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Review10Best compares the best DSL modems and nominates the one by D-Link Systems, Inc. as the best DSL modem. In our DSL modems review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different DSL modems and follow our recommendation on which DSL modem to buy in 2019. With the DSL modem comparison, you can be sure to buy the best DSL modem on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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DSL modems: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great DSL modem

Picture of a DSL modem

The best DSL modems offer faster internet speeds than those offered by your internet service provider, making them a very worthwhile investment. However, it’s not always easy to understand what to look for in a DSL modem to ensure you get a device that improves your internet.

Check the buying guide below for how to choose the best DSL modem:

What are DSL modems?

A digital subscriber line (DSL) modem is device that connects to computers and routers to DSL configured phone lines, providing access to broadband internet.

Why should you buy a good DSL modem?

A good DSL modem is a worthwhile investment for many, especially if you need to replace a broken modem. Internet service provides typically lease their modem to customers, meaning you pay a small monthly amount to use it. So, by buying the best DSL modem from a retailer, you may end up saving money and result in faster internet speeds, especially if your IPS modem is dated. You also own the modem, and most DSL modems sold by retailers are better than those from ISPs.

Another picture of a DSL modem
How to choose the right DSL modem?

Choosing the right DSL modem is often difficult, especially for those that aren’t familiar with the various technical terminology. Here are some things to consider that will make buying the best DSL modem much easier:

  • Compatibility: It’s important to choose a DSL modem that is compatible with your DSL broadband service. The current connections available for these modems include asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL), symmetrical digital subscriber line (SDSL), high data rate (HDSL) and very high data rate (VDSL), so be sure to contact your internet service provider to confirm the type of DSL modem is compatible with your internet.
  • Connectivity: You need a DSL modem that connects to the appropriate devices, so for example if want to connect to several devices at once you will require a DSL modem either an Ethernet out connection that can connect to a router, or an easier option is to go for a modem with a built-in router.
  • Speed: The speed of a DSL is important if you require a fast, reliable internet connection at all times. While it may not be essential for casual web browsing and using word documents, it’s essential to get a DSL modem with fast speed settings if you play video games, stream movies, or download. The top downstream speed of a DSL modem is typically around 15Mbps, with the upstream speed clocking a maximum of 1Mbps.
What is the best kind of DSL modem?

There are several options available when it comes to a DSL modem, which must be compatible with the DSL technology used with your broadband. This includes:

  • ADSL Modem: Asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) modems support ADSL internet connections which is the most common type of digital subscriber line technology, being found in most homes. ADSL has downstream rates as high as 8Mbps with an upstream rate of around 1.5Mbps.
  • VDSL Modem: Very high rate digital subscriber line (VDSL) modems connect to VDSL internet, which is the quickest form of digital subscriber line. Downstream rates top around 53Mbps and upstream rates hit 2.3Mbps.
  • Modem Router Combo: When connecting a DSL modem to several devices using a single internet connection, you require a router to direct the various lines using the connection. An easy way to do this is to buy a DSL modem router combo, which has a router built into the DSL modem for easy connection across a sinlge network.
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Top 10 list of DSL modems (October 2019)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their DSL modems rank and which DSL modem is the best.
Top choicei TOP 1
Image of D-Link Systems, Inc. DSL-520B DSL modem
D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem-(DSL-520B)i
  • Please Note: Kindly refer the User Manual before use.
  • Safety Certification: CSA International; CE; RoHs Compliant
  • Firewall protection & Qos
starting from $36.36i
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Value deali TOP 2
Image of MTRLC LLC MD1600-10 DSL modem
MOTOROLA VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem + WiFi AC1600 Gigabit Router, Model MD1600, for Non-Bonded, Non-Vectoring DSL from CenturyLink, Frontier, and Some Other DSL Providersi
  • MD1600 IS SUPPORTED by expert, friendly customer support specialists in the US with…
  • CLEAN AND EASY. This DSL modem/router combo saves space, reduces wires, and includes…
starting from $129.99i
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Image of ZYXEL c3000z DSL modem
ZyXEL C3000Z Modem CenturyLinki
  • UMEC UP0251M-12PA AC Adapter
  • CenturyLink Router
  • CenturyLink XYTEL 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi- Router
starting from $164.98i
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Image of TRENDnet TEW-816DRM DSL modem
TRENDnet AC750 Wireless VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem Router, 200 Mbps VDSL Downstream Speeds, USB share ports, TEW-816DRMi
  • Does not work with bonded DSL
  • Does not work with century Link
  • Two USB 3. 0 and four Ethernet ports
starting from $66.99i
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Image of Netgear Inc DM200-100NAS DSL modem
NETGEAR High-Speed Broadband DSL Modem (DM200-100NAS). Compatible with CenturyLink, Verizon, and Frontier)i
  • Built-in VDSL, compatible with ADSL connections - Compatible with VDSL, VDSL2, ADSL,…
  • ** VERY IMPORTANT ** Please Note: Kindly refer the Instructional Video, the User…
  • Not compatible with Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse or bonded VDSL
starting from $219.00i
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of ACTIONTEC GT784WN-01 DSL modem
Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router (GT784WN)i
  • With the latest 802.11n technology your newer devices will achieve wireless N speeds.Backwards…
  • Three products in one: full-rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, 4-port switch, and 300 Mbps wireless-N…
  • Preconfigured for simple setup and will auto-detect your specific service settings.…
starting from $62.98i
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Image of Technicolor 43237-2 DSL modem
CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor C2100T 802.11AC Modem Router Gigabit DSL Fiber 2.4/5GHzi
  • Dual Band Wireless - 802.11ac / 802.11n
  • Compatible with CenturyLink Service
  • 200Mbps Download Speeds & 100Mbps Upload speeds
no Price availablei
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Image of Actiontec Electronics, Inc FBA_1019272594 DSL modem
Actiontec GT784WN Wireless-N DSL Modem/Routeri
  • Remote Management
  • Automatic Configuration
  • Wireless Security / Firewall
no Price availablei
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Image of TP-LINK USA Archer A7 DSL modem
TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Works with Alexa, VPN Server, Parental Control&QoS(Archer A7)i
  • Note: Kindly refer user manual before use
  • Industry leading 2 year and free 24/7 technical support
  • TP Link tether app easily set up and remotely manage your home network
starting from $57.99i
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TOP 10
Image of ARRIS FBA_581902-027-rb DSL modem
ARRIS SURFboard SB6141-RB 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem (Renewed)i
  • 90 Day Warranty. ARRIS Certified Refurbished. US Technical support. ARRIS Certified…
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6, the latest standard.
  • 8 Download Channels and 4 Upload Channels capable of up to 343 Mbps download and…
starting from $59.99i
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