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Review10Best compares the best washing machines and nominates the one from Giantex as the best washing machine. In our washing machines review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different washing machines and follow our recommendation on which washing machine to buy in 2019. With the washing machine comparison, you can be sure to buy the best washing machine on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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washing machines: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great washing machine

Picture of a washing machine

Buying the best washing machine possible is always worthwhile. Not only does it provide quality cleaning time and time again, but will last many years of frequent use. However, given the wide selection of washing machines available, knowing which one to buy is often difficult. Check the buying guide below how to choose the best washing machines:

What are washing machines?

A washing machine is a household appliance used to clean laundry. They work by using a mixture of water and laundry detergent to clean laundry, continually spinning them in a drum until they are washed clean. The best washing machines also come with a range of features, including various temperature settings, different spin modes, rotation speed settings, and even pre-programmed settings for common laundry loads.

Why should you buy a good washing machine?

A washing machine is one of the most helpful appliances to have in the home. Everyone has laundry that requires cleaning, so without a washing machine, you will need to take the time and effort to go to a self-service laundry store or a shared laundry room.

Better still, buying a high-efficiency washing machine is very recommended. These machines use less power so are cheaper to operate, keeping bills down while still cleaning laundry to a high standard.

Another picture of a washing machine
How to choose the right washing machine?

Choosing the best washing machine isn’t the easiest process, especially if you haven’t done so for a while. Here are some things to consider when looking to buy a washing machine:

  • Capacity: The bigger a washing machines capacity the more laundry it can do in a single cycle. This is quite important for those with lots of laundries, such as a large family. However, the larger capacity the bigger the machine is.
  • Size: Always ensure you have measured the space where the washing machine will be installed to ensure it fits properly. Machines with larger capacities are going to be bigger as well, so take this into consideration if upgrading your washing machine.
  • Energy Rating: All new washing machines come with an energy rating system, and those with the highest ratings are the most energy efficient. So, buying a washing machine with a good energy rating is always recommended. It will consume less energy to operate, saving money and being environmentally friendly. The best washing machines come with the highest energy ratings, although they tend to cost more because of the advanced technology that makes them so efficient.
What is the best kind of washing machine?

There are several types of washing machines available, any of which may be suitable for your needs:

  • Freestanding Washing Machines: The most popular type of washing machine, freestanding machines are easy to install, requiring a connection to a drain and power source. Featuring a frontloaded designed, they’re available in many sizes so finding a suitable capacity is easy enough. Perhaps the best all-round washing machine, freestanding machines usually feature the best energy ratings.
  • Integrated Washing Machines: Much the same as a freestanding washing machine but with a door panel cover, an integrated washing machine remains hidden from sight in a kitchen. The door matches the units in the kitchen, making it more discreet. Other than that, it follows the same frontloaded design as other washing machines, although they are generally smaller, i.e. great for anyone short on space.
  • Top-loading Washing Machines: Not as common as they once were, top-loading washing machines feature a door at the top of the unit rather than the front. They are much narrower than freestanding machines, although their design means they shouldn’t be stored beneath a countertop unless they can wheel out.
…are you ready for our top picks?

Top 10 list of washing machines (September 2019)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their washing machines rank and which washing machine is the best.
Top choicei TOP 1
Image of Giantex EP22757 washing machine
Giantex 16lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine Gravity Drain Compact Twin Tub Washer Spinner, Ideal for Dorms, Apartments, RVs, Campingi
  • No Installation Needed with An Easy Operation SystemThis product has straight forward…
  • Portable and Flexible UsageThis Giantex mini washing machine is easy to carry and…
  • Economic and Practical Purpose This mini washing machine has a washing capacity rating…
starting from $92.99i
(324 reviews)i
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Value deali TOP 2
Image of Kelaro KSSWHE-144-2 washing machine
Premium Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses with 90 Degree Elbow, 12 Ft Burst Proof (2 Pack) Red and Blue Striped Water Connection Inlet Supply Lines - Lead Free ...i
  • LEAD FREE AB 1953, Grade 304 Stainless Steel, PVC Core. BRASS nuts, ferrules and…
  • WIDE OPENING ALLOWS WASHERS TO FILL 50% FASTER than other leading brands on Amazon-…
  • BURST PROOF Washer Hose Design and 5 YEAR WARRANTY - The BEST WARRANTY on Amazon
starting from $27.97i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Camco 20788 washing machine
Camco 20788 Low Profile Washing Machine Drain Pan with PVC Fittingi
  • Low lip design allows for clearance when opening pedestal drawers
  • 1"-1.5" PVC drain
  • For Front-Loading machines
starting from $32.57i
(0 reviews)
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Image of StoreBound LP001WHT washing machine
The Laundry POD, Whitei
  • Portable for Camping, College, Boating, RVing, Apartments and more
  • All you need is to fill about 6 liters of water and 1.5 teaspoon of laundry dete…
  • Easy to use spinning, washing and draining system, clean clothes in less than 10…
starting from $59.99i
(0 reviews)
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of KUPPET 1040602800#kuus washing machine
Portable Washing Machine, Kuppet 10lbs Compact Mini Washer, Wash&Spin Twin Tub Durable Design to Wash All your Laundry or Swim Suit for Apartments, Dorms, RV Camping (Blue)i
  • Capacity & SpecificationsTotal capacity is 10lbs, washer:5.5 lbs, spin cycle:4.5…
  • Easy OperationKUPPET washing machine allows you to simply put in your load of clothes,…
  • Timer ControlOur washing machine has separate timer control settings for washer and…
starting from $71.99i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Muellery TYBrushCleaner_191951086295 washing machine
Muellery Makeup Brush Cleaner Device Automatic Cleaning Washing Machine Mini Toy (1pcs, Pink)i
  • Caution : Please order from Muellery "Prime" or you will receive the fake…
starting from $10.98i
(0 reviews)
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Image of Think Gizmos TG23 washing machine
Portable Washing Machine TG23 - Twin Tub Washer Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected)i
  • Everything needed for the machine to work is included (except water and detergent).…
  • Simple to use simply add clothes, water and detergent and set the machine to wash.…
  • The wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes on either a soft or normal wash and the spin…
no Price availablei
(302 reviews)i
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Image of SUPER DEAL SD1011 washing machine
SUPER DEAL Upgraded Portable Full-Automatic Washing Machine Spacious Load Compact Washer - Built-in Drain Pump and Long Hose (Pro)i
  • Built To Last - Constructed of High-density plastic body + Aluminum pump + Upgraded…
  • Loooong Power Cord & Hoses - Some people have no space to use the washer in…
  • Surprisingly Spacious Load - With a large wash capacity,the SUPER DEAL Compact Automatic…
starting from $177.59i
(0 reviews)
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Image of KUPPET 1040603300#kuus1 washing machine
Portable Washing Machine, KUPPET 17lbs Compact Twin Tub Wash&Spin Combo for Apartment, Dorms, RVs, Camping and More, White&Browni
  • Washing Capacity & SpecificationsTotal capacity:16.5lbs(washer:16lbs,spin cycle:5.5lbs).…
  • Drain out EasilyGravity drainage drains dirty water by more longer drainage tube…
  • Timer Control & Powerful PerformanceSeparate timer control for wash and spin…
starting from $98.49i
(0 reviews)
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TOP 10
Image of P&G 10037000850592 washing machine
Tide Washing Machine Cleaner 5 Counti
  • Works on both high efficiency and non-high efficiency machines
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Perfect purchase for a gift
starting from $10.29i
(0 reviews)
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