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Review10Best compares the best straight razors in Switzerland and selects the one by Van De Boos as the best straight razor. In a straight razor buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different straight razors and see a recommendation on which straight razor to buy in Switzerland in 2021. By considering the top list of straight razors, you can find the best straight razors and save time shopping online.

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Best straight razors: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great straight razor

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The best straight razors provide an exceptional shave, removing facial hair and leaving skin feeling and looking great. However, this classic method of shaving is enjoying renewed popularity, leading to a whole range of straight razor products, and not all of these are the same quality.

So, to ensure you find the best straight razors possible, we’ve created a buying guide that covers all the info you need to know about them. This should make it much easier to find a quality straight razor blade that meets all your needs!

What are straight razors?

A straight razor is a type of razor with a straight blade that folds inside of its handle. Also known as a cut-throat razor, it is one of the oldest types of shaving devices and was widely used before the introduction of the safety razor.

Why should you buy a good straight razor?

Straight razors offer one of the best shaves, producing a clean and smooth shave that typically lasts longer than other methods. It also reduces the chances of ingrown hairs and skin outbreaks, while the reusability of the blade means you save a lot of money over time. Plus, straight razors are more eco-friendly compared to disposable razor.

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How to choose the right straight razor?

Choosing the best straight razor can be challenging when there are so many products to choose from. Here are a few things to consider that can help you narrow down your search:

  • Blade Material: Different metals are used to make the straight razor blade including stainless steel, carbon steel, and Damascus steel. Carbon steel is popular for its durability and sharpness, although is prone to rusting. Stainless steel won’t rust but does lack the sharpness of carbon steel, while Damascus steel is known for its attractive wave patterns and exceptional quality but does come with a high price.
  • Blade Length: Straight razor blades are usually measured in 8ths of an inch, with popular sizes include 5/8”, 6/8”, and 8/8”. Beginners should go for a smaller blade size as it is easier to learn the shaving technique, with 5/8” blades being the best option for most.
  • Blade Grind: The blade grind refers to the shape of the blade when viewed across its length, with each grind resulting in a slightly different performance when shaving. For example, true wedge and near wedge are considered full grinds and are the best straight razor grind for beginners, as the added weight makes it easier to handle. Thinner grinds result in a lighter blade, and while this means the blade produces a closer shave, it can be more challenging to use when experienced or dealing with thick facial hair.
What is the best kind of straight razor in Switzerland?

When categorising straight razor blades, most refer to the type of blade point, which can result in different shaving experiences.

  • Square Point: This blade features a squared point with sharp corners, making it great for an accurate shave. The shape does increase the chances of nicks and cuts though, so beginners may want to avoid this initially.
  • Round Point: The rounded corners of this blade make much better suited for beginners, as there is less chance of cutting yourself although it is not as accurate as other blade types. That said, unless you want a highly detailed shave then this is still a great blade to start with.
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Top 10 list of straight razors in Switzerland (August 2021)

The bestseller list compares brands and their straight razors. Which straight razor is the best?
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Offer* TOP 2
Image of Schwertkrone ofr736dh-di180 straight razor
Schwertkrone Razor, Black + 100 Half Derby Interchangeable Blades + Carry Bag for Men, Men’s Razor set for beginners and advanced users*
  • Quality: Quality from Schwertkrone – Products for Life.
  • Perfect for on the go: For a thorough, traditionally, wet shave with a shaving brush…
  • Simple and precise: No sharpening of the blades required - polished, so there are…
Image of Schwertkrone  straight razor
Schwertkrone Razor, Stainless Steel + 100 Half Derby Interchangeable Blades + Carry Bag for Men, Men’s Razor Set for Beginners and Advanced Users*
  • For a thorough, traditional wet shave with shaving brush and shaving soap at home,…
  • Quality from Schwertkrone – products for life.
  • Ideal for contours, as a hairdressing or beard razor, to complement an electric razor/shaver…
Image of Sapiens SW1 straight razor
Sapiens Traditional Razor with Interchangeable Blade Set - Beard Knife with Wooden Handle, Faux Leather Case + 10 Derby Razor Blades (20 Half Blades) - Barber Knife Kit Men - Wooden Straight Razor*
  • As a gift: an e-book with advice for anyone who wants to keep his beard perfect
  • The beard knife made of stainless steel with wooden handle provides an ideal grip…
  • The single blade of the right razor respects your skin by reducing the feeling of…
Image of Anthony Brown  straight razor
Anthony Brown® razor in black or silver - incl. case and sharp interchangeable blades - ideal for a precise shave - free eBook (English language not guaranteed) for a neat beard - made of stainless steel Black*
  • Men's Razor Set - The barber’s razor allows an extremely accurate shave of…
  • With interchangeable blades - the razor with interchangeable blades comes with 5…
  • Elegant design – less is more. This also applies to the men's straight razor…
Image of Anthony Brown  straight razor
Anthony Brown Straight Razor Wood in black or silver - unique blade head for more precision: with interchangeable blades and case - Straight Razor Set*
  • Waterproof wooden handle: The coated pakka wood handle is durable and easy to handle…
  • Non-slip shape: the built-in recessed grip allows easy handling and minimises the…
  • Perfect for beginners: The set of instructions (eBook) with valuable tips, the ultra-sharp…
Image of InstrumenteNrw RM-RM-585 straight razor
Solingen Razor in Set with Extra Wide Leather Strap Shaving Set for Classic Wet Shaving - Professional Beard Knife Olive Wood with Hollow Cut for Gentle Moustache Care*
  • Cleaning and care: this premium Solinger moustache razor is made of special razor…
  • Premium quality – genuine handmade With us you get only the best quality.…
  • Gift idea: Are you still looking for a suitable gift for your loved one? A great…
Image of ENTORIS  straight razor
ENTORIS Black Razor Set for Men, 100x Razor Blades, High-Quality Stainless Steel, 14 x 2.5 x 0.8 cm, Razor with Replacement Blades*
  • Exactly your style: The beard razor is suitable for both wet and dry shaving. Get…
  • Highest comfort: The razor practically works by itself. With just light hand movements,…
  • Simple and elegant: In its small bag, the razor is well protected and you cannot…
TOP 10
Image of Heldenheim  straight razor
Heldenheim R1 Rosewood Razor with 5 Interchangeable Blades, Case, Instructions and eBook Shaving Set*
  • Quality: Each razor meets our high requirements and goes through a very comprehensive…
  • Each razor set contains: In addition to the beard razor, you will receive a noble…
  • Every house is unique: Our razor is unique and this is evident in the fact that each…
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