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Review10Best compares the best bathroom cleaners and nominates the one from Tilex as the best bathroom cleaner. In our bathroom cleaners review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different bathroom cleaners and follow our recommendation on which bathroom cleaner to buy in 2018. With the bathroom cleaner comparison, you can be sure to buy the best bathroom cleaner on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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bathroom cleaners: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great bathroom cleaner

Picture of a bathroom cleaner

It is always worth buying the best bathroom cleaners to guarantee a clean and germ-free bathroom. But with so many products that complete many different jobs, it’s not always obvious which bathroom cleaners are best suited for your bathroom. Check out this handy buying guide for all the tips and info you need to find the best bathroom cleaners for your home:

What are bathroom cleaners?

A bathroom cleaner is an umbrella term for a variety of cleaning agents designed for cleaning bathrooms. They can differ quite significantly in ingredients and purpose, ranging from multi-purpose cleaners that clean various surfaces in the bathroom to specialized cleaning products for cleaning a bath, sink or toilet. Many different chemicals are utilized for bathroom cleaners, while there are also natural products that are chemical free.

Why should you buy a good bathroom cleaner?

The best bathroom cleaner is necessary for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of a bathroom without effort. Bacteria build-ups are high in a bathroom, especially when left uncleaned, so it is very important to use quality bathroom cleaners to keep things clean and healthy.

Bathroom cleaners are also designed for specific jobs that may be required in your bathroom. For instance, if water is not draining quickly from a bath then you will require a drain cleaner product, while other surface cleaners are needed for removing or preventing limescale build ups.

Another picture of a bathroom cleaner
How to choose the right bathroom cleaner?

With so many products available, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best bathroom cleaners for your home. Here are some things to think about that will make it easier to choose the right bathroom cleaner:

  • Purpose: All bathroom cleaners will clean and disinfect to some degree, but some are designed for specialist tasks such as unblocking drains, cleaning glass surfaces, or cleaning toilet bowls. If there is a certain cleaning problem you have, then look for specialist cleaners that can address the issue quickly. Multi-purpose cleaners are more about general cleaning, so there are probably more choices available in this regard. For instance, there are many great multi-purpose surface cleaners, which are a good bathroom cleaner to have for regular cleaning throughout the bathroom. Think about what cleaners you need most and what job they perform. Whether a single form of cleaning or multi-purpose cleaner - take your time to choose the most suitable options for your cleaning needs.
  • Ingredients: If you don’t like the chemical odor left by many bathroom cleaner products, then it’s worth investigating their ingredients to ensure you get something less off-putting. Natural bathroom cleaners are free from any chemicals and offer great results, although they often lack the cleaning power of chemical cleaners. Another important factor with ingredients is how harmful they may be. Some feature ingredients that can be hazardous to humans, so be mindful of this when looking at products. Always check labels and look out for any toxic or hazard warnings, and stay clear if you want to avoid any risks when cleaning.
What is the best kind of bathroom cleaner?

There are countless types of great bathroom cleaners to buy, any of which may be best for cleaning your bathroom:

