower head
Hansgrohe Croma 100 Shower Head with 4 Jet Types Anti-Limescale Chrome
  • Compatibility: Screws easily onto a standard shower connection (size G 1/2; DN15…
  • Suitable for instantaneous water heaters: This shower head is versatile in use
  • Limescale can be easily wiped off the silicone nozzles on the shower head (Quick…
starting from CHF 24.62*
Image of Newentor S02-JP shower head
Newentor Shower Head, Rain Shower, Hand Shower, Shower Head, Large, Water-saving Shower Head, High Pressure, XXL Shower Head with 6 Jet Types (shower Head Without Hose)
  • Easy to assemble: the Newentor water saving shower head fits most standard shower…
  • Easy to clean: the shower head is equipped with lime-retardant silicone nozzles.…
  • High-pressure shower head with one-handed operation: With the special push button…
starting from CHF 24.49*
Image of MEKO  shower head
MEKO Shower Head with Filter High Pressure Hand Shower with 3+1 Jet Types, 1.5 m Hose Shower Head Filter with 15 Layers Against Hard Water, Residual Chlorine, Bacteria, Impurities and Heavy Metals
  • Packaging and service from MEKO - Included are a hand shower with filter, a 1.5 metre…
  • Easy to install and install: the installation of this hand shower is very uncomplicated.…
  • 3+1 jet types and massage brush made of silicone: the MEKO filter shower head offers…
starting from CHF 30.37*
Image of Ibergrif M22025 shower head
Ibergrif Shower Head Pressure Increasing with Filter, Eco-Friendly Water-Saving Hand Shower Eco Ion Mineral Stones Filter, Rain Shower Jet Types Shower Head
  • Package: the package includes 1 shower head, 3 packs replacement negative ion mineral…
  • Easy to install, quick cleaning: this energy efficient shower head fits most standard…
  • Pressure Increase & Water Saving The principle of turbo pressure increase can…
starting from CHF 10.67*
Image of Magichome S5616 shower head
Magichome Water-Saving Shower Head, Rain Shower with Pressure Boosting for Higher Water Pressure, Hand Shower with 6 Spray Modes
  • Easy to install: This shower head can be mounted without tools and is suitable for…
  • Cleaning-friendly shower head: The silicone nozzle design ensures that the outlets…
  • Special toggle switch: The shower head is equipped with a special toggle switch.…
starting from CHF 16.65*
Image of YEAUPE PRO S6516 shower head
Yeaupe Pro Shower Head with Filter, 1.6 m Shower Hose, Water-Saving, for Handheld Shower, Rain Shower Head, Pressure Increasing Shower Head with 6 Jet Types, Anti-Limescale Function, Chrome
  • Quick installation, easy to clean: plumber not required, simply unscrew the old and…
  • High pressure and water-saving shower head: This savings-ensuring shower head with…
  • Multifunctional shower head: This high pressure rain shower head has 6 jet types,…
starting from CHF 18.32*
TOP 10
Image of VEHHE GQJHS shower head
VEHHE Water Saving Shower Head, 7 Jet Types, Rain Shower Head with Stop Button, One-Hand Adjustment and Anti-Jam Silicone Nozzle, Large Shower Head, Pressure Increasing (Silver)
  • Purchase without worry:Buy this shower head with one year warranty, you can contact…
  • High Quality Material This water saving shower head is made of high quality ABS material,…
  • Easy to Install and Clean The hand shower head is equipped with anti-limescale silicone…
starting from CHF 19.59*
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