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Review10Best compares the best vibration machines in Switzerland and selects the one by Bluefin Fitness as the best vibration machine. In a vibration machine buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different vibration machines and see a recommendation on which vibration machine to buy in Switzerland in 2021. By considering the top list of vibration machines, you can find the best vibration machines and save time shopping online.

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Best vibration machines: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great vibration machine

Picture of a vibration machine

Vibration machines are one of the latest trends in fitness, offering quick and easy workouts with effective results. However, as a relatively new product, it’s not always easy to find the best vibration machine for your needs. There are many things to consider before buying a vibration machine and doing so ensures you get the best product possible.

Check out the buying below to help choose the best vibration machine:

What are vibration machines?

A vibration machine is a fitness machine that uses whole-body vibrations to aid with weight loss and muscle gain. By utilising vibration therapy, a vibration machine causes the muscles in the body to continually retract and relax to keep the individual balanced. As a result, the muscles receive a minor workout with virtually no effort, allowing a vibration machine to build and tone muscle, while potentially lose weight when used with aerobic exercise.

Why should you buy a good vibration machine?

A good vibration machine allows you to conduct easy workouts from home with virtually no impact on the body. This makes them great for people with muscle or joint issues that can’t complete high impact work outs. Better still, when combined with other forms of exercise (e.g. squats, jogging on the spot etc.) a vibration machine can aid in quicker muscle development and rapid weight loss. They don’t burn calories by just standing on them however, so you need to combine it with cardio exercise to benefit from quicker weight loss.

Also, while studies are limited, it is suggested that vibration machines could help reduce back pain, increase strength, and improve balance.

Another picture of a vibration machine
How to choose the right vibration machine?

Choosing the best vibration machine often requires some research, espiecally if you are unfamiliar with the equipment and how it works. Here are some things to think about that can help you choose a great vibration machine for home use:

  • Size: The platform size of a vibration machine is important as this is where you stand and receive the vibrations. Make sure the platform is big enough for your size and think about whether it gives addition room for moving around comfortably. A good vibration machine should have enough space for you to stand shoulder width apart with some room to spare on the platform.
  • Vibration Type: Machines come either an oscillating or vertical platform, so you’ll want to know the differences between each. Oscillating vibrations produce vibrations from the centre of the platform, closely mimicking walking motions, so are more effective at burning calories. Vertical platforms continually vibrate in and up and down motion, mimicking a jumping motion as you use it. While this produces a smaller range of motions compared to oscillating machines, they work at higher speeds so are better for building muscle mass.
  • Pre-Set Programs: If you are unsure of how to best use a vibration machine, it’s a good idea to get a model with pre-set programs. These allow you to complete exercises that target specific parts of the body, while a personal coach program is good for guiding you through exercises.
What is the best kind of vibration machine in Switzerland?

There are two main options when it comes to types of vibration machine to buy, either of which offer their own unique advantages.

  • Oscillating Vibration Machine: Also called pivotal vibration machines, this type sends vibrations from a pivotal point at the centre of the platform. It produces oscillating vibrations that are similar to a see-saw motion, helping to mimic walking movements. This type of vibration machine is better for burning calories, so is a good choice for weight loss goals.
  • Vertical Vibration Machine: Also known as lineal vibration machines, vertical machines produce a more complex vibration that is best described as continually going up and down. As the plate goes up and down more intense vibrations are produced, so in theory this type of vibration machine produces the best workout. However, due to the complex nature of this type, is generally more expensive than an oscillating vibration machine.
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Top 10 list of vibration machines in Switzerland (October 2021)

The bestseller list compares brands and their vibration machines. Which vibration machine is the best?
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Best choice* TOP 1
Image of Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim vibration machine
Crazy Vibrations Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Plate Fitness Machine Lifetime Motor Warranty 2500 Watts (From 2000 Watt Motor) Get Fit with this revolutionary piece of gym equipment*
Image of Bluefin Fitness  vibration machine
Bluefin Fitness Dual-Motor 3D Vibration Plate | Extra large non-slip surface Bluetooth speaker | Fat Loss and Body Shaping at Home | UK design*
  • Fitness options that you will use. - The 3D power vibration plate pampers you with…
  • Complete home fitness package – great Bluetooth speakers, diet and nutrition…
  • BLUEFIN QUALITY PROMISE - With the Bluefin Fitness 3D Body Shaper you buy high-quality…
Image of Sportstech sp_vp250_tuerkis__de vibration machine
Sportstech Innovation! VP250 Vibration Plate in Elegant Curved Slim Design Fat Burning & Muscle Building Quiet Motor with 180 Levels 7+1 Training Programmes incl. Yoga Option, with Bluetooth.*
  • Sportstech quality: The vibration plate in the curved design is available in 4 different…
  • Extra benefits: Get power ropes, fitness bands, training posters and remote control…
  • Training video: - Look forward to exclusive training with your Sportstech product…
Offer* TOP 4
Image of ATIVAFIT  vibration machine
Ativafit Fitness Vibration Plate with Ultra Flat Vibration Shaper Plate with LCD Display, Remote Control, Training Bands., black*
  • Practical remote control: it will also offer a remote control. With this you can…
  • Large non-slip surface: the surface is 48 x 30 cm, offers more comfort during training.…
  • Effective training with vibration plate: invest 10-20 minutes a day and enjoy an…
Image of Sportstech VP300 vibration machine
Sportstech VP300 3D Vibration Plate - Mega Fat Burner + 5 Fitness Bands Extra - Large Area + 2 x 1000 W Max Motor Power + Bluetooth Speaker + Remote & Poster - Fitness Training at Home, 800 x 450 x 150 mm*
  • High-end board: 10 minutes. Daily Training + 3D rocker vibration technology: stimulate…
  • Top fitness: Thanks to the fitness bands for fitness workouts + 1 x top training…
  • Premium design: The compact information console with touch display and the huge tread…
Image of VITALmaxx 07125 vibration machine
Vitalmaxx vibration splitting Your sports equipment as a full body trainer for at home Non-slip bases, optimal adjustment options Available Various models and features, turquoise, m*
  • Notes: The device is designed for training the muscles through vibrations (upward/downward…
  • Includes expander straps with handles and remote control for optimum ease of use…
  • Large LCD display to display vibration speed, time and calories burned.
Image of display4top  vibration machine
Display4top Ultra Flat Vibration Plate, 5 Programs + 180 Levels, Vibration Trainer for Fitness and Weight Loss, with Bluetooth Speaker, Maximum Load 150 kg (Black)*
  • 100% satisfaction: Display4top is committed to developing high-quality and safe home…
  • Keep in shape: the ultra-flat vibration plate training device helps you get the desired…
  • Multiple setting modes: adjustable vibration speed (180 levels) for different 5 programmes…
Image of Bluefin Fitness 4d Plateforme Vibrante vibration machine
4D Vibration Plate with 3 Powerful & Silent Motors, Easy to Use, Magnetic Field Massage, Ultra Comfortable Curved Design, 4.0 Bluetooth Speakers, Vibration / Oscillation, 4D*
  • Innovative, user-friendly technology: Bluetooth 4.0 speakers with crisp and clear…
  • MULTIPLE SMART TRAINING MODES: 3 carefully designed training programs and 7 challenging…
  • Smart LEDs: Super bright LEDs show you how intense you are exercising with red, orange…
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