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Review10Best compares the best vacuum sealers in Switzerland and nominates the one by Caso as the best vacuum sealer. In our vacuum sealers review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different vacuum sealers and follow our recommendation on which vacuum sealer to buy in Switzerland in 2020. With the vacuum sealer comparison, you can be sure to buy the best vacuum sealer on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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Best vacuum sealers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great vacuum sealer

Picture of a vacuum sealer

Looking for the best vacuum sealer but don’t know what you need? These devices are very useful for preserving food yet not everyone knows what features to look for and considerations to make when buying one. Check out the buying guide below for all the info you need to find a great vacuum sealer:

What are vacuum sealers?

As the name suggests, a vacuum sealer is a device used to remove air from a package before sealing it. Items are placed inside of a plastic bag which is then attached to the device that removes all the air inside the bag, then sealing it to make it airtight.

Why should you buy a good vacuum sealer?

The device lets you easily vacuum seal all kinds of food, helping to preserve it for longer. For instance, if you were to vacuum seal meat and then freeze it, it will last for several years. You can refrigerate vacuum-sealed food, too. This storing method is suitable for virtually any type of food.

By properly vacuum-sealing your food, it will last much longer so save you more money, while perfectly preserving its taste. It can also be used to marinade ingredients, store leftovers, and reseal opened foods.

Another picture of a vacuum sealer
How to choose the right vacuum sealer?

Unsure what to look for in a vacuum sealer? Consider some of the following points so that you can find the best vacuum sealers for your needs:

  • Usage: Consider how often you plan on using the vacuum sealer, as you’ll want to choose something that can meet your demands. For instance, if you intend to seal a year’s worth of meat in a few days, then a heavy-duty product is recommended, as smaller devices might overheat and burn out from overuse. If you are new to sealing and just want to try it out, light duty machines like a portable sealer should suffice.
  • Sealing Band Size: The bigger the sealing band size the longer food can be frozen for, so think about how long you want to freeze food for and choose something suitably sized. Thinner sealing bands don’t guarantee long-term sealing, so if you plan on freezing for longer than a year make sure the band is big enough.
  • Versatility: Some vacuum sealers can be used on containers, jars, and other objects, allowing you to seal even more foods for longer shelf life. This is usually done through an adaptor that connects to the vacuum sealer, so check to see what type of food containers the device works with.
What is the best kind of vacuum sealer in Switzerland?

Here are the three best-selling types of vacuum sealers currently available:

  • Handheld Vacuum Sealer: Small and compact, these models are great for sealing smaller amounts of foods, storing them for no longer than a year. Seal bands are often smaller and weaker compared to larger models, so long-term storage isn’t recommended, although they are some of the cheapest types available.
  • External Vacuum Sealer: This type of vacuum sealer involves placing the top of the bag into the device, which then removes the air and melts the plastic seal in place. They seal very efficiently and can work on different containers, although accessories for this are usually sold separately.
  • Chamber Vacuum Sealer: This model involves placing the entire bag inside of a chamber that then removes the air and seals it. Large band sizes and a heavy-duty motor make it suitable for high volume vacuum-sealing and long-term freezing.
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Top 10 list of vacuum sealers in Switzerland (June 2020)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their vacuum sealers rank and which vacuum sealer is the best.
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Image of Rommelsbacher VAC 485 vacuum sealer
Rommelsbacher VAC 485 Vacuum Sealer Black / Silveri
  • Integrated cable storage, 4 non-slip rubber feet, includes 10 foil bags, cutting…
  • Sturdy double sealing seams, each thickness 2.5 mm, for films up to 30 cm wide
  • High-quality piston pump, approx. 13 litres/minute, viewing window, status display,…
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Image of Caso 1409 vacuum sealer
Caso FastVac 500, Professional Commercial Vacuum Sealer, Stainless Steel, Double Piston Pump, 15 Litres/Minute, Includes 2 Free Foil Rollsi
  • Includes vacuum hose for containers, and built-in cutter for cutting the bags. Includes…
  • Versatile functions: 3-stage seal, 2 vacuum stages, pulse function, manual sealing,…
  • Suitable for commercial use, e.g. for hunting or fishing. In a vacuum, food stays…
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Value deali TOP 4
Image of ABOX V63-EU vacuum sealer
ABOX 5 in 1 Vacuum Sealer Automatic with Cutter for Dry and Moist Food with Vacuum Rollers and Vacuum Hose, Blacki
  • Professional guarantee and friendly service: suitable for vacuum packaging bags with…
  • Comfortable design: unique, adjustable roll holder and bag cutter can adjust the…
  • 5 modes for food: damp/dry, normal/soft mode and vacuum hose are suitable for a wide…
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Image of Vsadey LL389 vacuum sealer
Vacuum rolls, 3 rolls, 28 cm x 600 cm, professional film rolls, vacuum bag for all vacuum seals, microwave-safe and Sous-Vide, reusable, BPA-free and FDA approved.i
  • Compatible with all types of vacuum seals. The thick vacuum rollers can not only…
  • This vacuum food roll goes through internationally recognized FDA tests and is made…
  • One side of this vacuum reel has an embossed dotted pattern with embossed air removal…
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Image of toyuugo V8101 vacuum sealer
Toyuugo Foil Bag 2 Rolls 28 x 300 cm for Vacuum Sealers BPA-Free Vacuum Bags Ideal for Food and Sous Vide, Silveri
  • [Guaranteed Satisfaction] – 1 x vacuum sealer, 1 x professional film rollers…
  • Multifunctional vacuum cleaner: with hoses, you can simply remove the air in the…
  • - [Built-in cutter and foil rollers storage] - The maximum length of the heat seal…
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Image of Blusmart Hok00047 vacuum sealer
Blusmart Automatic Vacuum Sealeri
  • Worry-Free Warranty & ServiceThe vacuum cleaner can be tested for 1 month free…
  • Full flexibility thanks to 4 selectable modesThe vacuum sealer is equipped with 4…
  • Built-in cutter and adjustable reel holder: The foil welder vacuum has an integrated…
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Image of VPCOK  vacuum sealer
VPCOK 3 in 1 Professional Foil Rolls Set, 28 x 300 cm/25 x 300 cm/20 x 300 cm, Suitable for All Vacuum Sealers and Sous Vide, BPA Free, Reusable and Food-Safe (Reusable)i
  • Sous Vide-Mate: an ideal and necessary companion for cooking with Sous Vide Gare…
  • Did you know yet? The VPCOK foil bag also protects your important moments from your…
  • Professional: 3 size, more flexibility, multiple options. The Vocok foil bag is especially…
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TOP 10
Image of Bonsenkitchen . vacuum sealer
Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealer, Vacuum Sealer Foil Sealer for Sous Vide Cooking and Food Stay Fresh up to 8x Longer, Dry and Moist Modes, Vacuum Bag Included (White, VS3750)i
  • Complete Sous-Vide cooking set: Includes 5 vacuum bags (20 * 30 cm / 7.78 * 11.8…
  • Unique sealing technology: To enhance the effect of vacuuming, this vacuum sealer…
  • Both wet and dry These film welders have two modes dry and wet. All buttons are easy…
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