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The 10 best teapots to buy in the UK

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The best teapot can serve you well for many years while providing all sorts of delicious warm beverages. Even better, quality teapots are very affordable. However, finding the right teapot is quite a tough choice considering how many options are available, which only makes it harder if you are unfamiliar with what to look out for. Check out the buying guide below for all the information you need to find the best teapots:

What are teapots?

A teapot is a container for brewing and serving tea. While designs vary, most modern teapots have two chambers, one for storing the tea leaves, and the other for hot water. Then, tea is poured into a teacup by tilting the pot, which usually features a small lip for accurate pouring without spillage. Traditional teapots were made from pewter, but now most are made of various materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, and glass.

Why should you buy a good teapot?

The best teapot makes brewing your favourite teas incredibly easy. Whether you are brewing fruit tea or herbal tea, a teapot lets you do so faster and with greater efficiency, providing you with a hot beverage in no time. Plus, you can easily prepare larger volumes of tea, so if you are one of those people that enjoys several cups of tea then a quality teapot makes the preparation more convenient. Last but not least, they look stylish, adding a touch of beauty to the table during tea time.

How to choose the right teapot in 2024?

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Choosing a great teapot requires some thought and consideration, as there is a wide range of models available that may be to your liking. Here are some things to think about when buying the best teapots:

  • Capacity: This is an obvious thing to consider but one worth thinking about. Choose a teapot relative to what you usually drink. For example, if you like to drink tea throughout the day, then a large teapot with plenty of volume will be a great choice.
  • Design: The best teapot can highlight your personality but should still be practical for preparing tea. Think about the style and design of a teapot and consider what you like and what goes well with your kitchen. For example, some people want teapots with great vintage appeal while others may prefer a modern and minimalist look.
  • Material: Traditional teapots are made from porcelain because the material is often the best for retaining heat. This means your tea remains warm for longer, and the thicker the walls and base the better the teapot is for holding onto heat.

What is the best kind of teapot in the UK?

The main options for teapots include:

  • Ceramic Teapots: The most common type of teapot material, ceramic can be glazed, painted or plain, and is a great choice for retaining heat. It’s not the most durable option but should be fine with careful use.
  • Porcelain Teapots: Porcelain is probably the most stylish teapot material, with its refined appearance. However, it’s worth choosing a model with a high-quality glaze to protect it from cracking.
  • Glass Teapots: Teapots made from glass are very aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to see the water and leaves infusing to create the tea. However, this type is prone to breaking.
  • Steel Teapots: While some steel teapots are designed to be used directly over a stove, most are double-walled and used to retain heat for a long time. These are the most durable types of teapot, although they look less iconic than teapots made from porcelain.

Top 10 list of teapots in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their teapots. Which teapot is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Café Olé CMP-07TP teapot
Café Ole CMP-07TP Everyday Round Tea Pot Infuser Basket Glass…
  • Note: Boiling water should not immediately poured into the glass as this can cause…
  • Warning – product contains fragile glass, please handle with care
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: The Café Olé Everyday teapot is covered by a 2…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Zodiac 10103 teapot
1 Ltr Stainless Steel Tea Pot
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • professional quality
Image of Price & Kensington 5010853110851 teapot
Price & Kensington Black 6 cup Teapot
  • PRICE & KENSINGTON - As a Stoke-on-trent pottery brand, Price & Kensington…
  • TEAPOTS - Price & Kensington teapots have continued to evolve since the brown…
  • 6 CUP - The iconic betty shape allows tea bags or leaves to swirl freely around the…
Image of Price & Kensington 0056.800 teapot
Price & Kensington White 2 Cup Teapot, 450 ML
  • PRICE AND KENSINGTON | As a Stoke-on-Trent pottery brand, Price & Kensington…
  • DURABILITY | Strong and durable, the teapot is crafted from fine stoneware and is…
  • SIZE | The Price and Kensington white 2 Cup Teapot has a capacity of 450ml.
1200 ml Teapot, STNTUS Glass Teapot with Infuser, Borosilicate Tea…
  • WELL-WRAPEDTea Pot comes with exquisite boxes which is perfect for your family and…
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE AND PRECISE SCALE LINE: Tea Pot has an ergonomic handle that allows…
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Tea Pot can be applicable to in Stovetop and gas open flame. You…
Image of Price & Kensington 0059.655 teapot
Price & Kensington Sweet Bee White 4 Cup Teapot
  • PRICE and KENSINGTON | As a Stoke-on-Trent pottery brand, Price and Kensington is…
  • SWEET BEE | The simple yet stylish ‘Sweet Bee’ Collection is sure to…
  • TAKING CARE | Please note this item must only be handwashed
Image of ANSIO ANSIO 3798 teapot
ANSIO Glass Teapot with Infuser 950 ml Borosilicate 304 Stainless…
  • Contact us in case of queries. Our customer service will be happy to help.
  • Perfect for use with loose and scented tea leaves. Enjoy your afternoon tea simply…
  • Clear tea-pot designed with a non-dripping spout and an easy to hold and pour ha…
Image of Price & Kensington 0056.803 teapot
Price & Kensington Matt Grey 6 Cup Stoneware Teapot, 1.1 L
  • PRICE AND KENSINGTON | As a Stoke-on-Trent pottery brand, Price & Kensington…
  • ICONIC BETTY SHAPE | The iconic ‘Betty’ shape infuses the perfect brew…
  • DURABILITY | Made from durable stoneware, this teapot is microwave and dishwasher…
Image of LoonTien BroHome Hom-00022 teapot
Glass Teapot, Withstand Temperature from -20 to 180, 400ml teapot…
  • This teapot is small one. Suitable for 1-2 people or Read books and watch movies…
  • 100% hand craft, Wonderful Tea Experience : This Teapot is 100% hand crafted with…
  • Beautiful Handle Shape Not Hot After Cooking The transparent Borosilicate Glass with…
TOP 10
Image of SUSTEAS  teapot
SUSTEAS Cast Iron Teapot, 900ml Tetsubin Japanese Tea Kettle with…
  • IDEAL FOR GIFT, KITCHEN DECOR: Not just a tea maker, but a collectible, SUSTEAS tea…
  • PLEASING TO THE EYEMAKING TEA EASILY: Cast iron forging can effectively reduce heat…
  • MASTERFUL DESIGN, EXOTIC HANDICRAFTS: The teapot adopts bright natural colors and…
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