  • Abrasive Cleaners: These bathroom cleaners are designed to remove heavy build ups and disinfect surfaces by scrubbing away with a brush or cloth. Being abrasive makes it easier to scrub, with products available in liquid and powdered forms.
  • Floor Cleaners: Much the same as general floor cleaners, these are used to clean disinfect floors in the bathroom, which can feature a build-up of footprints, skin, hair, and various cosmetic products.
  • Toilet Cleaners: A specialist cleaner for removing dirt and germs from toilet bowls, these are usually one of the most used bathroom cleaners. So it's worth buying a quality product for a clean toilet. They come in many forms, including liquid, gel, and disposable tablets. Usually requires a good toilet brush to apply the cleaner.
  • Shower, Bath & Sink Cleaners: A specialist surface cleaner designed for removing build-ups on bath, sink, and shower surfaces. Often tend to be less powerful than other cleaners to ensure surfaces aren’t damaged while still removing everyday dirt build-ups.
  • Glass Cleaners: The best bathroom cleaner for cleaning glass surfaces without leaving any streaks. Tend to be sold as a spray, and some are designed as multi-purpose surface cleaners.
  • Drain Cleaners: Blocked drains are common in bathrooms, so a drain cleaner is one of the best bathroom cleaners for addressing this issue. Most are poured into a bath or sink drain and left for a while to break down the blockages and restore proper drainage.
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Top 10 list of bathroom cleaners (December 2018)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their bathroom cleaners rank and which bathroom cleaner is the best.
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Image of Tilex 044600011264 bathroom cleaner
Tilex Clorox Plus Bathroom Cleaner, Spray Bottle, Lemon Scent, 16 Ounces (Pack of 3) (Packaging May Vary)i
  • Smart Tube technology guarantees you will spray every drop of liquid in the bottle…
  • Simply spray tubs, shower doors, shower curtains, toilets, counter tops and sinks,…
  • This cleaner is safe to use on surfaces including glazed and unglazed ceramic tile,…
starting from $11.96i
(0 reviews)
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Value deali TOP 2
Image of Clorox Company, The 12049-2 bathroom cleaner
Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach, 32 fl oz Trigger Spray Bottle (Pack of 2)i
  • 32 fluid ounce spray bottle of cleaner with bleach
  • With the Smart Tube technology, you can spray every drop
  • Effective formula that removes tough stains, dirt, grease and grime.
starting from $12.00i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Scrubbing Bubbles 025700700791 bathroom cleaner
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer with Ultra Cling Bulk Bathroom Cleaner 20 Ounce (Pack of 3)i
  • The only wide-spray aerosol cleaner available
  • Goes to work on contact, quickly cleaning soap scum and tough stains
  • Ideal for tubs, shower walls, vinyl shower curtains and shower doors; Leaves a brilliant…
starting from $14.04i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Quest Products, Inc. 1920085668B bathroom cleaner
Lysol Power and Free Bathroom Cleaner, Fresh, 22 Ounce (Pack of 2)i
  • Power & Free with Hydrogen Peroxide bathroom cleaner
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria when used as directed
  • Leaves your bathroom smelling clean & fresh
starting from $9.99i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Alere SG-261B bathroom cleaner
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner - Lemongrass & Citrus - 26 oz - 2 pki
  • EPA registered, clean well inside
  • Deodorizes and effectively controls odors
  • Streak free spray for easy cleaning, no rinsing or wiping is required
starting from $7.49i
(0 reviews)
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Image of AmazonUs/CLOO7  bathroom cleaner
Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, Bleach Free - 30 Ounce Spray Bottlei
  • Removes tough soap scum without scrubbing
  • CLOROX HOUSE CLEANER: This bleach-free spray cleaner has dependable Clorox cleaning…
  • DISINFECTANT SPRAY: Smart Tube technology insures you spray every drop of this bathroom…
starting from $2.59i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Kaboom 0757037352755 bathroom cleaner
Kaboom Foam-Tastic with Oxiclean, Citrus, 19 Ouncei
  • Easily wipes away to reveal sparkling clean surfaces with a light citrus scent
  • 100% tough on dirt and grime with no hard scrubbing
  • Powerful OxiClean stain-fighting bubbles
starting from $3.88i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Clorox AC1602 bathroom cleaner
Clorox AC1602 Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner Spray Bottle, 30 Ounces, Pack of 2i
  • Cuts through dirt, grime and soap scum
  • Removes mold and mildew stains with less scrubbing
  • Disinfects 99.9% of germs commonly found in the bathroom
starting from $14.69i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Alere ASJ-361B bathroom cleaner
Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach - 32 Fl oz - 2 pki
  • Use on sink, counter, tub and tile
  • Removes mold & mildew stains and soap scum
  • Scrubbing Bubbles foaming bleach bathroom cleaner
starting from $15.12i
(0 reviews)
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TOP 10
Image of Lysol ASA-178 bathroom cleaner
Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 48oz (2X24oz), 10X Cleaning Poweri
  • Disinfects & kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria*
  • Leaving entire toilet deodorized with Fresh Scent
  • The angled bottle targets hard-to-reach areas
starting from $3.59i
(0 reviews)
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