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The 10 best hedge trimmers to buy in the UK

Picture of a hedge trimmer

The best hedge trimmers make hedge maintenance much easier. Offering a natural boundary around a property that offers plenty of privacy and a nice aesthetic in your garden, hedges are a great addition to any outdoor area but do require a fair amount of upkeep. Maintaining hedges is quite challenging but with a good set of hedge trimmers cutting away excess growth is much easier. So, to make sure your hedges look better than ever, you will want to find the right hedge trimmers!

Check out the below buying guide for all the info you need to know to find the best hedge trimmer:


What are hedge trimmers?

A hedge trimmer is a type of garden tool used to cut back growth from hedges, shrubs, and other foliage-heavy plants. Hedge trimmers are either manual or powered, the latter offering exceptional cutting speed and efficiency while the former is great for precise trimming. Furthermore, many multi-function garden tools include a hedge trimmer attachment, allowing you to use one device to trim hedges, trim lawns, prune trees and shrubs.

Why should you buy a good hedge trimmer?

The best hedge trimmer devices make hedge maintenance easier than ever. Trimming the height and length of large hedges takes time and effort, so by using a good hedge trimmer you can make the task quicker and less arduous, allowing you to create beautifully maintained hedges in your garden with minimal effort. Plus, there are various types of hedge trimmers to suit different needs. For example, manual trimmers are great for smaller hedges that need minor maintenance, while electric or petrol-powered hedge trimmers can make short work of long and tall hedges with thick growth.

Simply put, if you own hedges and want to make maintenance as simple as possible, a good set of hedge trimmers is highly recommended.

How to choose the right hedge trimmer?

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Choosing the best hedge trimmers can be difficult if you don’t know what you need, so here are a few things to consider before you buy:

  • Manual or Powered: Manual hedge trimmers are basically a shear used to clip away growth. While good for precise trimming, they require a lot of effort to trim back larger hedges and may struggle with thick branches. Powered hedge trimmers offer unrivalled cutting power so are best for cutting back hedges with lots of height and width, making the work much quicker to complete compared to manual shears.
  • Blade Length: The blade length of a hedge trimmer impacts the width and height you can cut at. While it may seem good to go for longer blades, it may not be necessary if your hedges are smaller. Larger hedges benefit from a longer cutting blade as it reduces the time spent cutting, so if you have large hedges then look for a longer blades.
  • Teeth Spacing: When buying powered hedge trimmers make sure to check the teeth spacing of the blade, as this determines what thickness of branch it can cut through. For example, small spacing is suitable for smaller hedges without too many thick branches, while higher spacing is recommended for mature hedges with thicker branches.

What is the best kind of hedge trimmer in the UK?

Here are the most popular types of hedge trimmers available:

  • Manual Hedge Trimmers: Manual hedge trimmers are basically a set of shears that are used to cut through the foliage. While very sharp and capable of cutting through growth, they take significantly longer to cut entire hedges than their powered counterparts, making them best for minor touch-ups and smaller hedges.
  • Electric Hedge Trimmers: Available in both cordless and corded designs, electric hedge trimmers are ideal for most hedges. Lightweight so easy to use for long periods, electric trimmers also come with fantastic cutting power, making quick work of hedges of every shape and size.
  • Petrol Hedge Trimmers: A type of cordless hedge trimmer, petrol-powered devices use a combustion engine to produce unrivalled cutting power. This makes them the best hedge trimmer for older hedges with lots of thick growth, although they are a lot heavier than other types so may be challenging to use for long periods.

Top 10 list of hedge trimmers in the UK 2024

The bestseller list compares brands and their hedge trimmers. Which hedge trimmer is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Bosch Lawn and Garden 0600847A71 hedge trimmer
Bosch Electric Hedge Cutter EasyHedgeCut 45 (420 W, Blade Length 45…
  • More freedom: additional power cable included for harder to reach areas
  • Scope of supply: EasyHedgeCut 45, extension cable, carton packaging
  • 45-cm blade length and 16-mm tooth spacing design for light trimming work
Image of Black+Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer
BLACK + DECKER | Hedge Trimmer 60cm 600W Corded with Saw Blade BE…
  • Bale handle for improved comfort & control
  • 25mm max cut capacity
  • 35mm saw blade for cutting larger diameter branches
Offer TOP 3
Image of Hyundai HYHT680E hedge trimmer
Hyundai 680w 610mm Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer Pruner, Rotatable…
  • For your peace of mind comes with 3 year Hyundai warranty and full UK after sales…
  • Really easy to use: No petrol or oil to mess around with and no batteries to cha…
  • Blade length of 610mm: Can handle branches up to 24mm in diameter.
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 0600849F70 hedge trimmer
Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI (1 Battery,…
  • Anti-Blocking system ensures continuous cutting performance
  • Special teeth at the front of the blade easily cut branches up to 25 mm in diame…
  • Softgrip on the rear handle, multi-position front handle and transparent hand gu…
Image of NETTA NTSP-500WHEDGETRIMMER hedge trimmer
NETTA Hedge Trimmer and Cutter - 500W - 500mm Diamond Cutting Blade…
  • WARRANTY: We aim to give the best customer service possible. In the unlikely event…
  • DIMENSIONS: Product Size: 79cm x 14cm x 18cm | Carton Size: 81cm x 13cm x 21.3cm…
  • SAFE TO USE: This hedge trimmer comes with a two-way safety switch and a hand protective…
Image of Terratek TLRSET hedge trimmer
Terratek 20V Telescopic Cordless Hedge Trimmer 2X Batteries, 1HR Fast…
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: We offer a 24 month guarantee on our Terratek Hedge timmers cordless…
  • EASY SAFE OPERATION: This Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer is nice and simple to…
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING HEAD: A 120° 5 position pivoting head allows for the easy…
NETTA 2in1 Grass Shear & Hedge Trimmer with 7.2V Rechargeable…
  • WARRANTY: We aim to give the best customer service possible. In the unlikely event…
  • DIMENSIONS: Grass Shearing Blade – 9cm x 3.3cm | Hedge Trimmer – 17cm…
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Weighing in at just 1.3kg, this 2 in 1 Hedge Trimmer and…
Image of Black+Decker BEHT201-GB hedge trimmer
BLACK + DECKER BEHT201-GB Hedge Trimmer, 240 V, 45 cm
  • Bale handle for improved comfort & control
  • Lightweight, compact & ergonomic design
  • 16mm max cut capacity
Image of Einhell 3410683 hedge trimmer
Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer With Battery and…
  • 52 cm blade length with 46 cm cutting length
  • Counter rotating blades made of robust laser cut and diamond cut steel
  • Cordless hedge trimmer with metal gearing for powerful performance
TOP 10
Image of Terratek T500LR-2 hedge trimmer
Terratek Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer 550W 2.75M Long Reach Pole…
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: We offer a 24 month guarantee
  • EASY SAFE OPERATION: This Long Reach Corded Hedge Trimmer is nice and simple to operate,…
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING HEAD: A 120° 4 position pivoting head allows for the easy…
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