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The 10 best pocket knives to buy in the UK

Picture of a pocket knife

A pocket knife is one of the best tools you can own. They are very useful for a variety of tasks, especially for people that enjoy outdoor recreational activities, while being handy for many everyday jobs. With so many options available, finding the best pocket knife can be easier said than done. There is a lot to consider before buying a pocket knife, and it is important to know what aspects of pocket knife would make them better suited for your personal needs.

What are pocket knives?

A pocket knife is a folding knife that features one or more blades that are folded into the handle when not in use. It’s a great design in that it allows users to safely carry a compact knife without risk of accidental injury, allowing the blade to be quickly accessed whenever needed.

As the name implies, a pocket knife is usually small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket, although there are certain types of models that have a much larger blade and handle. When the blade is removed from the handle, it fully extends, allowing users to grip the handle for more control over the knife.

Why should you buy a good pocket knife?

Pocket knives are a fantastic multi purpose tool with many uses. Their most traditional use is for outdoor recreation, such as fishing, camping, and hunting, although their versatility allows for many more uses, even around the home. From hobbies such as wood carving to prepping in the kitchen, there is no shortage of uses with a pocket knife, so it is no surprise this great tool has remained so popular over the years.

How to choose the right pocket knife in 2024?

Another picture of a pocket knife

With so many great pocket knife options available, finding the best choice for you can take some consideration. There are a lot of different styles of pocket knife, with each one providing their distinct pros and cons.

  • Size: The size of the blade is an obvious thing to consider when looking for the best pocket knife. Traditionally, the blade of the pocket knife is supposed to be quite small. This is great for many purposes but more important for legal reasons. Smaller blades tend to have no legal restrictions on carrying them, making them the best option for most people. Plus, they are much easier to carry, which is why a pocket knife with small blades is the best pocket knife size for the most part.
  • Knife Edge: The type of edge on the blade is very important when choosing a pocket knife, as you want the best pocket knife edge to suit your uses. For instance, a plain edge blade is the most common blade type on a pocket knife and is great for almost any type of cutting, so is a fine option for most buyers. However, a serrated blade may be better suited for some, as it excels in cutting tougher materials due to the additional pressure from the blade.
  • Uses: What do you intend to use the pocket knife for? There are so many uses for one, so knowing your intentions with the pocket knife will ensure you get a good model. Many want a great pocket knife for everyday use, in which case a small, compact model with a comfortable round grip may be the better option. For those out hunting, camping or the like, a more robust and durable pocket knife is worth consideration.

What is the best kind of pocket knife in the UK?

Although there are countless varieties of pocket knives available, many modern types rely on a universal design of a single blade that often lock in place, which can lead to legal restrictions on certain countries. However, traditional pocket knife designs are still viewed as the best types due to their timeless design and functionality.

Here are some popular types widely available today:

  • Barlow Pocket Knife: This pocket knife features two blades, along with a longer, thinner handle. It's great pocket knife that is versatile.
  • Stockman Pocket Knife: This type of pocket knife usually comes with three blades of different design, all of which are fitted with a clip point. Best used for general use, and may lack strength due to thinner blades.
  • Trapper Pocket Knife: Trapper pocket knives are usually larger and consists of a Spey blade and clip blade. Its name derives from being used by trappers, making it a popular skinning blade that is a fine option for outdoor use.

Top 10 list of pocket knives in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their pocket knives. Which pocket knife is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Wolfcraft 4289000 pocket knife
wolfcraft Leisure Knife with Folding Blade I 4289000 I Versatile leisure…
  • safety mechanism when folding and releasing
  • ergonomic metal casing with aluminium grip plates
  • 75 mm blade with serrated cutting edge
Offer TOP 2
Image of COVACURE  pocket knife
COVACURE UK Legal Non-Locking Pocket Knife with Silver Skeletonized…
  • -The tool features: 1x Non-locking 2.4" folding blade with large cutout for…
Image of Faithfull WPKSINGLE pocket knife
Faithfull FAIWPKSINGLE Single Blade Knife - 63mm Stainless Steel Blade…
  • 63mm stainless steel blade with a safety lock that prevents the blade closing when…
  • Specialist knives
  • Knives
Image of LMJIAANPU  pocket knife
LMJIAANPU 2-in-1 multi-function tool portable edc foldable tool knife,…
  • Exquisite design is a great gift
  • It is a great cutting tool, suitable for camping and hiking.
  • Interesting design, very personalized
Image of Whitby PK77/RD pocket knife
Whitby Pocket Knife, 1.75" Survival Stainless Steel Folding Knives…
  • Whitby Pocket Knives - Whitby & Co. has over 60 years experience distributing…
  • Perfect Balance - The secure handle keeps the blade sharp and protected inside the…
  • Lightweight & Portable - Folding Pocket Knife weighing 50g. Fits perfecting in…
Image of MLTUOYING YINKOU pocket knife
MLTUOYING Stainless Steel Foldable Multifunctional Cutting Tool with…
  • It fits your keyring, have lighter-duty construction. Lighter and more compact, ideal…
  • No locking structure, easy to open and close.
  • The MLTUOYING sports tool have a durable carbon steel handle, with stainless steel…
Image of Victorinox 0.6223 pocket knife
Victorinox, Classic SD, Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Small, Multi Tool,…
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Measurements: 58 mm/2.3 in long × 18 mm/0.7 in wide ×…
  • HIGHEST SWISS QUALITY: Victorinox stands for skilled craftsmanship and innovative…
  • BRIGHT AND BOLD: Tailor your Classic SD to your own personal style with our bold…
Image of Perkin MM4N pocket knife
Perkin Handmade Damascus Folding Knife - Legal to Carry
  • Unlockable folding blade” “Blade under 3 inches. Legal to Carry
  • ideal for bushraft and camping
  • Quality Leather Pouch
Image of Sealey PK37 pocket knife
Sealey Locking Pocket Knife - Twin-Blade - PK37
  • EASY TO USE - Quick change mechanism for easy blade removal/fitting - no tools r…
  • DUAL BLADE - Features both utility and fine edge blades. Closed/Open Length: 110…
TOP 10
Image of Gerber 1050246 pocket knife
Gerber Unisex's Wingtip Folding Knife, Grey, One Size
  • Blade length: 2. 5”
  • The slip joint mechanism Requires no lock to open or close, making operation nearly…
  • The mirror polished blade houses a nail nick for easy deployment when pulled out…
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