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Review10Best compares the best GPS trackers and nominates the one from Spy Tec as the best GPS tracker. In our GPS trackers review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different GPS trackers and follow our recommendation on which GPS tracker to buy in 2019. With the GPS tracker comparison, you can be sure to buy the best GPS tracker on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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GPS trackers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great GPS tracker

Picture of a GPS tracker

There are several types of GPS trackers available, all of which provide different functions and features that you may find useful. They can track different people, pets, and objects, which certainly provides a peace of mind for many people.

However, choosing the best GPS tracker can be difficult unless you know what to look for. As there are many features available on GPS trackers, knowing which ones you require isn’t always easy. Check the handy guide below for all the tips you need to get a great GPS tracker device.

What are GPS trackers?

A GPS tracker is a device that utilises the global positioning system (GPS) to determine the precise location of the device. It can be carried by people or connected to vehicles, allowing the user to track an accurate location through various methods.

There are a wide range of GPS tracking devices available, with many shapes, sizes, functions and features available in each. For instance, a personal GPS tracker is held by an individual, allowing location to be known, while portable GPS trackers are typically used by people travelling outside by foot. 

Why should you buy a good GPS tracker?

The best GPS trackers allow you to know the precise location of either yourself or someone else. This can be great for a number of reasons, whether it’s keeping an eye on the location of your child or pet, or to use the tracker for directions when out in unfamiliar locations.

For instance, GPS trackers are effective for keeping track of people that may be at risk on their own, such as an elderly person with dementia or someone suffering from mental health issues. By using a GPS tracker, you can view their location whenever necessary, helping to keep them safer and offer yourself a peace of mind. GPS trackers can also be used in a professional capacity, such as tracking vehicles, ships, lone workers, or valuable items.

Another picture of a GPS tracker
How to choose the right GPS tracker?

Given that a GPS tracker has many applications, there are no shortage of products that may be appealing to your needs. Here are some things to consider that will help you find a suitable GPS tracker:

  • Use: The main thing to consider is how you intend to use the GPS tracker. For example, is it going to be used to help you navigate? There are great GPS trackers that prevent you from getting lost, whether you’re using by foot or in a vehicle. However, these GPS trackers aren’t the best for tracking other people. Personal GPS trackers are necessary for monitoring the location of people or animals, so always consider what you need to use the device before buying anything.
  • Tracking System: GPS trackers use one of two tracking systems - passive or real-time. Passive tracking systems store data that can be downloaded onto a computer or mobile device, so you tend to need Wi-Fi to access it and the device usually has a capacity when it comes to storing data. It’s still a very accurate tracking system, logging data frequently throughout the day, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Real-time tracking systems don’t run the risk of losing any data, which can occur with passive systems should they run out of storage or lose their coverage for sustained periods. The receive real-time updates using GPS, continually updating the tracker device as it is used, although this does require a monthly fee in most instances. There is no risk of losing data however, as they are updated regularly, so it may be more suitable for people looking to track a child, pet, or family member.
  • Price: GPS trackers use advanced technology, which makes them rather expensive. The best GPS trackers therefore cost a fair amount, but they also provide the most accurate data possible. Features will impact the price of the tracker too. For example, those with a real-time tracking system are usually more expensive, namely due to monthly fees. Consider setting a budget for a GPS tracker, as this gives a better idea of suitable devices within your price range.
What is the best kind of GPS tracker?

Looking for a great GPS tracker? Here are some of the most common types available:

