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Review10Best looks at the best hand sanitizers in the UK and selects the one by Ocean Free as the best hand sanitizer. In a hand sanitizer buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different hand sanitizers and see a recommendation on which hand sanitizer to buy in the UK in 2020. By considering the top list of hand sanitizers, you can find the best hand sanitizers and save time shopping online.

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Best hand sanitizers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great hand sanitizer

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Buying a quality hand sanitizer is great for those moments where you don’t have access to water and soap. Yet with so many products to choose from, finding the best hand sanitizer isn’t always easy, especially for first-time buyers.

Looking for the best hand sanitizers that money can buy? Be sure to check out this buying guide for everything you need to know:

What are hand sanitizers?

A hand sanitizer is a disinfectant applied to the hands. While various ingredients can be used, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known to act as an effective disinfectant, while those with low or no alcohol offer no benefits. All good hand sanitizer products with at least 60 percent alcohol are effective at killing bacteria on the hands and are available as liquids, sprays and gels. Some brands even provide hospital-grade anti-bacterial hand gels killing up to 99.99% of germs.

Why should you buy a good hand sanitizer?

The best hand sanitizers can effectively kill bacteria on the hands, although they do require a high alcohol content to be effective. While best used in medical environments (e.g. hospitals), they are an alternative to cleaning hands out in public should there be no access to soap and water, although they work best when combined with handwashing, Maintaining clean hands is important to avoid the spread of germs, so buying a quality hand sanitizer is certainly worthwhile in most cases.

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How to choose the right hand sanitizer?

Choosing the best hand sanitizer isn’t always easy, especially if you do not know what to for. Here are some things to consider:

  • Alcohol Content: The most important active ingredient in hand sanitizer, alcohol content must have a concentration between 60 and 90 percent to effectively kill germs. However, not all forms of alcohol are effective, so look for either ethyl, isopropanol, or ethanol alcohol content. Avoid anything with alcohol content below 60 percent, as it won’t be an effective sanitizer.
  • Format: There are various formats available for hand sanitizers, including gel, liquid, and foam. While the choice is mainly down to personal preference, it is worth noting that foam products are generally more expensive so may be worth avoiding. Hand sanitizer gels can be better than liquids as they don’t spill or leak as easily.
  • Fragrance: While many hand sanitizers come with a pleasant fragrance, it is usually best to avoid these. The reason is it may cause irritations to certain skin types, and has a non-essential ingredient there is little use for it unless you dislike the odor of the product. However, most good hand sanitizers are odorless, so be mindful that those with fragrances are often lower quality than other types.
What is the best kind of hand sanitizer in the UK?

Hand sanitizer comes in several types, with each one featuring a different format that you may find preferable:

  • Foam Hand Sanitizer: Featuring a foam consistency when applied, this type of hand sanitizer is great because it is easier to apply over the skin than gels or liquids, which tend to slide off. More sanitizer on the hands means more effective germ killing, although foam types are generally the most expensive.
  • Gel Hand Sanitizer: A great sanitizer for most people, gel hand sanitizer is known to be very affordable and relatively easy to apply. Some prefer the more lubricated consistency of gel, believing it to be easier to apply between fingers and on fingernails.
  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer: Mostly the same as a gel hand sanitizer, the water-based formula does make it a lot runnier, which some find easier to apply over the skin. The one drawback is that they are the most likely to leak, which is a nightmare if kept in a backpack.
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Top 10 list of hand sanitizers in the UK (October 2020)

This top 10 list shows how manufacturers and their hand sanitizers rank and which hand sanitizer is the best.
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Top choicei TOP 1
Image of Ocean Free H0341 hand sanitizer
70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel - 500ml Pump Bottle - Certified Surgical/Medical Grade - Made in the UK (Single)i
  • Made in the UK in-house at an ISO 9001 and GMP UN 22716 accredited facility.
  • Moisturising to skin - high emollient content reducing the drying effect on the skin…
  • High alcohol content - 70% ethanol v/v ensures quick effective hand sanitisation…
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Value deali TOP 2
Image of INEOS Hygienics 745125479118 hand sanitizer
Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser (500ml) by INEOS Hygienics. Made with 75% Pharma Grade Alcohol, Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteriai
  • Item display weight: 0.396 kilograms
  • Item display volume: 500.0 milliliters
  • Suitable for both personal and commercial use and in all facilities and premises…
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Image of Cuticura 40010806 hand sanitizer
Cuticura Original Anti Bacterial Hand Gel 100ml (Pack of 6)i
  • Dermatologically approved
  • 66% Alcohol (by volume)
  • Kills 99% of bacteria
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Image of Ocean Free H0573 hand sanitizer
80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid Rub - 5L Litre - Kills 99% Bacteria, Germs - Sanitizer (Single)i
  • Made in the UK in-house at an ISO 9001 and GMP UN 22716 accredited facility.
  • Moisturising to skin - high emollient content reducing the drying effect on the skin…
  • High alcohol content - 80% ethanol v/v ensures quick effective hand sanitisation…
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Image of CAREX 83390 hand sanitizer
CAREX Aloe Vera Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel Pack of 12, Hand Gel and 70 Percent Alcohol that Cleans, Cares and Protects, 50 mli
  • The Carex Range: Discover the rest of Carex range of hand sanitisers to find something…
  • Pocket Size Hand Sanitiser: Carex 50 ml travel hand sanitiser gel is ideal for using…
  • Eco Conscious: Help protect the environment, as well as your hands; Carex hand sanitiser…
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Image of Lefute  hand sanitizer
10PCS 50ml Refillable Bottles with Hook, Travel Plastic Clear Keychain Bottles Hand Sanitizer Containers Empty Squeeze Containers with Clip Carabiner (Random Color Hook)…i
  • WIDELY USED--Suitable for travel, sports, outdoor activities, business trip, etc.The…
  • SAFETY MATERIAL--This travel size empty containers are made of high quality clear…
  • EASY TO CARRY-- Appropriate size and buckle carabiner to hang or fit into your travel…
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80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Rub - 3x 500ml - Kills 99% Bacteria, Germs - Sanitizeri
  • Made in the UK
  • World Health Organisation Formula
  • Fast drying. No water needed
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Image of Polar Specialist Coatings GZHH00361274S hand sanitizer
Halo Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 100ml Pack of 10, Antibacterial 76% Alcohol, Hand Gel with Moisturisers & Aloe Vera, Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteriai
  • You will receive 10x Individual 100ml Hand sanitisers
  • NOTE: You will not get a display unit for Pack of 10 and Pack of 2
  • 76% Alcohol Hand Gel with Moisturisers & Aloe Vera,
Buy now on Amazoni
Image of LAKELAND COSMETICS PL05L hand sanitizer
Hand Sanitiser Gel with Pelican Pump Dispenser - 70% Alcohol 5 Litre - Anti-Bacterial Hand Hygiene Gel Rub 5L, sanitizeri
  • 70% anti bac hand gel 5 litre hand sanitizer gel alcohol, Made in the UK in ISO 9001…
  • Hand alcohol gel is Fast drying. No water needed, 70% alcohol hand sanitiser is complete…
  • Hand sanitiser gel is Proven To Be Quick and Effective at Killing 99.99% of Bact…
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TOP 10
Image of Kusuri KUSP/H50ml hand sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol Antibacterial Non Sticky Liquid 5 Litre With Refilling/Dispensing Pumpi
  • Perfect to refill your 50ml Pocket/Handbag Size and 150ml Hallway/Car Size
  • Leaves your Hands Feeling Moisturised and Soft
  • 80% Alcohol Based, Highly Antibacterial & WHO Approved Formula
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