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Review10Best compares the best air mattresses in the UK and nominates the one by Comfort Quest as the best mattress. In our air mattresses review, you can read more about our experiences we made with the different mattresses and follow our recommendation on which air mattress to buy in the UK in 2020. With the mattress comparison, you can be sure to buy the best air mattress on the market and save a lot of money if you buy it online.

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Best air mattresses: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great air mattress

Picture of a air mattress

An air mattress can be a useful investment for homeowners, making a fine alternative to a spare bed while also being a great piece of camping equipment. There are a few things you should consider in order to find the best air mattress for your needs, whether you are buying it for a specific reason or just looking to grab one in case you need it down the line.

What are air mattresses?

An air mattress is an inflatable mattress typically made from PVC or similar plastic materials. When not being used, an air mattress is completely deflated, making it easier to store and transport, helping it become a popular option for camping trips or as a temporary bed for a guest. They can be inflated by manually breathing into the air valve or by using a type of pump.

Why should you buy a good air mattress?

The best air mattresses are remarkably comfortable, and because they can be easily inflated and deflated, they are useful for a variety of situations you may find yourself in. For example, if you like to go camping but don’t enjoy sleeping uncomfortably on the ground, a oremium air mattress is a great addition to your camping gear. The fact they are lightweight and easy to transport means you can carry them without issue and still enjoy a very relaxing sleep.

Also, you may find an air mattress as a great option for any guests visiting your home. Not every house has the space for a guest bed, making an air mattress a fine backup should anyone be visiting.

Another picture of a air mattress
How to choose the right air mattress?

With a few notable products available, finding the best air mattress may take some research. Here are a few things worth considering that should make choosing the best air mattress much easier:

  • Uses: Knowing your intended use for an air mattress should make finding a suitable one easier. For instance, if you are using it for a guest bed then you may want to go for a double height air mattress for any couples that may be staying. Conversely, if you plan on using it for camping, then a smaller option may be more advisable, especially for fitting it inside a tent.
  • Size: There are quite a few size options when it comes to air mattresses, so you will want to think about what size you would prefer. Remember, the largest choice isn’t necessarily the best air mattress you might need, especially if space is going to be a concern! For an air mattress that is being used indoors, be sure to check the size of the room it will be used in. An air mattress for camping will need to be relative to the size of your tent and the number of users!
What is the best kind of air mattress in the UK?

Much like standard mattresses, an air mattress is available in a range of sizes. The best size for an air mattress differs from person to person, and remember that bigger products are usually more expensive!

  • Single Air Mattresses: A standard single air mattress is designed to fit a single person. There are longer types that are designed for taller people, too.
  • Double Air Mattresses: Given their wide size, this is the best air mattress for couples, as they should be able to comfortably fit two people. A double air mattress is also a fine choice for an individual seeking a more spacious mattress.
  • King/Queen Air Mattresses: Slightly larger options than a double air mattress, they offer even more width so can sleep two people comfortably. However, they are heavier and will take longer to inflate. So it may be a good idea to invest in a good pump!
  • Raised Air Mattresses: Available in any other type of air mattress, raised options are great because they can be easier to enter and exit, while also being noticeably higher from the ground. This can be especially useful when camping.
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Top 10 list of air mattresses in the UK (February 2020)

Our top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their air mattresses rank and which mattress is the best.
Top choicei TOP 1
Image of Comfort Quest . air mattress
Comfort Quest Single 449755 Inflatable Blow Up Camping Mattress Guest Air Bedi
  • Size (cm): L185 x W76 x D22 (227kg maximum weight capacity)
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, making it perfect for camping
  • Quick inflation/deflation screw valve to easily connect a pump
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Value deali TOP 2
Image of Pavillo 67000-17 air mattress
Pavillo inflatable single air bed Blue Horizon for one person, 185 x 76 x 22 cmi
  • Scope of delivery - Bestway Blue Horizon Pavillo air mattress camping, including…
  • Quickly ready for use - thanks to the screw valve, the guest mattress can be ventilated…
  • Versatile - The outdoor air bed is also suitable as an inflatable bed for indoor…
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Image of Milestone Camping 88000 air mattress
Milestone Camping Unisex's Flocked Airbed ~ Single, Bluei
  • STRONG & DURABLE - The air bed has strong vinyl coil beam construction to ensure…
  • SIZE - Once inflated the air bed reaches a size of 191 x 73 x 22cm
  • QUICK TO INFLATE & DEFLATE - The air bed has a built in safety valve will help…
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Image of Active Era AB-K1-UK air mattress
Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed with a Built-in Electric Pump and Pillowi
  • LARGE KING SIZE with inflated dimensions of 152 x 203 x 50cm. CE Approved
  • DURABLE DESIGN Built with an extra thick, hard wearing and waterproof flocked top…
  • FULL-BODY SUPPORT This blow up bed is fitted with 35 structured air-coils to provide…
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Image of Active Era AB-S1-UK air mattress
Active Era Air Bed - Premium Single Size AirBed with a Built-in Electric Pump and Pillowi
  • SINGLE SIZE AIRBED: Inflated dimensions of 99 x 187 x 53cm. CE Approved
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Built with an extra thick, hard wearing and waterproof flocked top…
  • FULL-BODY SUPPORT: This blow up bed is fitted with 21 structured air-coils to provide…
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Image of Sable SA-HF046001 air mattress
Inflatable Air Bed Sable Double Size Airbed, Air Mattress Upgraded Blow up Bed with Built-in Electric Pump Storage Bag 203 x152 x 51cm, Bluei
  • Dedicated customer service: comes with a 30 months warranty from the date of its…
  • No sheets needed: high-grade flocking fabric is soft on the skin, breathable, So…
  • Built-in electric pump: inflate and deflate the bed quickly and without hassle with…
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Image of Sable UK SA-HF003 air mattress
Air Bed Sable Air Mattress Double Size Inflatable Bed with Built-in Electric Pump 203 x 152 x 48 cm Portable Airbeds for Family, Guests and Camping Indoor & Outdoori
  • Versatile use for unexpected moments: ideal for naps, visitors staying over, or when…
  • Supports up to 661lbs/ 300kg: Individuals of different weight are supported depending…
  • Fast 5 minute inflation: using the built-in 130W high-powered air pump, get suitable…
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Image of Sable SA-HF045-UK2 air mattress
Sable Twin Size Airbed, Upgraded Inflatable Blow up raised Air Matress Guest Camping Travel Beds with Storage Bag for Outdoor Indoor 203 x 99 x 28cm, Grey & Blue, PVCi
  • Easy Storage & Transport: Comes with a storage bag that packs down to small size…
  • Built-in Pillow: The built-in raised pillow provides head and neck support for bed-like…
  • No Sheets Needed: High-grade flocking fabric is soft on the skin, breathable, so…
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Image of Active Era AB-K2-UK-FBA air mattress
Active Era King Size Double Queen Air Bed - Elevated Inflatable Air Mattress, Electric Built-in Pump, Raised Pillow & Structured I-Beam Technology, Height 56cmi
  • LARGE KING SIZE – Raised height airbed with inflated dimensions of 152 x 203…
  • DURABLE STRUCTURE - An extra thick, hard wearing and waterproof flocked top layer…
  • NECK AND HEAD SUPPORT: A built in ergonomically designed pillow follows the curvature…
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TOP 10
Image of Intex 68758E air mattress
Intex Double Size Classic Downy Airbedi
  • Compact and easy to store
  • 2-in-1 valve, extra quick inflation and deflation
  • With comfortable velour top layer
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