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The 10 best squash rackets to buy in the UK

Picture of a squash racket

Finding the best squash racket is a daunting prospect for first-time buyers. While it may not appear too important, the type of squash racket you buy has a significant impact on your overall gameplay, so it’s vital to choose the right one for your own needs. This can be challenging when there are so many things to consider and such a wide range of rackets available to buy, so we’ve created a buying guide to help you better understand what you need. Read on to find the best squash rackets for your playing level.

What are squash rackets?

A squash racket (or racquet) is a type of racket used in the sport of squash. It has a design like most rackets, featuring a large open hoop with lots of tightly woven strings and a handle, allowing you to hit the squash ball with varying levels of speed, power, and accuracy.

Why should you buy a good squash racket?

The best squash racket can significantly improve your overall gameplay, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone that enjoys the game. When you have the right racket the fundamentals become much easier to grasp, improving your control, power, speed, and accuracy when playing racket ball. So, if you are just starting to play it is highly recommended that you buy a great squash racket, as developing skill and technique is much easier with the right equipment.

How to choose the right squash racket in 2024?

Another picture of a squash racket

Choosing a good squash racket can be difficult because there are so many things to consider. To help narrow your search, consider some of the following things before you buy the best squash racquets:

  • Throat: The racket throat refers to the shape of the racket, with a teardrop and classic options available. Teardrop rackets have a bigger string bed, making it easier to learn with and better for generating power, so is the perfect squash racket for beginners. More experienced players will prefer the classic throat shape, as it offers more control and precision, despite having a smaller string bed.
  • Balance: Choosing the right balance is down to personal preference, with both head-light and head-heavy options available. Head-heavy rackets are usually easier to control than their lighter counterparts and generate good power, being a good option for less experienced players. Head-light rackets are lighter so offer good speed, especially for volleys and quick shots, although this also makes them tougher to control.
  • Weight: Squash rackets come in varying weights, ranging from light to heavy, although these weights usually only reference the frame. Accordingly, the actual weight is a bit more depending on strings, paintwork, grip etc. Lighter weights around are suitable for younger players or someone that may struggle to generate enough power with a heavier racket, which is generally suited for traditional play and suits most people.

What is the best kind of squash racket in the UK?

Popular types of squash rackets that are available to buy include the following:

  • Head-Light Squash Rackets: This type of racket has a lighter weight to the head, making it faster to manoeuvre and great for fast games with lots of volleys and flicks. It may not be the best squash racket for beginners as it can be harder to control the ball's placement when playing at high speeds.
  • Head-Heavy Squash Rackets: Features a heavier weight in the head, allowing for more powerful shots while maintaining control, so is suitable for less experienced players.
  • Even-Balanced Squash Rackets: This racket offers a middle ground between the other types, featuring evenly distributed weight throughout. It offers excellent manoeuvrability and generates a lot of power. So it is another good option for less experienced players developing their technique.

Top 10 list of squash rackets in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their squash rackets. Which squash racket is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of HEAD 212004 squash racket
HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0 Squash Racket, White
  • Colour: black/white
  • Incorporates a head size of 75.2in2 (485 cm2) and has been head light balanced to…
  • 195 g (6.9 oz) squash racket with a 14 x 19 string pattern, fitted with the synthetic…
Image of HEAD 210048 squash racket
HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racket
  • Balance: Head Heavy | Weight: 110 grams | Head Size: 77.5 Sq In/500 sq cm
  • B07FG9GN9W
  • One Size
Image of Tecnifibre 248160 squash racket
Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage 2 Squash Racket
  • The racket comes pre-strung in synthetic gut with a Tecnifibre Squash Dry grip in…
  • The racket was used by Mohamed Elshorbagy and Nour El Sherbini on their rise to world…
  • The rackets setup is highly suited to today’s skilful player; powerful, fast…
Offer TOP 4
Image of Prince  squash racket
Prince 2 x Power Ti Squash Rackets + Covers + 3 Squash Balls (Various…
Image of DUNLOP  squash racket
Racketworld Dunlop Nanomax Lite Ti Squash Racket Twin Set, includes…
  • The Dunlop Nanomax squash racket is perfect for beginners/Intermediate players, designed…
Image of DUNLOP  squash racket
Dunlop Hyper Lite Ti 4.0 Squash Racket + 3 Squash Balls
  • Head Light Balance
  • 16 x 18 Powermax String Pattern
  • 195g Frame Weight
Image of HEAD 213032 squash racket
Head Cyber Elite Squash Racket, Grey
  • Adaptive Fan Pattern stringing technology
  • Amplified Fibre Technology for additional power
  • Control and stability for the casual and new player
Image of Wilson WR031310H0 squash racket
Wilson Hammer Light 120 PH Squash Racket
  • Size: One Size
  • Brand: Wilson
  • Product type: SPORT RACKET
Image of Wilson  squash racket
Wilson Pro Team Power Squash Racket with Head Cover
  • High Performance and versatile Squash Racket
  • Designed to offer fantastic power, with excellent manoeuvrability.
  • String Pattern - 14x19
TOP 10
Image of Racketworld  squash racket
Dunlop Hypermax Squash Racket Twin Set inc Protective Covers &…
  • **RRP £139.99 ** Great Savings
  • Choose your favourite model - Inc Protective Covers & 3 Squash Balls
  • String Pattern - 16 x18 Powermax
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