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The 10 best document scanners to buy in the UK

Picture of a document scanner

The best document scanners let you digitise countless documents in no time at all, making it a worthwhile investment for both businesses and individuals. With this device you can scan and copy all types of documents for digital storage, making them easier to access while reducing your reliance on filing cabinets.

However, choosing a document scanner is difficult if you don’t know what you need, as there are a few considerations to be made that will influence what device is best for your needs. To help with this process, we’ve created a handy buying guide that covers all the info you need to know to find the best document scanner.

What are document scanners?

A document scanner is a type of optical scanner device used to convert a physical document into a digital file. By scanning documents into a digital format, the files can be stored on an external HDD and become much easier to access on a computer system. Moreover, using an encrypted folder on the computer is generally more secure than being stored in a filing cabinet.

Why should you buy a good document scanner?

A good document scanner is an excellent investment for any business. You can use the device to convert all paper documents into a digital file, which are easier to access on a computer compared to manually grabbing from a filing cabinet. Documents also more secure when stored on computers, eliminating the risk of them becoming irretrievable due to an error or stolen. Still, you should consider using encrpytion.

How to choose the right document scanner in 2024?

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Finding the best document scanner can be difficult if you do not know what you need. Here are some things to look out for in a good document scanner:

  • Scanning Requirements: Always consider what type of documents you are scanning to ensure that you choose a suitable scanner. For example, if you only need to scan text documents and receipts then any scanner can do this, but only certain types can convert photos as well, so if this is part of your scanning requirements make sure to find a compatible scanner.
  • Document Volume: Consider the volume of documents that need to be scanned and use this to help find a suitable device. For instance, if you are infrequently scanning a few documents each week then a basic model should be fine, but if you are digitising years of documents then you need a device that can handle high volumes of scanning.
  • OCR: The best document scanners use optical character recognition (OCR), which allows the computer to easily read the contents of the document. This makes searching, organising, and formatting digital files more streamlined, saving time and effort manually searching the scanned files.
  • Operating System: Make sure the scanner you buy is compatible with your computer’s operating system. For example, most document scanners work with Windows OS but not all work with Mac OS, so always check the compatibility with your own OS. Many scanners can use software to increase compatibility, although often at the cost of speed and performance.

What is the best kind of document scanner in the UK?

Here are a few popular types of document scanners that are currently available:

  • Flatbed Document Scanners: This type of scanner is great for home use, being suitable for scanning lower volumes of documents. You place the document on the flat glass inside the scanner, which then scans the contents and uploads them.
  • Sheetfed Document Scanners: A sheetfed document scanner draws the document in from a tray and moves it across the sensor to scan before ejecting to the other side. It’s great for higher volumes of scanning as you can leave several documents in the tray and it will automatically scan them without needing your presence.
  • Portable Document Scanners: Portable scanners are handheld devices used to scan documents on the go. Popular amongst people travelling for work, the portability does sacrifice some scanning quality but they can efficiently scan a wide array of documents like paper files, receipts, and invoices.

Top 10 list of document scanners in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their document scanners. Which scanner is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Canon LiDE 300 document scanner
Canon LiDE 300 Colour Flatbed Scanner - Black
  • One button for perfection
  • Impressive quality
  • Rapid results
Image of ScanSnap PA03820-B401 document scanner
ScanSnap iX1600 White Document Scanner - Desktop, Double Sided with…
  • Image Processing Functions - Automatic: Size Detection, Colour Detection, Cropping,…
  • Device Dimensions - (Height x Width x Depth) : 292 mm x 161 mm x 152 mm, 11.50"…
  • Included Software - ScanSnap Home, ScanSnap Manager, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap,…
Offer TOP 3
Image of BROTHER DS-640 document scanner
Brother DS-640 Document Scanner, USB 3.0, DSMobile, Portable, 15PPM,…
  • For DIN A4, receipts, business cards, ID documents, etc. Note: The product is not…
  • Numerous software options for image enhancement.
  • Lightweight at only 466 g.
Image of Canon P-208II document scanner
Canon P-208II Portable A4 Document Scanner, USB Mobile Document Scanner…
  • System ram type: ddr3_sdram
  • Note: Auto Start switch on the back of the scanner is set to OFF. Connect the scanner…
  • Mac and Windows compatible
Image of Epson B11B252401 document scanner
Epson WorkForce ES-50 A4 Portable Document Scanner, Black
  • SmartScan Software: With Epson ScanSmart software, scans can easily be saved and…
  • Flexible: Scanner can handle a range of media types, paper stocks from 35gsm to 270gsm…
  • Fast Scanning Speed: The WorkForce ES-50 can scan at a rate of just 5.5 seconds per…
Image of Epson B11B268401 document scanner
Epson Perfection V39 II Photo and Document Scanner, Black
  • Integrated stand for upright scanning - Save space on your desk or counter top
  • Power and connectivity via Micro USB - No need for mains powered ac adapter or separate…
  • High resolution 4800dpi scanning - Produce high-quality photo and document scans
Image of BROTHER ADS-1700W document scanner
Brother ADS-1700W Document Scanner, Wireless/USB 3.0, Compact, Desktop,…
  • INDUSTRY LEADING SOFTWARE: Bundled with a valuable suite of scanning software, including…
  • SECURE FUNCTION LOCK: Restrict functions to specific users. Sensitive and personal…
  • ZERO-TOUCH SCANNING: Auto-start scan technology allows documents to scan automatically…
Image of PAKOTOO KB-700 document scanner
PAKOTOO 8MP USB Visualiser & Document Camera for Teacher and Classroom…
  • Plug and play, high compatibility: Visualiser classroom is suitable for Windows PC…
  • USB Visualiser with autofocus: 2448P high-definition document camera, press the focus…
  • Visualiser for teaching with Foldable: Embedded design, takes up little space after…
Image of bamboosang X3-new document scanner
Bamboosang Portable Document Scanner X3: High Definition 8MP Document…
  • [Easy to use] As a carefully designed desktop cameras, it is very easy for the users…
  • [Excellent Design] The bamboosang document reader is small size, easy-collapsible…
  • [NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MAC] The software for documents scanning is not compatible with…
TOP 10
Image of Doxie DX400 document scanner
Doxie Pro DX400 - Document Scanner and Receipt Scanner For Home and…
  • [Legendary Doxie Satisfaction] We back all of our products with a 1-year warranty,…
  • [No-Fuss Software] Doxie's smart software has an intuitive interface to import,…
  • [Works Where You Work] Compact footprint that respects your home, office, or home…
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