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The 10 best horseback riding helmets to buy in the UK

Picture of a horseback riding helmet

Given that it can save your life, you always want to buy the best horseback riding helmet available. While all helmets offer some degree of protection, you also need to ensure you choose something that suits your size and is comfortable for long periods of riding, otherwise your just wasting your money. So, there are a few considerations you need to make before buying a good horseback riding helmet, which can make the process more challenging for first-time buyers. To help with this, check out the below buying guide, which covers all the information you need to know to find the best horseback riding helmets.

What are horseback riding helmets?

A horseback riding helmet, also called an equestrian helmet, is a type of protective headgear worn when horseback riding. The helmet is designed to protect the skull when riding a horse, which has numerous risks such as accidentally falling off the horse or even being struck in the head by the horse’s hoof.

Why should you buy a good horseback riding helmet?

Whether racing, eventing, show jumping, endurance riding or just taking the horse for a casual ride, you want the best equestrian helmet to ensure you are fully protected, should an accident occur. Similar to wearing bike helmets or ski helmets, horseback riding helmets are always recommended as even the best-trained and most experienced riders can have accidents. Putting their life in danger without adequate protection highlights the importance of proper riding gear like a helmet. In the case of horseback riding, this can be for example falling off or being thrown from the horse.

While not legally required for adults, it is common sense to use a helmet for the best protection possible when riding a horse given the safety risks.

How to choose the right horseback riding helmet in 2024?

Another picture of a horseback riding helmet

There are a few things you need to think about to ensure you find the best horseback riding helmet for your needs:

  • Size: The first thing you need to do is measure your head so you can find a suitable-sized helmet. Without the right fit, the helmet offers little protection, so it is vital to get the correct size, which is easy enough to do. Simply use a measuring tape around the head, placing it just above your eyebrows and ears so that it covers the largest area of the head. Compare this measurement to size guides, which are usually in inches or centimetres, to find the best helmet size.
  • Fit: Always consider the fit of the helmet before buying it. You want the helmet to be snug but not too much that it is uncomfortable, while anything too loose could result in it falling off, so finding a suitable fit is essential. It should sit just above your eyebrows covering the entire forehead without feeling too tight or loose - try shaking your head and if doesn’t move you should be fine.
  • Safety: Given that it is there to prevent serious injury, you want to ensure that the helmet has adequate safety standards in place. Most helmets come with safety standards that highlight the level of protection they offer, although these can vary from each region, so make sure to check what safety standards are included. For example, VGI is the safety standard by European countries, often indicated by a Kitemark or CE symbol.

What is the best kind of horseback riding helmet in the UK?

There are two best-selling types of horseback riding helmets:

  • Classic Riding Helmets: The classic design most are familiar with, this type of horseback riding helmet is the most widely used for recreational riding. It differs from the other type of helmet in that it has a peak, which is essentially a visor that keeps the sun out.
  • Skull Caps: This type of helmet is required for event riding and racing, with the lack of a peak offering improved visibility, making it the slightly safer option. While not essential for recreational riding, many prefer the lower-profile design.

Top 10 list of horseback riding helmets in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their horseback riding helmets. Which horseback riding helmet is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Covalliero 32722 horseback riding helmet
Covalliero Carbonic VG1 Riding Helmet Anthracite 58-61 cm
  • 3-point fastening system.
  • Sophisticated ventilation system for optimal temperature control.
  • Shock-proof helmet shell.
Offer TOP 2
Image of Manken  horseback riding helmet
Manken Equestrian Helmet Velvet Horse Riding Hat Sport Helmets with…
  • CE certification: Equestrian helmet passed quality safety test.
  • Ventilation system: Easy to head in motion to maintain comfortable breathable dr…
  • Removable lining and sweat chin pad: Adjustable padded chin strap, fast absorbent,…
Image of Kisbeibi 16315013074318 horseback riding helmet
Riding Helmet, Horse Riding Sport Helmets Protective Head Gear for…
  • Widely ApplicationThe horse riding helmet is great suitable for horse riding, climbing,…
  • Ventilation & Comfortable SystemEasy to head in motion to maintain comfortable…
  • Lightweight / AdjustableThe helmet is light weight, leaving no pressure on the head.There…
Image of HKM 550853 horseback riding helmet
HKM 4719 Carbon Art Riding Hat, Matt Black, Unisex, S/M (54-58cm)
  • Easy to clean; complies with VG1 01.040 2014-12 standard.
  • Good size adjustment which means a good fit.
  • Soft padded interior.
Image of Covalliero 328254 horseback riding helmet
Covalliero Econimo VG1 328254 Children's Riding Helmet 52-55…
  • Slim helmet shape.
  • 3-point fastening system.
  • Sophisticated ventilation system for optimum temperature control.
Image of Kisbeibi 16312533033834 horseback riding helmet
Kisbeibi Equestrian Helmet Women Men Horse Riding Helmet Hat Easy…
  • Package include: 1pc horse riding helmet. There are six size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL…
  • Protection: Adjustable padded chin strap, fast absorbent, enhanced comfort, to pre-vent…
  • Adjustable Design: Soft and comfortable covering.The chin strap is not restricting,…
Image of John Whitaker RH054SM07 horseback riding helmet
Whitaker Horizon Helmet, Black, 50-54CM
  • Adjustable
  • Dial-to-Fit
  • Breathable Lining
Image of Amusingtao 16178527244494 horseback riding helmet
Horse Riding Helmet PVC Horse Riding Helmet Adjustable Horse Riding…
  • Safety Helmet: Equestrian sports protective gear, which suits for 2 to 6 years k…
  • Available in sizes to suit for children, just S size, you need to confirm If the…
  • For Children: Suitable for 2 to 6 children, universal for most of boys and girls…
Image of Kisbeibi 16391312360500 horseback riding helmet
Kisbeibi Riding Helmet, Horse Riding Sport Helmets Protective Head…
  • Widely ApplicationThe horse riding helmet is great suitable for horse riding, climbing,…
  • Lightweight / AdjustableThe helmet is light weight, leaving no pressure on the head.There…
  • Ventilation & Comfortable SystemEasy to head in motion to maintain comfortable…
TOP 10
Image of Uvex S4334620904 horseback riding helmet
uvex Onyxx - Lightweight Riding Helmet for Kids - Individual Fit -…
  • Optimised air circulation through cleverly designed ventilation openings
  • One-handed opening of the helmet thanks to the anatomically shaped uvex monomatic…
  • The FAS webbing can be easily and freely adjusted exactly to the shape of your own…
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