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The 10 best strollers to buy in Switzerland

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Finding the best strollers involves knowing what you need and what you would prefer to buy, as there is simply a huge selection of products out there. Parents will have different needs when it comes to buying a stroller, so the best stroller for you won’t be the best for everyone!

Looking to buy the right stroller? Check out everything you need to know in the helpful buying guide below.


What are strollers?

A stroller is a device used to transport babies and young children of varying ages, typically up to three years old. Also known as a pushchair, pram, or buggy, they come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. For instance, twin and triple strollers accommodate several children at once, while the chassis and body of the stroller differ depending on the brand.

Why should you buy a good stroller?

A good stroller is necessary for transporting young children and babies when on the go. While you could certainly carry a child without the need for a stroller, it will likely be a huge effort, especially considering all other things you need to carry. Plus, the best strollers are designed to make the parent's life easier. From soft cushioning to help the child sleep to extra storage space for anything you need to take with you, anyone with a child aged three years or under will certainly benefit from buying a stroller.

How to choose the right stroller?

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With such a wide variety of buggys to choose from, it’s not always easy to know what stroller is best for your needs. To find the best stroller that is perfect for your lifestyle, consider some of the following:

  • Price: There’s no getting around it – strollers are expensive. However, there are certainly many that come with affordable prices, but be mindful that the bigger, multi-functioning products tend to cost more. While investing in an expensive stroller may not seem like the best idea, remember that they have a high sell-on value, and you can expect to get many years of use from it, especially if you plan on having more children.
  • Manoeuvrability: A good stroller should be easy to move, disassemble, and run with if you plan on jogging. So, you want a stroller with the right handlebar height, weight, and steering. Otherwise, it’ll be quite difficult to maneuver. Be sure to test any stroller to see it moves comfortably and naturally.
  • Features: Additional features are commonplace in a great stroller, but there’s no point getting features you don’t need! For instance, a double stroller will only be handy if you plan on having another child in the near future or have just had a second child. Additionally, space for storing things like a diaper bag and an umbrella is always worthwhile. However, the more features and extras included, the more the stroller is likely to cost. So be sure to think about what’s essential and what isn’t.

What is the best kind of stroller in Switzerland?

There is a huge selection of strollers available, with each type having many variations of its own. Here are some of the most popular to help you finding the best stroller:

  • Traditional Stroller: A standard stroller available in many styles, they have a single padded seat that can be adjusted to various positions. They tend to come with sunshades and a storage area below, making them the best all-round stroller.
  • Lightweight Stroller: Often known as umbrella strollers, they are notable for their incredible lightweight design and ability to be easily folded away. However, they do sacrifice a lot of additional features you may want and usually can’t be adjusted to certain positions. This is a great stroller for older children.
  • Jogging Stroller: This type of stroller comes with a striking visual design featuring three robust wheels to make them easy to run and jog with. The chassis and body provide plenty of stability and comfort, making them ideal for long excursions. However, they aren’t the easiest to maneuver and don’t fold as easily as other strollers.
  • Double and Triple Strollers: The best strollers for parents of multiple children, double and triple strollers are available in a range of styles. For instance, some feature seats beside each other while others have them behind, while others have seats that are divided for children of varying ages such as newborns and toddlers. As they are large in size, they do cost more than most other strollers.