  • Mobile GPS Trackers: The best GPS tracker for keeping an eye on loved ones. These mobile phones come with SOS buttons that can be pushed to immediately notify you of the user’s location, while texting the phone also reveals the location using GPS.
  • Vehicle GPS Trackers: Want to be able to track your vehicle? Then the best GPS tracker is those designed for use in vehicles! There are trackers for every vehicle imaginable, including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, and trucks.
  • Kids GPS Trackers: A personal tracker for keeping an eye on children, they usually come with safety features such as alerts, geofencing, and automatic alarms. Ideal for emergencies, you can also get a sound peace of mind by checking the data updates to view a child’s location.
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Top 10 list of GPS trackers (June 2019)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their GPS trackers rank and which GPS tracker is the best.
Top choicei TOP 1
Image of Spy Tec 6.57041E+11 GPS tracker
Spytec STI 2019 Model GL300MA GPS Tracker- 4G LTE Mini Real Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars, Vehicles, Kids, Spouses, Seniors, Equipment, Valuablesi
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE: We're here to help with around-the-clock chat-based support…
  • AFFORDABLE PEACE OF MIND: Pay only $24.95 a month with no activation or cancellation…
  • PRECISION INSIGHTS, CUSTOM ALERTS, & GEO-FENCING: Use cutting-edge GPS technology…
starting from $49.95i
(14 reviews)
Buy nowi
Value deali TOP 2
Image of PrimeTracking LLC B07KPVVKQ4 GPS tracker
PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker - Mini, Portable, Track in Real Time - 4G LTE - with SOS Button - Locator Tracking Device - for Seniors, Kids, Cars, Vehicle, Bicycles, Spy Tracking, Traveli
  • ✅ IDEAL FOR CHILDREN, BUSINESSES AND SENIORS: Breathe easier knowing your loved…
  • ✅ $25 / month. Cancel anytime. $20 / month for 6 months.
  • ✅ INSTANT UPDATES: Get updates on location and direction; see movement as it happens…
starting from $49.89i
(587 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of Optimus GPS Tracking GL300+OMMC1 GPS tracker
GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Twin Magnet Casei
  • SIM Card and Data Plan Included - FCC, PTCRB Certified Unit - Coverage for USA
  • Email and Text Message Alerts for Movement, Speeding, Leaving or Entering Areas,…
  • IPhone and Android App for Easy and Fast Tracking - Special Routing Feature for…
starting from $59.95i
(118 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of LandAirSea Systems 5400 GPS tracker
LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount Real Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicle, Personal and Asset Tracking. SIM Included. Monthly Subscription Requiredi
  • **IMPORTANT! Domestic Use Only (USA). Global compatibility available via alternative…
  • Includes AT&T SIM with Unlimited Data and Unlimited Access to our Tracking Servers.…
  • Text & email alerts | geofencing | driver behavior & location reporting | historical…
starting from $49.95i
(1007 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of Tile Inc EC-15002 GPS tracker
Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery - 2 packi
  • Battery life: Replaceable CR2032 battery is guaranteed for one year from activation.…
  • Activate Community Find: If your Tile Pro is faraway, let other Tile community members…
  • Find your phone: Can't find your phone? Simply double press the Tile button on your…
starting from $44.00i
(950 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of JUNEO 4330271730 GPS tracker
TKSTAR Hidden Vehicles GPS Tracker, Waterproof Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker Anti Theft Alarm Car Tracking Device Strong Magnet For Motorcycle Trucks Support Android and IOS TK905i
  • ★【Not Include SIM Card】:Not include SIM:Our device only support GSM(2G) network,Pls…
  • ★【Anti-Thieft Multi-Funtion】:Vibration alert,Geo Fence, Overspeed Alert, Low…
  • ★【No Installation Required:】:With a strong magnet, the device can be mounted…
starting from $42.98i
(163 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of Kimfly 7545893994 GPS tracker
GPS Tracker, Kimfly Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Locator GF19i
  • Long battery life: The GPS tracker has a built-in 600 mA lithium-ion battery, Net…
  • History memory: Within 3 months, you can review and play back the route history of…
  • Electronic Fence (Geo-Fence): If you set a geo-fence so that the device limits its…
starting from $29.95i
(91 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of Whistle Labs, Inc 100-30502-01 GPS tracker
Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Greyi
  • Subscription required: Whistle is both a device and service. The subscription Plan…
  • Durable & waterproof: Built to survive every swim with your pet! Waterproof for up…
  • Long battery life: lasts up to 7 days! Battery life depends on your pet's activity,…
starting from $74.95i
(4239 reviews)
Buy nowi
Image of Amcrest 7545893980 GPS tracker
Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker - Portable Mini Hidden Real-Time GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles, Cars, Kids, Persons, Assets w/Geo-Fencing, Text/Email/Push Alerts, 14 Day Batteryi
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & SUPPORT - IMPORTANT - This device is configured to work in the…
  • BUILT TO LAST - EXTENDED BATTERY - This Amcrest 4G GPS Tracker is built to last with…
  • GEO-FENCING, SMART ALERTS & REPORTS - Create custom geo-fencing zones that alert…
starting from $39.99i
(54 reviews)
Buy nowi
TOP 10
Image of Agnik VYNCSLINK-001 GPS tracker
GPS Tracker Vyncs No Monthly Fee OBD, Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracking Trips Free 1 Year Data Plan Teen Unsafe Driving Alert Engine Data Fleet Monitoring Fuel Report Optional Roadside (Black, 2.56)i
  • GLOBAL SUPPORT: This North American model works in Barbados, Belize, Bermuda (UK),…
  • WHY VYNCS? HIGHLY RATED: 760+ great reviews and near 100% 5 star seller feedback.…
  • ALL THE DRIVER AND VEHICLE ALERTS YOU NEED. Geofence zones, street address for start/stop…
starting from $78.93i
(1094 reviews)
Buy nowi

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