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The 10 best lighters to buy in the UK

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Finding the best lighter is easier said than done. With a seemingly endless selection of lighters available, telling the good from the bad requires more effort than most assume. This is why many people end up buying low-quality lighters that quickly need to be replaced. Instead, taking the time to research what you need and what to look for in a lighter means that you can find the perfect product for every situation, whether it’s outdoor activities, lighting candles, or general use. Check out the below buying guide to help find the best lighters for any occasion.

What are lighters?

A lighter is a device used to create a flame. It is used to ignite many types of combustible materials, most commonly a gas stove, or candles. Designs and ignition methods vary from lighter to lighter, almost most are made from plastic or metal and contain flammable liquid or gas to produce a flame.

Why should you buy a good lighter?

Even if you don’t smoke it never hurts to have the best lighter on hand. Compact and lightweight, good lighters take virtually no space when used at home or on the go, providing handy access to flame should you or somebody else require it. There are instances where you need a lighter, such as burning candles, outdoor activities like camping, for getting a barbecue started, and as a backup igniter for gas stoves - there are countless instances where you find yourself needing a good lighter!

How to choose the right lighter in 2024?

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Finding the best lighters for your needs can be challenging when there are so many products to choose from, so here are some things to think about that can narrow your search down:

  • Purpose: Consider what purpose you need the lighter for, as there are certain lighters designed for specific tasks. For example, a candle lighter has a long shaft that allows you to light candles without risking getting burned, while jet flame lighters are windproof so ideal for outdoor use when camping.
  • Flame Type: Lighters come with either a soft flame or jet flame. Soft flames are the most common, found on virtually every lighter, being affordable and reliable for most situations. However, jet flame lighters are better for certain circumstances, such as being outside in windy conditions or for evenly lighting a cigar with a large ring gauge.
  • Reusable vs Disposable: Disposable lighters are the cheapest around and fairly reliable, although they all eventually need to be thrown out. This is not just bad for the environment but also for your wallet, as a reusable lighter can be purchased once and refilled repeatedly. That said, you may not need a reusable lighter if only used sparingly, as a disposable one can still last for a long time.

What is the best kind of lighter in the UK?

There are many types of best-selling lighters available to buy, with popular options including:

  • Spark Wheel Lighters: One of the most common types of lighter, the lighter is ignited using a metal wheel that rubs against a flint to create the spark while holding the plastic lever to release gas. This type of lighter is available both as disposable and reusable.
  • Piezo Ignition Lighters: Like spark wheel lighters, piezo ignition lighters are common and work much the same, with the main difference being a button used to ignite instead of a wheel. The button contains a piezoelectric element that produces a small electric charge to ignite the gas inside.
  • Jet Flame Lighters: This type of lighter differs from most standard butane lighters, producing a jet flame that burns at a far higher temperature. While it consumes more fuel than other types, it is wind resistant and the higher temperature is desired for lighting certain things, most notably, cigars.

Top 10 list of lighters in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their lighters. Which lighter is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Blissify B-0483-3 lighter
Blissify Lighters & Fire Starters (Pack Of 3) - BBQ Lighter for…
  • This item cannot be delivered to the following destinations starting with these post…
  • Product Specifications: The Blissify Camping Lighters & Fire Starters come in…
  • Portable Lighter: The candle lighter is incredibly portable and practical; it may…
Offer TOP 2
Image of ezkart ezkart- 2022 lighter
ezkart | Pack of 5 - Multipack Assorted Colour Lighters with Adjustable…
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Will dispatch with Random Colours.
  • Better than long matches, Read all warnings before using this product.
Image of KARAN KING  lighter
  • Note:- Please note we do not post this item to the Scottish Highlands, BT, Isle of…
Image of RONXS RX21 lighter
RONXS Lighter Electric Lighter Windproof Flameless Arc Type C Candle…
  • 100% Satisfaction GuaranteedPackage includes a plasma lighter, 1 USB cable, 1 cleaning…
  • Eco-friendly, Wind & Splash ProofThe wind and splash-proof design will protect…
  • Portable & Various UsesThe Slender design makes the long lighters easy to carry…
Image of S.T. Dupont D-010503 lighter
S.T. Dupont D-010503 Minijet Lighter - Matt Black
  • Gas not included
  • Colour: Matt black
  • Material: Chromium
Image of ANGIX ‎ANGIX-568 lighter
ANGIX 5 x Jet Flame Lighter BBQ Wind-Proof Child-Resistant Multipack…
  • Large Refillable Capacity :- These jet flame BBQ lighters are built to last and can…
  • Multipack Convenience :- With this pack, you get five jet flame BBQ lighters, so…
  • Child-Resistant Safety Mechanism :- Safety is really important, especially if you…
Image of Defence Line  lighter
Defence Line Pack of 5 Refillable Safety Gas Candle BBQ Fire Lighter…
  • Limited Edition
  • Item dimensions L x W x H27 x 2 x 4 centimetres
  • MaterialPlastic and Metal
Image of zanmuk  lighter
Electric Candle Lighter Rechargeable Lighters - USB Rechargeable Plasma…
  • Excellent Material- The contacts on the head uses alumina ceramic, which is durable…
  • USB Rechargeable- No need to refill the lighter ever! Built-in large capacity battery,…
  • Efficient Ignition Method- Comparing with traditional lighters and matches, it can…
Image of ANGIX  lighter
ANGIX 5 x Multipack Large BBQ Lighters Refillable Safety Gas Candle…
  • Compact and Portable :- The compact design of these lighters makes them easy to carry,…
  • Assorted Colours :- Add a splash of colour to your cooking experience. The assorted…
  • Multipack Convenience :- This bundle includes 5 large BBQ lighters, ensuring you…
TOP 10
Image of LcFun LES-115 lighter
Candle Lighter,Electric Lighter USB C Rechargeable,Long Lighter Flameless…
  • Warning Do not use it with metal products.
  • After-sale Service 180 days guarantee, if you aren't love your lighter or any…
  • Wind & Splash Proof The wind will never hinder your ignition moment. Whether…
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