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The 10 best secateurs to buy in the UK

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Having a good set of secateurs is worthwhile for any gardening enthusiast. A versatile tool used for all kinds of trimming, cutting, and pruning, secateurs are a great piece of gardening equipment that is available for an affordable price. However, it’s important to consider a few things before you buy anything to ensure that you find the best secateurs possible. Check out the buying guide below for more information on how to choose the right secateurs for your garden:

What are secateurs?

Secateurs are a type of pruning scissors used to cut back growth on various plants and flowers throughout the garden. An often-overlooked piece of gardening equipment, secateurs are a one-handed device that lets you remove growth of varying lengths and thicknesses, ensuring your garden looks great while encouraging healthy plant growth.

Why should you buy a good secateurs?

Secateurs are a highly versatile piece of gardening equipment, being suitable for all kinds of maintenance like pruning, trimming, and cutting. Pruning is especially important for healthy plants, so by owning the best secateurs you can ensure everything in your garden looks neat and tidy while growing to their full potential.

For example, dead and dying branches should always be removed from plants so that energy goes towards growing healthier parts, while fruits and vegetables often see bigger yields through regular pruning. Also, a lot of plants grow quickly out of control, so with a good set of secateurs in hand, you can stay on top of your plant maintenance.

How to choose the right secateurs in 2024?

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Here are some things to think about to help you find the best secateurs:

  • Pruning Requirements: There are several types of secateurs, with some being better suited for different types of pruning, so it helps to think about what you are pruning in the garden. For example, bypass secateurs are best for thinner growth found on flowers, fruits, vegetables, while anvil secateurs are more suited for pruning thicker growth on trees and shrubs. If you have lots of different plants that need pruning, buying both types of secateurs may be worthwhile.
  • Blade Shape: Look at the shape of the secateurs and consider whether it is best suited for your needs, as some are designed for working in tighter spaces. For example, bypass secateurs tend to work best in tight spots where you need to make a clean cut on the plant, such as when pruning a rose bush.
  • Cutting Power: Secateurs come with varying levels of cutting power, so be sure to check this and make sure it meets your requirements. For instance, ratchet secateurs come with additional cutting power that is perfect for woody growth like thick shrub branches, although they require more effort to produce a cut. If cutting through green growth like flowers and vegetables, less power is needed so you should be fine with a geared system, which is weaker but much easier to operate.

What is the best kind of secateurs in the UK?

There are several popular types of secateurs available to buy:

  • Bypass Secateurs: Bypass secateurs are the best choice for general use around the garden, consisting of a single curved blade that bypasses a thick section of metal, producing a motion similar to scissors. They are suitable for various types of growth, even being capable of cutting through wooden branches, although working best on flowers, fruits, vegetables, and small plants.
  • Anvil Secateurs: When you have lots of thick, woody branches that need pruning, anvil secateurs are the best option to choose. They consist of a blade that is sharpened on both sides which meets a flat anvil to produce the cutting action - like a knife hitting a chopping board. The cutting strength does mean it’s best for branches with larger diameters, as it won’t produce a clean cut on thinner growth.

Top 10 list of secateurs in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their secateurs. Which secateurs is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of JiveSnip Ciseaux secateurs
JiveSnip Premium Titanium Garden Secateurs - Professional Bypass Pruning…
  • Lasting Performance Coated with Antirust Oil, our secateurs ensure rust-free durability,…
  • Effortless Precision Glide through branches up to 3/4" in diameter, supported…
  • Ergonomic Comfort Designed for ease, the non-slip handles provide a lightweight grip,…
Image of gonicc FBA_GPPS-1003 secateurs
Gonicc 8" Professional Secateurs Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning…
  • For protecting the blade out of rust, we coated some Antirust Oil at blade. So it…
  • Pruners can cut up to 3/4" diameter size tree branches.This may vary depending…
  • Sap groove design to help keep pruning shears from sticking by channeling off sa…
Offer TOP 3
Image of HOMEBAY Shark-Tuff® Pro secateurs
Shark-TUFF® Heavy Duty Garden Secateurs Garden Scissors Pruning…
  • To extend the lifespan of your secateurs, clean the blades of sap and debris after…
  • VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY : Professional garden scissors without a hefty price tag. Love…
  • PERFECT FOR DEAD-HEADING AND PRUNING : These are Bypass Secateurs which makes them…
Image of Spear & Jackson CUTTINGSET8 secateurs
Spear & Jackson CUTTINGSET8 Traditional Bypass & Anvil Secateur…
  • Grow Your Own 2022 Great British Growing Award Winners
  • Anvil pruner is best used on dead (woody) branches
  • Bypass pruner is best suited for live (green) stems
Image of LEXETER LE005 secateurs
LEXETER Garden Secateurs, Secateurs & Pruning Scissors with Safety…
  • Exceptional After-Sales Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer excellent…
  • Versatile Garden Tool: With its innovative safety features and high-quality materials,…
  • No-Slip Handle: The ivory plastic handles of the gardening secateurs feature a no-slip…
Image of Spear & Jackson 6758GS secateurs
Spear & Jackson 6758GS Razorsharp Geared Anvil Secateurs
  • Comfortable grip and ambidextrous locking catch
  • PTFE coated blade for smooth cutting and resistance to rust
  • Lightweight cast aluminium body
Image of Spear & Jackson 6060BS/09 secateurs
Spear & Jackson 6060BS Razorsharp Advantage Large Bypass Secateurs,…
  • Sap groove, shock absorber and stem crusher
  • Ambidextrous locking catch
  • Drop nosed for easier pruning
Image of Spear & Jackson CUTTINGSET3K secateurs
Spear & Jackson CUTTINGSET3K Kew Gardens Razorsharp Bypass and…
  • 10 years guarantee
  • High carbon steel blades for strength and lasting sharpness, PTFE coated cutting…
  • Both secateurs have a choice of two cutting widths with the smaller setting ideal…
Image of Spear & Jackson 7159BS secateurs
Spear & Jackson 7159BS Razorsharp Advantage Bypass Secateurs
  • Ambidextrous locking catch
  • Ergonomic handles with soft feel grip for increased comfort
  • Hard chromed lower blade for rust resistance
TOP 10
Image of SYEONKOS sj1 secateurs
SYEONKOS Secateurs, with Spare Blade&Spring, Premium Titanium…
  • Customer Service: The warranty period of the pruning shears is 12 months. If you…
  • Ideal for many uses: This tree trimmer can cut Through 1/2", 3/4" inch…
  • Robust Locking Mechanism: More safe with this hedge shears with one button, you can…
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