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The 10 best foot scrubs to buy in the UK

Picture of a foot scrub

The best foot scrub products let you remove those annoying dry spots that develop on your feet. However, finding the right foot scrub can be difficult when there are so many products to choose from, and each one may work slightly differently depending on the ingredients and your requirements.

To help find the best foot scrubs for your needs, check out the handy buying guide below. It contains all the information you need to know about foot scrubs and how to choose the best one possible!

What are foot scrubs?

A foot scrub is a skincare product applied to the feet to remove build ups of dead skin cells. Most scrubs contain three key ingredients - an exfoliant to remove the dead skin, an emollient to hydrate the skin, and a humectant to help retain moisture. Various ingredients can be used to create this effect, resulting in smoother skin on our feet.

Why should you buy a good foot scrub?

The skin on our feet is often overlooked when it comes to skincare routines, leading to build-ups of dead skin cells that can develop into dry and cracked skin. This is not only unsightly but can become uncomfortable, so by using the best foot scrub you can ensure the skin on your feet remain well-hydrated and free from cracks, calluses, and other skin-related issues.

How to choose the right foot scrub in 2024?

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Finding skincare products can be challenging when there are so many options available, not to mention countless things you need to consider first. To help with the buying process, here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a good foot scrub:

  • Exfoliating Ingredient: Because feet develop harder skin than the rest of the body, we need a tough exfoliant to help remove it. Salt is a good choice for this, as are crushed nut ingredients like almonds or walnuts, all of which are more abrasive so better for scrubbing away dry spots. Sensitive skin may require something less harsh though, with sugars being the best alternative.
  • Moisturisers: Foot scrubs pair exfoliators with a combination of emollients and humectants, which help restore and retain moisture on dry skin. Many options are available for this and most of them are suitable, with common ingredients including coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.
  • Other Ingredients: There are other ingredients you may want to include in your foot scrub, with essential oils offering additional effects that may be beneficial to your skin. For instance, tea tree has anti-bacterial properties that can relieve itchiness, while peppermint oil has cooling properties.

What is the best kind of foot scrub in the UK?

There are quite a few types of foot scrub products to buy, any of which may be ideal for your needs. The most popular foot scrubs include:

  • Salt Foot Scrubs: A salt foot scrub is one of the most popular available, with sea salt used as the main exfoliant. The rough texture of salt makes it fantastic at removing tougher build-ups of dead and dry skin, which is the most common reasons people use foot scrubs, so it’s a great all-rounder suitable for most skin types and conditions.
  • Sugar Foot Scrubs: Sugar scrubs are popular for other parts of the body but less so for a foot scrub. The sugar granules are finer than other exfoliants, making them less effective at removing tough skin commonly found on feet. That said, if your skin isn’t too dry then sugar may be ideal as it won’t be too aggressive on the skin, while its recommended for anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Nut Foot Scrubs: This type of foot scrub uses crushed nuts, usually almonds or walnuts, as the exfoliant. Crushed nuts are highly abrasive so another great option for removing dead skin on feet, although they should be avoided if you have sensitive skin.

Top 10 list of foot scrubs in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their foot scrubs. Which exfoliator is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Kaeso 554127 foot scrub
Kaeso Foot Scrub, Lime and Ginger Tingle, 1200 ml
  • For Professional Salon Use Only.
  • Lime & Ginger Tingle
  • Foot Scrub
Image of HERBORGANIC  foot scrub
HerbOrganic Antibacterial Tea Tree Foot Scrub – 200 g –…
  • Excellence By Virtue Of High Standards – Delivering our customers with superior…
  • 100% Natural Formula – Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, including…
  • Moisturizing and Softening – Treat your feet with love and a powerful blend…
Image of Palmer's 4393-6 foot scrub
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic Scrub, 60g
  • Palmers Foot Magic Scrub 60G
Offer TOP 4
Image of KIND NATURED TOKIN038 foot scrub
KIND NATURED Peppermint & Oat Exfoliating Foot Scrub 150ml
  • KINDNESS AT OUR CORE: Our mission is to hold kindness and compassion at our core,…
  • SUSTAINABLE BATH AND BODY: Kind Natured create sustainable, eco-conscious, natural…
  • NATURAL & 100% VEGAN: Always 100% vegan-friendly and 97% natural. Our foot scrub…
Image of SONGQEE Black foot scrub
Foot Rasp Hard Skin Remover, Dead Skin Remover for Feet, Pedicure…
  • EASY TO CLEAN MICRO BLADE PLATEUnlike the other pedi pedicure tools, no electric…
  • A QUALITY PRODUCT AT A GREAT VALUE PRICEThis File has a very large plane surface…
  • REMOVES HARD SKIN EFFORTLESSLYFoot File Hard Dead Skin Remover for feet, Foot Grater,…
Image of Gehwol 101121101 foot scrub
Gehwol Fusskraft Soft Feet Foot Scrub with Bamboo Jojoba
  • Renews and softens the skin surface.
  • Gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells
Image of CalmGenix  foot scrub
CalmGenix Dead Sea Salts Exfoliating Foot Scrub with Coconut Oil |…
  • LUXURIOUS FOOT SPA GIFT: Use this foot exfoliator scrub to surprise dear friends…
  • EASY TO USE: 1. Wash the area you want to exfoliate with warm water; 2. Apply the…
  • MOISTURISES AND SOFTENS: This all-natural coconut oil and dead sea scrub utilizes…
Image of Kaeso 554119 foot scrub
Kaeso Lime and Ginger Tingle Foot Scrub 250 ml
  • Contains No Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol or Mineral Oil
  • Feet are left feeling softer and smoother
  • The energising combination of Lime and Ginger help to refresh and revitalise while…
Image of whpawh whpawh-01 foot scrub
Foot File Pedicure Set, 30 in 1 Foot Files Foot Care Scrubber Kit…
  • Wide Applications- Foot pedicure set is suitable for both professional and at home…
  • Easy to Use & Store- Foot pedicure kit is portable and lightweight which is easy…
  • Ergonomic Design- Each tool of the professional pedicure kit is designed for special…
TOP 10
Image of Riorre R1 foot scrub
Riorre Professional Foot Files for Hard Skin - Premium 3 in 1 Pedicure…
  • Riorre provides the best exfoliators that let your feet become baby-soft, smooth…
  • The professional foot files are super powerful that works well for both wet and dry…
  • The Foot file rasp handle is made of a non-slip texture which provides extra good…
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