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The 10 best electric hand planers to buy in the UK

Picture of a electric hand planer

Finding the best electric hand planer can be challenging for first-time buyers. There are a few considerations to make to ensure you choose a suitable device, which is easier said than done when there are so many electric wood planers available. So knowing what to look for before you buy makes the process a lot easier. To help with this we have created a handy buying guide for electric hand planers. It covers all the information you need to know about these useful woodworking tools, so you should be able to find the best electric hand planers with ease.


What are electric hand planers?

An electric hand planer is a type of power tool used to plane wood. It features a sharp blade fixed to a rotor powered by an electrical motor, rotating at high speeds to remove layers of wood when passed over the surface. The blade can be adjusted, allowing different depths to be reached as needed.

Why should you buy a good electric hand planer?

Owning the best electric hand planer is recommended for anyone that enjoys woodworking or general DIY projects around the home. Cheap and easy to use, the device is suitable for various tasks, whether it’s restoring old wood, removing imperfections, smoothing, bevelling, or much more.

How to choose the right electric hand planer?

Another picture of a electric hand planer

Choosing power tools like the best electric hand planer is difficult if you are unsure what you need, so here are some things to consider before you buy:

  • Blade Material: Electric planer blades are made from various materials; each one being suited to different types of tasks. For example, high-speed steel blades are great for softwoods like pine and are strong, durable, and easy to sharpen once dulled. Carbide blades are more suited for hardwoods but lack the precision of steel, so choose accordingly.
  • Blade Size: Planer blades also come in many sizes and this will determine their suitability for different tasks. For instance, the standard blades are suitable for a variety of applications like single planks, door frames, skirting etc. Large planers come with bigger blades that are suitable for heavier-duty tasks, such as planing doors, tables, or floors.
  • Accessories: A good electric hand planer does more than just plane, with many featuring accessories that provide further functions you may find useful. For example, some feature grooved plates that let you create bevels using the planner, although this is certainly an advanced technique so you may not need it. Other popular accessories include sanding attachments and fences for added precision.

What is the best kind of electric hand planer in the UK?

Here are the two most popular types of electric hand planers available to buy:

  • Corded Electric Hand Planer: Corded hand planers are the most powerful, featuring the highest RPMs. This makes them ideal for both light and heavy-duty tasks, whether it’s a few planks of wood or entire surface areas like doors or tables. While more powerful, movement is somewhat restricted by the power cord, so keep this in mind if working on hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Cordless Electric Hand Planer: Cordless electric hand planers are battery-operated devices, so they aren’t as restricted as their corded counterparts. While they offer more manoeuvrability, power can be lacking in some, meaning they may not be the best for heavy-duty tasks. If choosing cordless, make sure you consider the battery runtime and charge time.

Top 10 list of electric hand planers in the UK 2024

The bestseller list compares brands and their electric hand planers. Which electric hand planer is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Jellas YHR0317-T-179 electric hand planer
Electric Hand Planer, Jellas 16000RPM Planer, with 2 Reversible HSS…
  • 2-Year WarrantyJELLAS provides 2-year warranty, we will spare no effort to provide…
  • Modern Ergonomic and LightweightThe Jellas electric wood planer is designed for optimal…
  • Powerful Electric MotorJELLAS power hand planer for woodworking equipped with a 710W…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Einhell 4345310 electric hand planer
Einhell 4345310 TC-PL 750 Electric Planer | Up To 2mm Chip Depth,…
  • Aluminium planer plate
  • Large blade wave for ideal working results
  • Includes one carbide planing blade
Image of VonHaus 3500128 electric hand planer
VonHaus 900W Electric Hand Planer - Power Wood Planner with 82mm Width…
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: This product is backed by 2 year warranty, so you can be safe…
  • ERGONOMIC & SAFE HANDLE: Equipped with extra auxiliary handle, ergonomic soft…
  • EXTRA FEATURES: adjustable base plate, guide fence, left/right dust extraction and…
Image of Jellas RP-EP01-1 electric hand planer
JELLAS Planer, 16,500rpm Electric Planer with 82mm Width and 3mm Depth,…
  • OUTSTANDING BLADE - Double cutting blade design, made of 65Mn, sharp and durable.…
  • DOUBLE DUST REMOVAL - Double dust removal ports, double dust collection system,…
  • 0.1MM DEPTH ADJUSTMENT SCALE - The cutting depth is 3mm, the depth adjustment scale…
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 06032A4070 electric hand planer
Bosch Home and Garden Electric Planer PHO 1500 (550 W, Planing width…
  • Automatically extending parking rest - prevents damage to the workpiece or planer…
  • Quick and efficient removal of material on door frames and wooden beams
  • Single-sided chip ejection system with access for dust bag or vacuum cleaner
Image of Voche Gndie/Ca197 electric hand planer
Voche® 900W Electric Power Plane Wood Planer with Parallel &…
  • 1.8m cable fitted with BS approved UK 3 pin plug
  • TCT reversible cutters and grooved sole plate for chamfering edges
  • Accessory kit includes parallel and rebate guides, dust bag, and spanner
Image of gegeweeret OT-MLLCR-966-1 electric hand planer
Electric Wood Planer, Home and Garden Electric Planer, 220V 800W Portable…
  • Adjustable Cutting DepthThis item has a cutter depth adjustment knob. You can adjust…
  • Long Service LifeThe motor is designed with high temperature resistant copper wire,…
  • Precise CuttingThis machine is able to carry a straight line indicator, it makes…
Image of Ejoyous Ejoyousnzsibyg19r electric hand planer
Universal Electric Planer Wood, Portable Wood Planer Hand Hold Wood…
  • Reliable and DurableThis 220V Woodworking Power Tool Carpentry Planer is made of…
  • Easy Convenient to UseIt is also pretty easy and convenient to use this Portable…
  • Flexible Adjustable Wide ApplicationThere is also a cutter depth adjustment button…
Image of KATSU Tools Cordless Planer electric hand planer
KATSU FIT-BAT Cordless Planer 21V/18V, Electric Hand Planer with 82mm…
  • Ideal for fixing doors, fitting wood and correcting splinters, chips and misshapen…
  • Extra set of blades included
  • The manual control switch and lock button can ensure safe use
TOP 10
Image of Makita MAKKP0800 electric hand planer
Makita KP0800 240V 3-inch/82mm Planer Blue Small Size
  • Double insulated
  • Can be connected to Makita Dust extractor/ vacuum cleaner
  • Angle and shape of the handle are easy to grip, push and carry
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