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The 10 best dog treats to buy in the UK

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Pet owners always want the best dog treats for the four-legged friend but with so many products to choose from, finding the right treat for your dog can be tricky. While dogs will eat most treats you, it’s important to choose something healthy while also considering whether it serves another purpose such as training or dental hygiene.

To help find something, check out this handy guide for all info you need to get the best and healthiest dog treats for your pet.

What are dog treats?

Dog treats are small edible snacks for dogs. Perhaps best known as dog biscuits, treats have now expanded into a wide range of foods, although they typically contain a similar combination of meat-based protein, fibre, fats and carbohydrates. The best dog treats offer nutritional value and lack too many fats and preservatives, although many aren’t the healthiest for a dog - much the same as human treats!

Why should you buy a good dog treat?

Every dog deserves a few treats throughout the day, giving plenty of reason to buy some tasty snacks for them. They are a great way to reward a dog’s good behaviour and to help with various types of training through positive reinforcement, while some can serve additional purposes such as helping to clean the dog’s teeth.

How to choose the right dog treat in 2024?

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Here are some things to think about when looking for the best dog biscuits:

  • Ingredients: Always try to choose dog treats with a healthy balance of ingredients, mainly protein, carbs, fibre, and some fats. Try to avoid anything with too many additives and flavourings, opting for natural ingredients whenever possible, and try to limit the fat and sugar content of any treat.
  • Purpose: While all treats are a welcome reward for any dog, consider whether you need them for something else. For example, many dog biscuits help improve dental hygiene, some promote healthier joints, and most can be used for training - although some are better than others for this.
  • Calories: Always check the calorie content of treats and make sure that the amount you give the dog each day only counts for 10% of their daily calorie intake. It’s a useful way of working out how healthy the treats are, as those with lower calories are usually made with natural ingredients and little to no preservatives.

What is the best kind of dog treat in the UK?

There are many types of best-selling dog treats that you can buy:

  • Crunchy Dog Treats: Treats with crunchy textures include the classic dog biscuit and various other snacks like cookies and bars. The harder texture of these treats also helps to clean the dog’s teeth, while many have ingredients that promote things like good digestive health and healthy bones and joints.
  • Soft Dog Treats: Also called chewy treats, they have a pleasantly soft texture and flavour that dogs love and are sold in many shapes, sizes, and flavour combinations. They tend to be smaller than biscuits so are popular for training purposes.
  • Meat Dog Treats: These types of treats are usually sourced entirely from meat, including things like meat sticks, jerky, pig ears etc.
  • Dental Dog Treats: While most dog treats are good for dental health, dental treats are much harder and difficult to break down than other types of treat, making them even better for oral hygiene. They are edible but just take a lot of chewing to break down and digestive, which is how they are so good for teeth and gums of your dog.

Top 10 list of dog treats in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their dog treats. Which dog treat is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Extra Select 01SBT15 dog treat
Extra Select Marrowbone Rolls Dog Treat Biscuits in a 3ltr Bucket…
  • Come in handy re-usable tub
  • Another new biscuit line to add to the extra select range
  • Perfect snack or treat
Image of Good Boy 5000239555673 dog treat
Good Boy - Tender Beef Fillets - Dog Treats - Made with 100% Natural…
  • RESEALABLE PACKAGING: I’m lovingly packed in a handy, resealable bag for ease…
  • THE PERFECT TREAT: You can break me into small pieces for a tasty bitesize snack…
  • RAWHIDE FREE TREATS: I contain absolutely no rawhide, am ridiculously yummy, super-duper…
Offer TOP 3
Image of Pet Munchies PU1929NET dog treat
Pet Munchies Venison & Beef Liver Dog Training Treats, Grain Free…
  • SEALED WITH A DOG'S APPROVAL: Pet Munchies is a UK based company dedicated to…
  • HEALTHY & JUNK-FREE: Naturally low in fat and salt and wheat and gluten free…
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES: Our venison training treats are suitable for…
Image of Good Boy 5778 dog treat
Armitages Pet Things Good Boy Pawsley & Co Succulent Pigs In Blankets…
  • Pet Things - Fur, Hair, Fins & Feathers!
Image of Pedigree 103428 dog treat
Pedigree Biscrok Multi Mix - Dog Treats - Bone-Shaped Biscuits - 500…
  • Beef dog treats and lamb dog treats with no artificial colours or flavours
  • Treats for dogs with minerals including Calcium to help keep bones strong
  • Dog treats for training with Vitamin E to help support natural defences
Image of Vitakraft  dog treat
  • Vitakraft
  • *new* case of 50 mixed variety vitakraft dog beef sticks 5 flavours soft meaty dog…
  • Article name 120 mm x 10 m damp room system waterproof for tape everbuild aquaseal…
Image of Pedigree 409498 dog treat
Pedigree Schmackos Mega Pack 110 Strips Snacks, Dog Treat Multipack…
  • Items delivered: 790 g multipack of Pedigree Schmackos dog treat strips with beef,…
  • Schmackos treats come with no artificial colours or flavours providing your dog with…
  • Each Schmackos chew has less than 30 calories and includes calcium to help keep your…
Image of Good Boy 5000239556243 dog treat
Good Boy - Chewy Chicken Strips - Dog Treats - Made with 100% Natural…
  • RESEALABLE PACKAGING: I’m lovingly packed in a handy, resealable bag for ease…
  • THE PERFECT TREAT: You can break me into small pieces for a tasty bitesize snack…
  • RAWHIDE FREE TREATS: I contain absolutely no rawhide, am ridiculously yummy, super-duper…
Image of Natures Menu 11NMDTB dog treat
Natures Menu Real Meaty Dog Treats with Beef (12 x 60g)
  • Perfect for reward training
  • Made with 95% real meat
  • Gluten Free
TOP 10
Image of Antos 11AMMTT dog treat
Antos Mini Mix Training Treat Tub Dog, 500 g
  • Tasty snack or reward for being well behaved.
  • Distinctive strong smell that shouts out for attention from your pet.
  • Ideal training aid for your canine friend.
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