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The 10 best ballpoint pens to buy in the UK

Picture of a ballpoint pen

The ballpoint pen is a quintessential piece of stationary. The world’s most used writing tool, millions of ballpoint pens are made and sold every day, so it’s safe to say everyone needs to buy them at some stage.

However, finding the best ballpoint pen isn’t always easy. Yes, you can just go for the cheapest option available, but this means just means you will have to replace them soon. Buying the best ballpoint pens can make life much easier and even improve handwriting, so it’s certainly worth buying quality products.

What are ballpoint pens?

The ballpoint pen is a type of pen where the ink is released over a metal ball point. Viewed as a vast improvement over fountain pens due to their reliability and affordable price, ballpoint pens are now the most used writing instrument in the world.

Why should you buy a good ballpoint pen?

The best ballpoint pens aren’t that expensive and can make writing so much easier. Their ink dries quickly so smudging is reduced, unlike with fountain or gel pens, while it’s a hassle-free product that doesn’t need to be refilled and can be easily replaced.

Simply put, anyone that needs to write something down in pen will be better served using a good ballpoint pen.

How to choose the right ballpoint pen in 2024?

Another picture of a ballpoint pen

Choosing the best ballpoint pen shouldn’t be too difficult once you know what to look for. Here are some things to consider when looking for a great ballpoint pen:

  • Purpose: Knowing the main purpose of the pen makes it much easier to choose one. For example, if you’re using them for notetaking at work or school, then you may require a range of colours, while those using a pen in an outdoor workplace may require a more durable product that can handle being dropped.
  • Style: Standard ballpoint pens feature a basic style which is more than fine for most uses. However, if you’re giving a pen as a gift or enjoy using a quality feeling pen, then you may prefer to choose a stylish high-end ballpoint pen.
  • Comfort: Not all ballpoint pens are comfortable to use, which can become quite irritating for anyone that writes a lot. You want to get a ballpoint pen that isn’t too heavy or cumbersome to use, so be sure to look at the overall shape and size to determine how comfortable it is. There are even ergonomic pens designed for comfortable use.

What is the best kind of ballpoint pen in the UK?

There are a few types of ballpoint pens available, any of which you may find useful. Some of the most common types of ballpoint pen include:

  • Disposable Ballpoint Pens: Designed to be used until the ink runs out, after which they are disposed of. One of the most widely available types of ballpoint pen, they are cheap and easy to use, although some are susceptible to leaking and breaking if not handled with enough care.
  • Refillable Ballpoint Pens: As the name suggests, this type of ballpoint can be refilled with an ink reservoir, while some can replace the ballpoint as well. Tend to be found in high-end, designer style ballpoint pens.
  • Rollerball Pen: Using the same basic mechanics as a ball point pen, the main difference with a rollerball is that the ink used is water-based rather than oil-based. They can offer a better flow when writing, but also can blot more when held against the surface for too long.
  • Multi Ballpoint Pens: These types of pens have multiple functions, such as a selection of different colours or various ballpoint thicknesses, while some also things like highlighters or a stylus.

Top 10 list of ballpoint pens in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their ballpoint pens. Which ballpoint pen is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Zebra Pen 2438 ballpoint pen
ZEBRA Pen Z Grip Smooth Black Ballpoint Pens, Comfortable ZEBRA Pens…
  • EXPLORE YOUR CREATIVITY: At ZEBRA, we guarantee quality, satisfaction and ultimate…
  • INCREDIBLE VALUE: These Black Pens are part of your essential office supplies, and…
  • RELIABLE EVERYDAY WRITING: The writing pens that make up this pens multipack deliver…
Offer TOP 2
Image of PARKER 2096873 ballpoint pen
Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen | Classic Black Finish | Medium…
  • Fitted with Quinkflow ballpoint refill for optimal ink flow and a smooth writing…
  • Ultra resistant scratch-free plastic body
  • Signature retractable design opens and closes with a satisfying click
Image of PARKER 2172961 ballpoint pen
Parker IM Monochrome Ballpoint Pen | Gun Metal Finish and Trims |…
  • Presented in a Parker gift box with refills, it is also a sophisticated gift for…
  • Click-action ballpoint tip and reliable Quinkflow Ink deliver smooth, consistent…
  • Exclusive PVD trims offer superior wear and corrosion resistance, as well as a distinctive…
Image of Waterman S0920470 ballpoint pen
Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint Pen | Stainless Steel with Chrome Trim…
  • Presented in a premium dark blue Waterman gift box; ideal for marking momentous…
  • Meticulously crafted in France to enhance your signature style
  • Skilfully constructed ballpoint tip produces flawless lines that dry quickly, giving…
Image of Scriveiner SVRB00002 ballpoint pen
Scriveiner Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen - Stunning Luxury Pen with…
  • BUY WITH TOTAL CONFIDENCE – Incredible customer service and money back guarantee.…
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – Whether for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's…
Image of Paper Mate 2027751 ballpoint pen
Paper Mate Flexgrip Ultra Retractable Ballpoint Pens | Medium Point…
  • Stainless steel accented tip for a stylish appearance; available in black, blue,…
  • Versatile 1.0mm medium point creates bold, well-defined lines
  • Smooth, consistent ink flow for effortless writing
Image of PARKER 1953182 ballpoint pen
Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen | Stainless Steel with Golden Trim | Medium…
  • Packaged in a distinctive PARKER gift box
  • Fitted with Quinkflow ballpoint refill for optimal ink flow and a smooth writing…
  • Signature retractable design opens and closes with a satisfying click
Image of PARKER 1931524 ballpoint pen
Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen | Matte Black Lacquer with Palladium Trim…
  • Packaged in a PARKER premium gift box
  • Available in a range of beautiful designs and finishes
  • Hand assembled and checked for flawless quality
Image of PARKER 221122 ballpoint pen
PARKER -"Jotter" ballpoint pen with Velvet Pouch in gift…
  • Size: 1 count Pack of 1
  • Brand: PARKER
  • Product type: WRITING INSTRUMENT
TOP 10
Image of Zebra Pen 67002582 ballpoint pen
ZEBRA Pen Z Grip Black Pens Ballpoint, Super Trendy Rose Gold Ballpoint…
  • EXPLORE YOUR CREATIVITY: At Zebra, we guarantee quality, satisfaction and ultimate…
  • RELIABLE & VERSATILE: These Black Ballpoint Pens will keep you going whatever…
  • RELIABLE EVERYDAY WRITING: The writing pens that make up this pens multipack deliver…
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