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Review of the 10 best air fresheners to buy in the UK

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Review10Best compares the best air fresheners in the UK and nominates the one from Procter & Gamble as the best air freshener. In our air fresheners review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different air fresheners and follow our recommendation on which air freshener to buy in the UK in 2019. With the air freshener comparison, you can be sure to buy the best air freshener on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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air fresheners: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great air freshener

Picture of a air freshener

Buying the best air freshener usually boils down to personal preferences, as not everyone enjoys the same fragrance. However, some air fresheners are not as effective as others, so it helps to look for the best air fresheners possible to ensure maximum results around the home.

What are air fresheners?

An air freshener is any product that either emits a fragrance or absorbs bad odors, with many doing both. There are many methods to apply fragrances with an air freshener, from manufactured household sprays to natural aromatherapy using essential oils.

Why should you buy a good air freshener?

The best air fresheners mask or absorb unpleasant odors, replacing them with a pleasant fragrance. This makes any room or vehicle smell much nicer, which can have uplifting effects while eliminating any undesirable smells. Simply put, an air freshener is a very useful product to have in most households or vehicles - and there are times when bad smells need to be removed!

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How to choose the right air freshener?

There are many great air freshener products to choose from, any of which you may find appealing. While there are various ways to determine the best air freshener, considering any of the following points should make it easy to choose something to your liking:

  • Fragrance: Perhaps the most obvious thing to consider, it is important to find a fragrance that you enjoy and find pleasant, otherwise the air freshener won’t get much use. There is an endless selection of fragrances out there, so be sure to consider what scents you generally enjoy, and if you hate over-powering fragrances then it’s a good idea to choose a scentless odor neutralizer. Much like perfumes, air freshener fragrances fall into common categories such as citrus, woody, oriental, and floral, with each category offering a variety of scents and smells.
  • Form: There isn't any form of air freshener that can be considered the best, as they all offer their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, air freshener sprays are generally the most popular and affordable, but they are often less effective than an odor neutralizer, while candles and diffusers offer a much subtler scent that many find preferable to sprays. Again, personal choice is mostly at play here, although products such as plug-in air fresheners may be more beneficial as they are very low-maintenance. Sprays and candles can be hazardous too, so be sure to think about this as well.
  • Purpose: When choosing a good air freshener, it is important to consider its purpose. For example, what room do you need the air freshener for? Is it going to be used in several rooms or possible your car? Do you wish to add a pleasant smell to a room or cover up a bad odor? Knowing why you need the air freshener should make it easier to choose a suitable product.
What is the best kind of air freshener in the UK?

As an air freshener comes in many forms, there are several types of products available, any of which you may enjoy:

  • Air Freshener Sprays: A common air freshener, they are usually used in bathrooms and other rooms that are susceptible to bad odors. Cheap and available in many fragrances, it’s the right freshener for peoples needs.
  • Scented Candle: Perhaps the best air freshener for creating a relaxing, pleasant ambience in a room, scented candles tend to offer a more natural, less overpowering fragrance than sprays. The scented wax emits a fragrance as it melts, releasing it into the room.
  • Plug-in Air Freshener Sprays: Perfect for keeping a room smelling nice throughout the day, these air fresheners are plugged into a power source and routinely spray air freshener at regular intervals. Quiet and subtle, they work well to eliminate odors and provide a pleasant scent to the room.
  • Reed Diffuser: Features a small bottle with a fragrant essential oil, which is absorbed and emitted by a selection of reeds. Produces pleasant fragrances and is quite decorative.
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Top 10 list of air fresheners in the UK (October 2019)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their air fresheners rank and which air freshener is the best.
Top choicei TOP 1
Image of Procter & Gamble SPAMZV20696 air freshener
FEBREZE Air Effects Air Freshener Spray Blossom and Breeze 300 ml (Pack of 6)i
  • Non-flammable propellant
  • Eliminates everyday odours without masking them and leaves a light fresh scent
  • Uses a unique odour elimination technology
starting from £9.00i
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Value deali TOP 2
Image of Airwick  air freshener
Air Wick Air Freshener, Freshmatic Auto Spray, Gadget, Pack of 2i
  • Wide range of fragrances available separately
  • Battery operated and easy to use, with an ideal design batteries included
  • Item does not have expiry date, rather date mentioned on the product is manufacturer…
starting from £8.00i
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Image of Reckitt Benckiser 3053603 air freshener
Airwick Essential Mist Kit Peony & Jasminei
  • Ultimate fragrance control: Adjustable intensity and frequency of mist for a room…
  • Long lasting: Provides up to 45 days of continuous, long-lasting fragrance per refill…
  • Beautiful: Its elegant, compact, portable design enhances any decor
starting from £10.00i
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Image of Newell Brands 1547284E air freshener
Yankee Candle Spheres Air Freshener, Up to 45 Days of Fragrance, Pink Sandsi
  • Measures (h x w): 8.1 cm x 7.1 cm; Weight: 170 g
  • Up to 45 days fragrance life; replace once all the beads have shrunk
  • Clever honeycomb shaped cut-outs in the lid allow the fragrance to diffuse into the…
starting from £4.99i
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Image of Reckitt Benckiser 138955 air freshener
Airwick Freshmatic Autospray Refill, Crisp Linen & Lilac Scent - 4 Refills x 250ml (1000ml)i
  • Up to 60 days of continuous fragrance
  • Bursts of fragrance to constantly freshen your home and neutralise odours
  • With natural essential oils
starting from £9.99i
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Image of Reckitt Benckiser  air freshener
Air Wick Air Freshener, Reed Diffuser, Crisp Linen and Lilac, 25 ml, Singlei
  • Note: The item does not have an expiry date rather date mentioned on the product…
  • Available in other fragrances
  • Scented liquid included in bottle lasts up to four weeks
starting from £3.50i
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Image of Neutradol TRTAZ11A air freshener
THREE PACKS of Neutradol Gel Odour Destroyer Super Freshi
  • Simply take off the lid and let Neutradol Original Gel release its active formul…
  • No need to use a plug or find the correct sized refill
  • Economical and practical ; The Worlds No1 Deodorizer
starting from £4.97i
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Image of Procter & Gamble 81680722 air freshener
Ambipur Febreze 3Volution Air Freshener Plug In Starter Kit Cotton Fresh and 4 Refill, 3 Alternating Scents To Clean Away Odours, 20 mli
  • 3 scents alternate every 45 minutes so you always notice them; Adjustable scent…
  • Use with Ambi Pur 3Volution refills. Each refill lasts up to 90 days (if used 12…
  • Doesn't mask but truly cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh…
starting from £22.45i
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Image of Reckitt Benckiser 3076100 air freshener
Air Wick Essential Mist Diffuser Kit, Essential Oils Relaxing Lavender Scent - 1 Kit: 1 Gadget + 1 Refill x 20mli
  • Ultimate fragrance control: adjustable intensity and Frequency of mist for a room…
  • Long lasting: provides up to 45 days of continuous, long-lasting fragrance per refill…
  • Beautiful: its elegant, compact, portable design enhances any decor
starting from £9.00i
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TOP 10
Image of California Scents CCS-407AMAZON air freshener
California Scents CCS-407AMAZON Air Freshener Cherry Scent, Coronado Cherry, 4 unitsi
  • Long lasting cherry flavour airfreshener
starting from £8.64i
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