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The 10 best belt sanders to buy in the UK

Picture of a belt sander

The best belt sanders will make short work of tough and large surface areas, so it’s a great tool to have for anyone planning on extensive renovations or some ongoing DIY projects around the home. However, choosing the right belt sander can be challenging if you are unsure of what you need, with all kinds of considerations to be made before you choose anything.

To help with the buying process, check out the handy guide below, which covers all the useful information you need to find the best belt sander for your needs.

What are belt sanders?

A belt sander, also called a strip sander, is a type of power tool used to sand and strip materials, most commonly wood. It features a large electric motor that rotates two large drums attached with sandpaper, providing a continuous loop for fast and efficient sanding.

Why should you buy a good belt sander?

A good belt sander is the most powerful sanding tool available, making it ideal for all kinds of tasks around the home and workshop. Whether you are a DIY fanatic or have some renovation projects at home, a quality belt sander is highly recommended as it provides unrivalled power, making it ideal for those harder surfaces. Moreover, because the tool is large and powerful, it makes short work of large surface areas. This allows to you effectively sand and shape materials much quicker compared to using smaller sanding tools.

How to choose the right belt sander in 2024?

Another picture of a belt sander

Here are some things to think about to help you choose the best belt sanders:

  • Size: Belt sanders come in different sizes and the larger the sanding strip the more surface area it covers in a single pass, so always check the size and consider if it is suitable for your needs. The two most common sizes are 3 x 21” and 4 x 24”, the latter being the largest available and recommended for tasks that involve a massive surface area, like a countertop or door.
  • Stationary or Handheld: Belt sanders are available as both stationary and handheld tools, each one offering their own advantages. Stationary sanders are secured in place and the materials are brought to the machine, reducing portability but offering a much larger belt, making it ideal for bigger projects that require lots of sanding. Handheld sanders are perfect for odd jobs around the home, with portability making them a versatile tool. You can sand, smoothen, and trim all kinds of surfaces as needed, with the tool being suitable for use on various types of materials.
  • Speed Settings: The best belt sanders come with variable speed settings, allowing you to adjust the speed of the belt to suit different requirements. Having high-speed settings is useful because you make fewer passes so save a lot of time, making it especially handy when working on large surface areas. Lower speeds are necessary though, as some surfaces require a different rate of grind, so don’t overlook the importance of having variable speed settings.

What is the best kind of belt sander in the UK?

There several types of belt sanders available to buy:

  • Stationary Belt Sanders: Also known as a benchtop sander, this type of sander is bolted in place with the materials brought to the machine for sanding. While less mobile and portable, stationary sanders come with bigger belt sizes so are the best option for working on large surface areas.
  • Handheld Belt Sanders: This type of belt sander is portable like most other power tools, offering more flexibility than its stationary counterpart. Available in both corded and cordless designs, this type of sander is recommended for most DIY projects and odd jobs around the house, thus being suitable for a wide array of tasks.

Top 10 list of belt sanders in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their belt sanders. Which belt sander is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of TOUGH MASTER TM-BS76E belt sander
Belt Sander 800W with 5 Sanding Belts Electric Sander with Dust Bag,…
  • EXTRA SANDING BELTS: This sander has all the accessories you need to get your sanding…
  • VERSATILE FUNCTION: If you need even more precise control during specific sanding…
  • SAFE, COMFORTABLE USE: This TOUGH MASTER sander is equipped with a filtered dust…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Einhell TC_BS 8038 belt sander
Einhell TC_BS 8038 TC-BC 8038 E Belt Sander | Strip Sander With Tool-Free…
  • Includes 1 sanding belt
  • Dust extraction system and dust bag
  • Exact belt position with precision adjustment
Image of Makita 9404 belt sander
Makita 9404/2 240V 100mm Belt Sander
  • Double insulation
  • Connectable to Makita vacuum cleaner
  • Belt dimension 100mm x 610mm
Image of Bosch 06032A1070 belt sander
Bosch Home and Garden Belt Sander PBS 75 A (710 W, in carton packaging),…
  • Compact design, improved manageability and handling of the tool
  • Can also be used for stationary work. Robust housing – high quality and stability…
  • Manual belt alignment is not required as the belt is automatically held in the correct…
Image of Jellas BS650 belt sander
Jellas Belt Sander, 2 in 1 Bench & Belt Sander, 75x457mm Belt…
  • 3. Avoid applying too much pressure to the belt as it may damage the pad and the…
  • 2. Adjust the tracking adjustment knob to align the belt to the center of the ro…
  • 1. Wear a mask, earmuffs, and eye mask.
Image of Evolution Power Tools 062-0001 belt sander
Evolution Power Tools Precision File Sander Electric Thin Belt Sander…
  • TWO INTERCHANGABLE HEADS: A single wheel head for tackling flat surfaces and a double…
  • SLIM-LINE DESIGN: Lightweight and portable, perfect for use in tight areas
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL: Provides iotimum control from 300-1700 rpm
Image of VARUN 6500413 belt sander
Clarke CS4-6E Belt and Disc Sander
  • Supplied with removable sanding table (225 x 160mm) for use with two sanding belts…
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction for rigidity and long life - 60mm dust extraction…
  • Safety features include fingers on belt, guard and complete disc locking system on/off…
Image of Static Arc  belt sander
375W Electric Belt & DISC Sander LINISHER Bench TOP Woodwork Plastic…
  • Rated power: 375W; No-load speed: 1450rpm; Table tilt range: 0-45°; Belt tilt…
  • Fitted with flexible power cable and 13A UK plug; 1 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Mitre gauge to adjust bevel angle; Switch cover to protect from dust and debris;…
Image of Silverline 247820 belt sander
Silverline 247820 260W Power Belt File 13 mm 260W UK , Blue
  • Ideal for sanding, deburring, weld descaling & shaping mortices & wooden…
  • For intricate sanding in difficult-to-access areas
  • Quick belt tensioning system
TOP 10
Image of Makita 9403 belt sander
Makita 9403/2 240V 100mm Belt Sander
  • Double insulation
  • Belt dimension 100mm x 610mm
  • Cord located on the upper part of the handle for user convenience
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