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Which is the best brain teaser 2023?

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The 10 best brain teasers to buy in the UK

The top 10 list of the best brain teasers lists various brands and prices

Review10Best compares the best brain teasers in the UK and selects the one by Eshowy as the best brain teaser. In a brain teaser buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different brain teasers and see a recommendation on which brain teaser to buy in the UK in 2023. By considering the top list of brain teasers, you can find the best brain teasers and save time shopping online.

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  1. Read the ultimate brain teaser buying guide
  2. View the brain teaser picks and see how they rank in the top list


Best brain teasers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great brain teaser

Picture of a brain teaser

There are many great brain teasers available, so there is certainly no lack of options if you’re looking to buy one. Fun, enjoyable, and very stimulating, there are plenty of reasons to grab a brain teaser, but with so many different types of puzzles to choose from it can be a struggle to pick just one!

So, if you’re looking for the best brain teaser possible, it helps to know a few things such as what you want from the puzzle and who will be playing it. Check out this handy buying guide for everything you need to know to get the best brain teaser!


What are brain teasers?

A brain teaser is a problem or puzzle that needs to be solved, usually in an entertaining fashion. There are many types of brain teasers out there, but the most popular products sold today include the likes of 3D jigsaw puzzles, toy mazes, puzzle cubes, and various other puzzle toys and gadgets.

Why should you buy a good brain teaser?

The best brain teasers are not just fun to solve, but also a great form of mental stimulation. While the effects vary depending on the type of brain teaser, benefits include increased brain activity, improved concentration, and generally exercising the brain to react and think much faster.

Plus, once you get a great brain teaser you can spend hours trying to solve it, so once you do this you get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

How to choose the right brain teaser?

Another picture of a brain teaser

Finding the best brain teaser is all down to the player and their preferences, so you may want to think about a few things before you buy something. Here’s some things worth considering:

  • Kids or Adults: Brain teasers are great for people of all ages, but not all products will be suitable for every age group. For instance, a kid’s brain teaser will be vastly different from adult brain teasers, although there are options in-between that are great for adults and kids playing together. Most good brain teasers have age recommendations, so it’s easy enough to establish how suitable they are.
  • Complexity: The best brain teaser puzzles should be great fun but also challenging. However, you won’t get much enjoyment out of a brain teaser if it’s too challenging, so be sure to avoid anything that is too complex, especially if you haven’t played many before.
  • Type: Brain teasers fall into a few categories, with the most popular options being mechanical (like a puzzle cube or detangle puzzles) and jigsaws. If you enjoy problem solving and challenging your logic, then mechanical brain teasers are the best choice.

What is the best kind of brain teaser in the UK?

There are several types of brain teasers to buy, with some of the most popular including:

  • Mechanical Brain Teasers: These brain teasers feature puzzles based in the mechanics of the item. This could involve putting something together (like a burr puzzle), detangling an item (such as metal puzzles), or moving parts to complete a puzzle (e.g. a Rubik’s Cube).
  • Board Games: While not all board games are categorised as brain teasers, there are some variants that challenge your logic, memory, dexterity etc. Trivia board games are fine example of this, and board game brain teasers are great fun to play with other people.
  • Jigsaws: While they can fall under the mechanical category, jigsaw brain teasers are so popular they are worth mentioning on their own. Most types are 3D jigsaws brain teasers, which require you to visualise the puzzle and use logic and insight to determine how to put it together. These are great brain teasers to play solo or with someone else.
…are you ready for the best picks of 2023?

Top 10 list of brain teasers in the UK (March 2023)

The bestseller list compares brands and their brain teasers. Which brain teaser is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Eshowy  brain teaser
ESHOWY IQ Toys IQ Test Mind Game Toys Brain Teaser Metal Wire Puzzles…
  • Metal brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite…
  • Age 6+;Great challenge for kids and adults;
  • Intelligence game toy.
Image of THE TWIDDLERS PT056 brain teaser
THE TWIDDLERS - 28 Mini Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle Box Set - Assorted…
  • We aim to please - We offer 100% warranty on our products - should you run into any…
  • More details - Weight per set - 648.8 grams - dimensions per set - 30 x 17 x 4.5…
  • Developing skills - Our games are the perfect conduit to develop children’s…
Image of Holzsammlung . brain teaser
Holzsammlung Set of 6 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles, IQ Challenge…
  • If you have any questions and, please kindly contact our customer service via email…
  • Compact Size: Product dimension: 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 inch (4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm). Weight:…
  • One-of-a-kind: Every Holzsammlung Brain Teasers is completely unique, handcrafted…
Offer TOP 4
Image of LOGICA GIOCHI 29001019125 brain teaser
Logica Puzzles Art. 9 Rings Of Beijing - Metal Brain Teaser - Difficulty…
  • BOX dimensions: 21 x 2 x 10 cm / 8.3 x 0.8 x 3.9 inch
  • Dimensions: 19 x 1 x 7 cm / 7.5 x 0.4 x 2.7 inch
  • Difficulty: INCREDIBLE 5/6. Medium resoluton time: 1 hour - 1 year
Image of Coogam puzzle004 brain teaser
Coogam Brain Teaser Metal Wire Puzzles IQ Test Toy Mind Game Jigsaw…
  • A good gift for your family and friends, metal tangram puzzles for kids adults
  • Made of high quality metal, no sharp edges to keep your children safe
  • Good for creative thinking and improve both your IQ & EQ
Image of Toys of Wood Oxford TW126 brain teaser
Wooden Twist Cube IQ Puzzle - Wooden Brain Teaser - Brain Teaser Puzzle…
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: it is made of sustainable wood with environmentally…
  • The game cube with smooth and rounded edges gives a very fine and smooth therapeutic…
  • This brain teaser puzzle mind game is suitable for 6 plus and grown-ups. Ideal as…
Image of JQGO  brain teaser
Megaminx Cube, Dodecahedron Speed Puzzle Cube 3x3, Magic Puzzle Cube…
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Your satisfaction is our mission. We provide Free Replacement…
  • EXCELLENT GIFT - The magic cube is a good gift to your kids both boys and girls,…
  • ‍‍‍SUITABIL FOR ALL AGES - Speed Megaminx Cube is the vivid colors -matching…
Image of THE TWIDDLERS PT146 brain teaser
THE TWIDDLERS - 36 Pieces Metal Wire IQ Brain Mind Teaser Puzzles…
  • Healthy warranty - We back our products 100%. Contact us if you are not satisfied…
  • Safety warning - Our metal puzzles contain small parts & may present risk of…
  • Premium quality - Made from premium quality high carbon steel & electroplated…
Image of Coogam puzzle020 brain teaser
Coogam Wooden Intelligence Puzzle 40 Pcs Tangram Jigsaw Brain Teaser…
  • Awesome wooden Intelligence puzzle for kids, and great fidget toy for adults. Perfect…
  • Assembling Russian Blocks use common geometric patterns and colors to keep children…
  • The simple design and bright colors are perfect for sparking any imagination, perfect…
TOP 10
Image of Red Rainbow  brain teaser
Red Rainbow Sudoku Cube Puzzle Number Brain Teaser Adult Kids Number…
  • All elements rotate around their own axis.
  • s with Sudoku puzzles, 1-9 must appear on one side.
  • Black Sudoku puzzle cube with white Sudoku numbers.
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