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The 10 best welding helmets to buy in the UK

Picture of a welding helmet

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, you must use the best welding helmet to ensure your safety. However, finding the right protective gear can be a daunting prospect for first-time buyers, as there are so many options available. Hence, you might not know what is best for your needs. With so much to think about it helps to do some research before you buy, which is where this handy buying guide is here to help, covering all the information that you need to know to find the best welding helmets.

What are welding helmets?

A welding helmet is a type of protective headgear worn when welding. This fabrication process, most commonly with arc welding, comes with various safety risks, including ultraviolet and infrared light possibly damaging the eyes, not to mention the risk of flash burns from the high working temperatures. So a robust form of protection is needed to adequately protecting your eyes and skin. Great welding helmets offer just this: Covering the head and protecting the eyes with a visor, ensuring safe working conditions.

Why should you buy a good welding helmet?

As mentioned above, anyone doing welding needs to wear a welding helmet to protect their eyes and skin. Not all helmets are made equally though, so is worth the time and effort to find the best welding helmet possible to maximise protection without impairing working conditions. The best helmets for welding are incredibly durable yet comfortable to work with, making them less likely to cause any sort of injury.

How to choose the right welding helmet in 2024?

Another picture of a welding helmet

Given its role in protecting you from injury, you want to take the time to find the best helmets for welding, so here are some things to consider when buying:

  • Weight: A good welding helmet should be robust but never too heavy, as anything that weighs too much can cause neck pains when working. Lightweight helmets are often more expensive due to the better quality materials, although this is always worthwhile for anyone welding for long periods.
  • Lens Shade: The lens shade is one of the most important parts of a welding helmet as it gives protection against the various flashes and lights that can damage the eyes and retina. There are various shade options, so the more your helmet has the safer it is to use. Check how many shade options are included with any helmet to ensure it accommodates your needs.
  • Auto-Darkening: This is one of the best features to look for in a welding helmet, with the auto-darkening causing the lens to automatically darken whenever a bright flash occurs. This is useful because many of the sparks and flashes occur randomly, making it hard to predict what setting your visor should be on.

What is the best kind of welding helmet in the UK?

Here are some of the most popular types of welding helmets available to buy:

  • Passive Welding Helmets: This entry-level helmet offers good protection from sparks, heat, and ultraviolet light, making it a good option for beginners and hobbyists dabbling in some welding. They are affordable but lack much in the way of extra features.
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets: One of the most popular types of welding helmets, the lens automatically adjusts whenever it detects bright lights, saving the time and effort needed to adjust it manually. It’s also much safer as you cannot always predict when damaging lights might occur.
  • Variable Shade Welding Helmets: This is another popular helmet for experienced users, providing a range of shade settings on the lens to accommodate different welding tasks that produce various levels of brightness. However, they do require you to change the setting manually, unlike auto-darkening.

Top 10 list of welding helmets in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their welding helmets. Which welding helmet is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of DEKO MZ224T welding helmet
Welding Mask: DEKO Welding Helmet Auto Darkening, True Color Solar,…
  • UPGRADED HEADGEARWelding mask auto darkening weighing only 2 lbs. Casco para soldar…
  • LONG BATTERY LIFEOur welding hood auto darkening adopts a replaceable CR2032 lithium…
  • MULTIPLE SETTINGSThe welding hood is equipped with built-in sensitivity and delay…
Image of YESWELDER LYG-M800H welding helmet
YESWELDER True Colour Welding Mask Helmet Large Viewing Screen 10X9cm…
  • Superior comfort with the pivot style headgear
  • Increased battery life
  • Better clarity, True colour view - 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity
Image of Anesty  welding helmet
Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welder Helmet with 4 Independent…
  • Wide application Suitable for various working environments: recommended for construction,…
  • Comfortable headbandWelding helmet is light and not tired after wearing it for a…
  • Multi-purpose DesignHerocut welding mask equipped with sensitivity and delay settings,…
Offer TOP 4
Image of LESOLEIL WHD-10122uk welding helmet
LESOLEIL Welding Mask Auto Darkening, Solar Welding Helmet with 2…
  • Material: The welding helmet mask is made of PP ABC plastic with good fireproof,…
  • Viewing Area: The 3.62 * 1.65 inches (92 * 42 mm) integrated filter lens can be ensures…
  • Solar Welding Mask: The automatic welding helmet build-in solar panels combined button…
Image of Anesty  welding helmet
Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welder Helmet with 6 Replacement…
  • Wide ApplicationRecommended to construction, automotive and food and beverage manufacturing…
  • Balanced Design For Comfortable Headband Adjustable headband provides a comfortable…
  • Safety: The Welding Helmet meets requirement for optical and physical properties…
Image of SUNJULY HYX20201243 welding helmet
Electrical Welding Helmet Mask, SUNJULY Solar Powered Automatic Welding…
  • Solar Energy The mask adopts solar screen glass, which can be used for a longer time,…
  • PC Glass Material The welding glasses adopt high-quality PC material which is strong…
  • Adjustable Mask Headband Adjustable headband provides a comfortable, non-slip fit…
Image of YESWELDER LYG-Q800D_EU welding helmet
YESWELDER Large Viewing True Colour Welding Mask Solar Powered Auto…
  • Superior comfort with the pivot style headgear
  • Increased battery life
  • Better clarity, True colour view - 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity
Image of Silverline 868520 welding helmet
Silverline 868520 Welding Helmet Passive DIN 11EW, Black
  • Spatter shield certified to EN166
  • Face shield certified to EN175 / green infrared lens (DIN 11) certified to EN169
  • Flip-up lens for improved vision
Image of Draper 02517 welding helmet
Draper 02517 Draper Storm Force Fixed Shade Auto Darkening Welding…
  • Supplied with two 90 x 34mm lenses for improved viewing and safety assurance
  • Adjustable headband for continuous comfort while using
  • Helmet powered by solar power
TOP 10
Image of TEKWARE Moto90 welding helmet
Welding Helmet, Auto Darkening True Color Welding Mask, Solar Powered…
  • Intelligent, Practical and Cost-effective: Battery powered with solar panel technology…
  • Meets Different Demands: The large area of solar cell will change the harmful arc…
  • 4 Premium Sensors & Solar Powered: The Solar-powered welder helmet combined…
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