Top 10 list of strollers in Switzerland 2024

The bestseller list compares brands and their strollers. Which stroller is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of KESSER 9645622031 stroller
Kesser® Loops 3-in-1 Combination Pram, Complete Set Including…
  • With many accessories: A practical basket for storing shopping etc. In addition,…
  • Baby seat - car seat: Thanks to the click system, the baby seat is easily mounted…
  • Sport seat: As soon as your child can sit independently, the buggy setting is the…
starting from CHF 186.00*
Image of Maxi-Cosi 1233672112 stroller
Maxi-cosi Lara2 Pushchair, 0-4 Years, 0-22 kg, Feather-Light, Compact Buggy, 3 Reclining Positions, Flat Reclining Position, Automatic Folding Mechanism, Shoulder Strap, Essential Black
  • Accessories: Be prepared for all situations during the journey and upgrade your Lara2…
  • Compatible with child seats: thanks to the Maxi-Cosi baby seat adapters (sold separately),…
  • 2 shopping baskets: the 2 shopping baskets offer you maximum storage space and easy…
starting from CHF 139.65*
Offer TOP 4
Image of Hauck 171493 stroller
Hauck Lightweight Stroller up to 18 kg with reclining function from birth, small foldaway, sun canopy, large basket
  • Large shopping basket
  • Perfect as a holiday or a second buggy
  • Folds down small
starting from CHF 68.59*
Image of One More Buck  stroller
OneMoreBuck® 3-in-1 Complete Pushchair Set Including Baby Carrycot Buggy Baby Seat with Foot Muff Aluminium Frame Full Rubber Tyres Changing Bag Mosquito Net Summer Mat Rain Cover
  • Above the floor height 63 cm can effectively avoid the dangers of exhaust gases:…
  • Solid rubber tyres and two shock absorbers: the 12 inch tyre of the pram is made…
  • With lots of accessories and easy to fold: The package also includes a removable…
starting from CHF 195.61*
Image of Hauck 309155 stroller
Hauck Pacific 4 Shop N Drive, 6-Piece Combination Lightweight Pushchair Set, Up to 25 kg with Baby Seat, Baby Tub Convertible, Reversible Seat Unit with Leg Cover
  • Reversible sports car attachment
  • Quick and compact folding
  • 2 in 1 baby bath convertible to a sports seat
starting from CHF 166.50*
Image of Prokoke  stroller
3-in-1 Combination Pram, Travel Systems, Standard Pram, Buggy, Newborn, Portable Travel Pram, Foldable, High Landscape Pram (225 Black)
  • Double sliding modes and adjustable canopy design with multiple angles: The pram…
  • High view design and foldable design: With the high view design, the pram can fully…
  • Good quality cotton fabric: The pram is made of high-quality cotton fabric, which…
starting from CHF 184.96*
Image of KIDUKU KDWG-003 stroller
KIDUKU® 3-in-1 Pram Complete Set, Combination Pram Set Incl. Baby Carrycot Buggy Car Seat Footmuff Full Rubber Tyre Changing Bag Rain Cover Children's Table (Black/Black)
  • Innovative sliding handle: The 3-in-1 pushchair is made from padded material. The…
  • 5-point belt and sports seat: The safety belt ensures more safety when driving. The…
  • Car shell with 1-click system: In just a few simple steps, the baby bath can be converted…
starting from CHF 283.99*
Image of Maxi-Cosi 1996911110 stroller
Maxi-Cosi Zelia S Trio 3-in-1 Complete Set, 0-4 Years, up to 22 kg, Foldable, Compact, Adjustable Baby, with CabrioFix S i-Size Baby Seat, Accessories, Changing Bag, Grey
  • Additional accessories: a foot muff for cold days, a summer cover that keeps your…
  • Accessories included: The Zelia S Trio includes a stylish changing bag for all important…
  • Convertible S I-size: backward-facing, up to the age of approx. Can be used for 15…
starting from CHF 285.72*
TOP 10
Image of kk Kinderkraft KKWMOOVGRY00NC stroller
Kinderkraft Moov Multi Pushchair, Combination Pram, 3-in-1 with Buggy, Baby Seat grey
  • Accessories: the pram comes with a rain cover, a footmuff, seat adapters, a mosquito…
  • TRAVEL system: the pushchair comes with the MINK car seat (0-13 kg, group ECE 0+)…
  • Pushchair: designed for children between 6 months and a weight of 22 kg; can be mounted…
starting from CHF 236.69*
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