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The 10 best calculators to buy in the UK

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A calculator is necessary for solving various mathematic problems, being used by both professionals and students. However, with a wide selection of products offering different functions, knowing what the best calculator is for your needs can be rather difficult.

Check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need:

What are calculators?

A calculator is a small electronic device used to make calculations. This can vary from basic arithmetic to complex mathematics, resulting in a wide range of devices designed for specific functions.

Why should you buy a good calculator?

The best calculators make it much easier to perform both basic and complex calculations, making them an incredible useful device for many. For instance, students studying maths at any level with need a suitable calculator, while others use them for making quick and accurate calculations to help with work, budgeting, etc.

How to choose the right calculator in 2024?

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Choosing the right calculator isn’t always easy, so it helps to know what you need from the device. Here are some things to consider:

  • Purpose: One of the easiest ways to find a suitable calculator is to consider why you need it. For instance, if you have an exam or coursework to study, then you will likely need a scientific or graphing calculator. Those that need one for doing arithmetic should be fine with a more basic handheld calculator, while anyone that needs a calculator for their business may benefit from financial calculators that print off documents.
  • Budget: Advanced calculators that offer a range of functions tend to cost a lot more than a basic pocket calculator, so it may help to set yourself a budget. Graphing calculators in particular are rather expensive but may be necessary, so it’s often a good idea to shop around for the best deal possible. Consider buying second hand if you are on a tight budget.
  • Power Source: Many great calculators don’t come with batteries, rather using solar power to operate. While this is environmentally friendly and much cheaper, it can be unreliable in some cases. This isn’t much of a problem for most users, but anyone buying a calculator for an exam should consider a device with a backup battery to ensure it doesn’t die when they need it most!

What is the best kind of calculator in the UK?

There are many types of calculators to choose from, all of which serve various purposes. Some of the most widely used calculators include:

  • Handheld Calculator: The standard calculator that most are familiar with, they come with basic functions that allow the user to add, multiply, subtract, and divide. They can vary in size while some include additional functions such as calculating square roots.
  • Scientific Calculator: Scientific calculators can do a variety of calculations, including statistics, algebra, conversions, and many other mathematical equations. This type of calculator is the most widely used type among students and professionals working in various fields that need to solve complex calculations.
  • Graph Calculator: The most advanced type of calculator, graph calculators come with an incredible range of functions. They include lager screens for displaying graphs, formulas and equations, and are designed for use in advanced maths and science courses, along with professionals working in engineering and science fields. Because of their advanced technology, graph calculators aren’t the cheapest to buy.
  • Financial Calculator: The best calculators for running small businesses, they are designed to quickly process data and provide results that are easy to understand. Their functions are based around calculating finances, such as net spend, cost sell margins, etc. Both students and professionals working/studying in financial fields require this type of calculator.

Top 10 list of calculators in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their calculators. Which calculator is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Casio MX-12B-WE-W-EC calculator
New Casio MX-12 Desk Calculator 12-digit Display
  • 3 Digit Comma markers
  • 3-Key Memory
  • Percentage Calculation
Offer TOP 2
Image of Bimormat BB-1122-CB calculator
Bimormat Desktop Calculators Solar & Battery Power 12 Digit Large…
  • MULTIPOPULATION APPLICABILITYThis basic desktop calculator is designed for a wide…
  • FOUR-POINT NON-SLIP BASEThe bottom of this basic calculator adopts four-point silicone…
  • COMFORTABLE ANGLE & LARGE DISPLAY:The Calculator is designed with a raised head,…
Image of EMPIRE TRADING & COMMERCE EMP-DC-001 calculator
Empire Desk Calculator with Large Key Buttons, 12 Digits, Large Eye-Angled…
  • QUALITY ASSURED + 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We strive to create products that stand out from…
  • LARGE KEYS: The large keys make typing comfortable with high sensitivity for a smooth…
  • DUAL POWERED: Battery and solar. The competitive advantage of uninterruptible power…
Image of hzzycer H1-1 calculator
Desk Calculator, 12 Digit Office Calculator with Large Display and…
  • Basic Calculator - Add, subtract, multiply, divide, backspace, % and MU. It perfects…
  • Practical 12 Digits Calculator - 12 digits make the calculator most useful for large…
  • Sensitive and Big Buttons - The calculators adopt scientific big button design in…
Image of Aitvsfao Calculators Blue01 calculator
Desk Calculator, 12-Digit Dual Solar Battery Calculators with Large…
  • Anti-Slip: The bottom of large desk calculator adopts two anti-slip silicone mat,…
  • 12 Digits Standard Function Desktop Calculator: The general purpose calculators…
  • Big Button & Response Quickly: The calculators adopts a scientific large button…
Image of AURORA HC133 calculator
Aurora HC133 Handheld Calculator (Ideal for Primary School Use)
  • Solar powered with battery backup
  • Large keypad for easy entry
  • Large numerals for easy viewing
Image of HIHUHEN Calculator-C calculator
Calculators HIHUHEN Large Calculator Solar & Battery Power 12…
  • Big ABS plastic button, offer accurate positioning and comfortable texture, support…
  • Auto shut-down in 8min if no further operation.
  • Support +/-(negative)%√ calculation; Rounding off & decimal place setting;…
Image of Rebell RE-PANTHER 8 BX calculator
Rebell Panther 8 Desktop Calculator, Black
  • Quality product
  • basic math functions
  • 4 key memory
Image of Septo Septo calculator
Desk Calculator, 12-Digit Solar Battery Office Calculator with Large…
  • Basic Calculator - Add, subtract, multiply, divide, backspace, % and MU. Auto-off…
  • Big Buttons: The electronic desktop calculator adopts a scientific large button design,…
  • Desk Calculator with Large Display: 12-digit display and large numbers, easy to…
TOP 10
Image of Casio FX-83GTCW-W-UT calculator
New Casio FX-83GTCW Black Scientific Calculator
  • Other models to consider: The Casio fx-85GT CW provides the same features and functions…
  • 3yr Warranty included
  • Clip-on on protective hard cover included
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