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The 10 best ovens to buy in the UK

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A good oven should last for many years without issue. Buying an oven is often a hard process, as there are so many makes and models out there that it’s tough to determine what is worth buying. Given how important an oven is, it makes sense to do some research to ensure you get a quality appliance that lasts ten years or longer.

Check out the buying guide below for how to choose the best oven for your home.

What are ovens?

An oven is a cooking appliance that consists of an insulated chamber that warm, bakes, and cooks several types of foods. Most people have an oven included with a freestanding cooker, which includes an induction hob and grill, but there are dedicated ovens that can be built into walls, counters, and even placed on countertops.

Why should you buy a good oven?

If you want to cook food with ease, you’re going to need a good quality oven. Ovens are very versatile appliances, suitable for heating, re-heating, baking, and cooking various types of foods. Furthermore, various types of ovens come in different shapes and sizes, offering different functions, so there is plenty of choices when it comes to buying a good oven.

How to choose the right oven in 2024?

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Choosing the best oven depends mostly on your individual needs. Therefore, it helps to make a few considerations before you buy. Here are some things to think about to ensure you get a suitable oven:

  • Electric or Gas: Electric ovens are by far the most popular to buy. They are widely available for reasonable prices, and most types of ovens sold are electric types. Gas ovens are still available and mostly reserved for professional kitchens. At home, they are far less common. However, gas ovens are usually the cheapest to operate, although cost more in initial outlay.
  • Size: There are various oven sizes to choose from, so think about what size suits your needs most. For instance, a compact oven is great for people short on space, while a double oven offers a huge cooking chamber, making it a fine option for families and large households.
  • Design: Ovens come in various designs, any of which may be perfect for your kitchen. For example, a built-in wall oven is fitted directly into cabinets, while a built-under design sees the oven sit beneath a countertop. Also, there are more unique designs such as a toaster oven, which is a stand-alone unit that can sit atop a counter.

What is the best kind of oven in the UK?

There are several types of great ovens available to buy, with the following options being among the most popular:

  • Convection Oven: A convection oven features a fan and exhaust system that circulates hot air throughout the cooking chamber. As a result, convection ovens cook food much quicker and don’t need to be pre-heated.
  • Toaster Oven: A toaster oven is similar in size to a microwave, making it the smallest type of oven available. It works like a larger sized oven but is much more compact, so has a limited capacity, but you can still cook plenty of foods in it. Also, it's one of the cheapest ovens available to buy.
  • Wall Oven: Built-in wall ovens are built into cabinets in a kitchen, making it a great option for saving space. The best wall ovens look fantastic, offering an attractive aesthetic and a very reliable appliance suitable for cooking, baking, reheating etc.

Top 10 list of ovens in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their ovens. Which oven is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Russell Hobbs RHFEO7004SS oven
Russell Hobbs 70L, 60cm Wide, Single Electric Built-in Fan Oven and…
  • DIMENSIONS - (H)59.5 x (W)59.5 x (D)57.5 CMs
  • WEIGHT - 29.34 Kg
  • INCLUDES - 2 x wire shelf, 1 x tray & handle, 1 wire rack
Image of Bosch Home & Kitchen Appliances HHF113BR0B oven
Bosch Serie 2 HHF113BR0B Stainless Steel Single Electric Oven with…
  • Cavity volume: 66 litre
  • Accessories: 1 x universal pan, 1 x combination grid, 1 x insert grid
  • Red LED display control: easy-to-use thanks to the time functions
Image of Hisense BI62212AXUK oven
Hisense BI62212AXUK - Built-in 77L Electric Single Oven - Stainless…
  • Hard-wired required with supplied cord
  • Fast PreheatWith this Fast Preheat, you can start your cooking earlier. The oven…
  • Frozen Food ModeThis function is perfect for cooking your store-bought frozen foods…
Offer TOP 4
Image of SIA SSO59SS oven
60cm Single Electric Oven In Stainless Steel, Multi-function - SIA…
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Oven Shelf & Tray Included
  • 50-250ºC Cooking Temperature
Image of Cookology COF600SS oven
Cookology Built-in Electric Single Fan Oven in Stainless Steel with…
  • Fits in a Standard Oven Unit, under the counter or at eye-level
  • Black with Black Glass Control Panel and Door
  • Minute Minder Timer
Image of CANDY FIDCN405 oven
Candy Idea FIDCN615/1 Built In Electric Single Oven - Black - A+…
  • Ensures clear and stable signal transfer.
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • High-quality construction for reliable audio and video transmission
Image of Hotpoint SA2844HIX_SS oven
Hotpoint SA2844HIX A+ Rated Built-In Electric Single Oven - White
  • Dimensions 595 (H) x 595 (W) x 551 (D)
  • Enamel interior
  • Dial and touch controls
Image of Cookology SFO60BK/1 oven
Cookology 60cm Built In Electric Fan Oven - Integrated Single Fan…
  • This product is rated A for energy consumption under the new 2021 European legislation,…
  • The dedicated Light-Only mode makes cleaning easy, illuminating the entire cavity…
  • The new SFO60 range comes with several functions including Grill, Standard and Fan…
Image of Indesit IFW6330IX oven
Indesit Aria IFW 6330 IX Built-in Oven - Stainless Steel
  • 1 Grid & 1 Tray Included
  • Easy to use minute minder
  • Tilting Grill
TOP 10
Image of Cookology COF605BK oven
Cookology COF605BK 60cm 65 Litre Capacity, Installed Built In Electric…
  • The four shelf positions offer versatility with the supplied baking tray and grill…
  • The dedicated Light-Only mode makes cleaning easy, illuminating the entire cavity…
  • Being a Fan Oven gives you loads of advantages over conventional cooking. For instance…
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