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Review10Best looks at the best grills in the UK and selects the one by George Foreman as the best grill. In a grill buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different grills and see a recommendation on which grill to buy in the UK in 2020. By considering the top list of grills, you can find the best grills and save time shopping online.

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Best grills: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great grill

Picture of a grill

Nothing quite compares to the taste of grilled food, making a grill a very worthwhile investment if you love the unique flavors achieved through this style of cooking. If you are looking for the best grill possible to achieve that amazing finish to meat and vegetables, there’s a lot to think about before making that final decision!

What are grills?

A grill is a cooking appliance that consists of a metal frame that is placed above a heat source, such as gas or charcoal. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be fuelled by various means, but the main concept is to provide a direct source of heat that allows you to grill the food, providing it with a distinct smell and taste.

Why should you buy a good grill?

The best grills for your needs will provide a fantastic cooking experience. If you live somewhere with a warm climate for most of the year, then a grill is even better as you will have the opportunity to use it frequently. However, even if you were to use it sparingly, a grill still provides a great way to cook your food, and the distinct taste and aroma of grilled food are certainly enough to whet most appetites! There are few people around that don’t love a great barbecue, so a grill is a fantastic investment for most people!

Another picture of a grill
How to choose the right grill?

To ensure you find the best grill for you, be sure to consider some of the following:

  • Fuel: The best grill fuel is all down to personal preference. Some believe that nothing beats gas grills, which use either propane or other natural gases as a fuel source, as they are quick to heat and very easy to use while requiring little in the way of maintenance. The other option is a charcoal grill. This is a more affordable option and is very simple to use, not to mention providing that unique barbeque taste, but you will need to use a new set of coals each time you use it and thus it is a bit slower to heat.
  • Size: With plenty of size options available, finding the best size of the grill for your outdoor space will depend on a few things. For instance, how many people will you be cooking for and how regularly? A large grill is great for people hosting regular barbeques, but won’t be necessary for making few for a few people. Also, think about your space outside, gas grills can take up a lot of room!
  • Features: A grill can be as basic as you want or come with a host of great features, it is all down to what you need from it. For example, a charcoal grill can have nothing but a few levels for cooking, while a gas grill may sport cool features such as a smoker box, rotisserie, or side burner. Remember though, some features will rarely get used, so be sure to invest in a grill with features that you know you will get plenty of use out of.
What is the best kind of grill in the UK?

There are three very popular types of grills that are widely available today. Each offers their own benefits, so be sure to take this into account when looking for the best grill for your needs:

  • Charcoal Grills: Charcoal grills are easy to use and inexpensive, making them a fantastic option for most people looking for a simple grill. All the need is charcoal briquettes for fuel, which happens to provide that very distinct smoky taste and flavor grills are known for. However, there are some aspects of a charcoal grill that some may find unappealing. For example, there is no way to control the heat level and they can take some time to heat up when compared to a gas grill. They also leave quite a mess. So in terms of maintenance, it may not be the best grill out there.
  • Gas Grills: Gas grills are powered by a gas supply, usually either propane or a natural gas, making them much quicker to heat. You can also control various heat levels by adjusting the temperature control knobs accordingly, allowing you to heat, sear and warm.
  • Smoker Grills: For those that love that smoky barbecue flavor in their food, a smoker grill is a must. Available as both gas or charcoal grills, smoker grill allows you to slow cook foods at reduced temperatures while adding charcoal or wood pellets to produce a wonderfully smoky taste.
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Top 10 list of grills in the UK (October 2020)

This top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their grills rank and which grill is the best.
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Top choicei TOP 1
Image of George Foreman 25810 grill
George Foreman 25810 Medium Fit Grill - Versatile Griddle, Hot Plate and Toastie Machine with Improved Non-Stick Coating and Speedy Heat Up, Blacki
  • Market research institutes, Consumer Appliances 2019, per electric grills catego…
  • 2 Year Manufactures Guarantee - Plus 1 extra year when you register the product…
  • 30% Space Saving and Vertical Storage Solution - The streamlined design has been…
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of George Foreman 25040 grill
George Foreman Medium Red Steel Grill 25040i
  • 2 year guarantee plus 1 year when you register the product online
  • Easy to clean, fixed non-stick plates that can be easily wiped down between uses
  • 75 cm cord with wrap and vertical storage
Buy now on Amazoni
Value deali TOP 3
Image of George Foreman 18471 grill
George Foreman 4-Portion Family Health Grill 18471 - Blacki
  • Multifunctional and fully flexible you can grill meat, fish and vegetables or maybe…
  • The handy 'ready to cook' indicator will illuminate when your George has reach optimum…
  • A floating hinge means your grill will close around different types of foods regardless…
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of Tefal GC713D40 grill
Tefal OptiGrill+ GC713D40 Intelligent Health Grill, 6 Automatic Settings, Stainless Steel, 2000W, 4-6 Portionsi
  • Removable, non-stick plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe, for fuss-free cleaning;…
  • Manual control, featuring four adjustable temperature settings to cook all sorts…
  • Six automatic cooking programmes (burger, poultry, bacon, sausage, red meat and fish),…
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of Quest 35490 grill
Quest 35490 Large Teppanyaki Grill Electric, 2000 W, Blacki
  • OTHER QUEST COOKING APPLIANCES - The Quest brand covers many cooking appliances ideal…
  • GREAT FOR ENTERTAINING - Grilling food on your teppanyaki is the perfect way to share…
  • LARGE COOKING AREA - At 47cm x 26cm the grill plate gives you plenty of room for…
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of George Foreman 23450 grill
George Foreman Large Variable Temperature Grill & Griddle 23450i
  • Ideal-fit drip tray slots in place. Please note that the grill cannot be used in…
  • Stores vertically, including the drip tray with cord storage
  • Dual, independent temperature controls
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of George Foreman 23440 grill
George Foreman Large Grill 23440, Blacki
  • Used for toasting sandwiches, paninis or more
  • Removes up to 42 percent of fat from food
  • Temperature ready indicator light
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of George Foreman 4008496874286 grill
George Foreman Family 5-Portion(510 sq cm plate) Grill 23420 - Blacki
  • New, Perfect-Fit drip tray slots in place
  • Temperature ready indicator light
  • Stores vertically - so you can fit in to small areas
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of Duronic  grill
Duronic Electric Griddle GP20 | Non-Stick Teppanyaki Grill Pan | Large Table-top Breakfast Cooking Plate | 52x27cm | Easy Clean | Fat Drip Tray | Adjustable Temperature | Indoor Portable BBQ Barbecuei
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The GP20 grill gives an even high heat output which enables you to…
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Super easy to use, simply position this grill on a flat even…
  • COOK BBQ’S INDOORS: Similar to a BBQ, but without all of the messy charcoal,…
Buy now on Amazoni
TOP 10
Image of Quest 34340 grill
Quest 34340 Compact Twin Panini Press and Grill Floating Hinge, Stainless Steel, 750W, Black,i
  • OTHER QUEST COOKING APPLIANCES - The Quest brand covers many cooking appliances ideal…
  • AUTO TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Power and ready indicator lights.
  • VERSATILE COOKING - Rotating top grill hinge for maximum contact.
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