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The 10 best ironing boards to buy in the UK

Picture of a ironing board

If you want to iron fabrics, then ironing boards will make your life easier. So if you struggling to find the best ironing board, look no further than this handy ironing board buying guide. Below you will find all the info you need to buy the right ironing board for your needs:


What are ironing boards?

An ironing board a small, foldable table that is used to iron clothes and other fabrics. It’s fitted with a heat-resistant cover to ensure no damage from the high temperature of the iron, which is usually removable for cleaning or in case it needs to be replaced.

Why should you buy a good ironing board?

A good ironing board makes your ironing chores easier and more efficient. Not only are they perfect size for ironing all kinds of clothes and fabrics, the surface of the board retains heat from the iron, meaning it stays warm so will iron out creases more effectively. Simply put, ironing is quicker and more efficient with a great ironing board.

How to choose the right ironing board?

Another picture of a ironing board

Here are some things to think about when you are looking to buy the best ironing board:

  • Size: Ironing boards are available in various sizes, each one catering to different types and sizes of clothing and fabrics, so always consider how long and wide of a board you need. For example, if you need to press clothes for a tall man, then a longer board will be required to fit the clothing. Portable and tabletop boards are often smaller, with full-size boards being less flexible.
  • Board Cover: Firstly, not all ironing boards come with a cover and those that do don’t always offer the best type of cover. The best ironing board covers come with thick padding, usually around 10mm, while some sort of protective texture to prevent sticking.
  • Stability: While it’s nice to have a lightweight ironing board for easier storage, you do want to make sure it’s stable enough that it can easily fall over when you’re ironing. In fact, a sturdy ironing board often improves ironing, as you focus entirely on the task rather than trying to hold the board in place as you iron.

What is the best kind of ironing board in the UK?

Some of the best-selling types of ironing boards currently available to buy include:

  • Freestanding Ironing Boards: The standard type of ironing board, freestanding boards are made from metal and come with an adjustable height. Its legs are foldable so it can be stored upright when not in use and easily brought out when you need to iron. Sizes vary, although most are full-size boards.
  • Tabletop Ironing Boards: This variant ist the most portable, with the small-sized board fitting on top of most tables, which is great for saving space in smaller rooms. These are much shorter though, so ironing longer clothes like trousers or bed sheets can be very time-consuming.
  • Wall Mounted Ironing Boards: As the name suggests, these are mounted to walls or the inside of a cupboard for convenient storage and to save space. Installation is required and their sizes are often smaller to fit into recessed walls or cabinets, although they remain out of sight when not in use and can save lots of space.

Top 10 list of ironing boards in the UK 2024

The bestseller list compares brands and their ironing boards. Which ironing board is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Mabel Home Pratic Ironing board ironing board
Mabel Home Adjustable Height, Deluxe, 4-Leg, Ironing Board, Extra…
  • Size: 52"x13.5", it comes with the thick cover on it. , 4 Leg
  • 4 Different pre-set height settings. Minimum: 30"- Maximum: 35"
  • 100% natural cotton cover
Image of Minky HH40201125M ironing board
Minky Ergo Mint Prozone Ironing Board, Black, 122 x 38cm [Amazon…
  • 4 Leg Design - Robust and sturdy
  • Flex Guide - Prevents iron cord from tangling and snagging
  • Prozone Cover - 100% cotton with heat reflective metallic coating
Image of Rainberg 240-241 ironing board
Rainberg 122 x 38cm Folding Ironing Board with Jumbo Iron Rest, Adjustable…
  • Closed Dimensions 41cm wide x 5.5cm deep x 158cm high. Opened Dimensions excl. iron…
  • This board has a strong look with a stable & solid four-legged frame and is also…
  • Easy to move, the transport lock keeps the board folded and with the protective non-slip…
Offer TOP 4
Image of Amazing Tour  ironing board
Amazing Tour Lightweight Ironing Board - 110 x 30cm Table Folding…
  • Size: approx. L : 110 x W:30 cm (Length is including Iron Rack)Adjustable Height:…
  • The Ironing Board is really easy to fold and takes a small place for storage and…
  • There are 4 Leg Design protective non slip/scratch caps on the feet for added safety…
Image of Vileda 162611 ironing board
Vileda 162611 Bravo Ironing Board, Blue
  • Height in Use: 76cm x 96cm
  • Size Of Ironing Board: Length 120cm x Width 38cm
  • Closed Dimensions: Width 45.5cm x Depth 6cm x Height 158.5cm
Image of Beldray LA049872GRYEU ironing board
Beldray LA049872GRYEU Folding Ironing Board, Compact Vertical Storage,…
  • Perfect for both right and left handed use with 7 variable heights, this board has…
  • It has a diamond shaped mesh panel with a 100% cotton cover, which beautifully supports…
  • Measuring 115 x 36 cm, it has plenty of space without being too bulky, and the whole…
Image of Hibtn  ironing board
Hibtn Ironing Board, 110 x 30cm - T Leg Design Folding Non Slip Adjustable…
  • T Leg Design More stable ironing surface
  • The Ironing Board is really easy to fold and takes a small place for storage and…
  • MaterialMetal + Fabric.Steam Safe Angled Rest - Prevents iron from steaming when…
Image of PIFCO 206343 ironing board
PIFCO Adjustable Medium Ironing Board - 110 X 34cm Folding Ironing…
  • Stylish Design : The optional white powder coating and light gray feet make the board…
  • Safe Iron Rest : A safety iron rest with silicone dots keeps your iron in place,…
  • Durable Construction : The 0.6mm sheet thickness and 21 x 0.6mm leg size provide…
Image of Brabantia 134746 ironing board
Brabantia - Ironing Board C - Extra Large Steam Iron Rest - Adjustable…
  • Problem-free use - 10 year guarantee and service
  • Planet friendly - Cradle-to-Cradle Certified, Bronze level
  • Easy to move, despite the size the transport lock keeps the board folded which makes…
TOP 10
Image of Mabel Home 8541879356 ironing board
Mabel Home Ergo T-leg ironing board with silicone coated cover + extra…
  • Ideal for Compact Spaces. Our ironing boards designed for comfort, speed & p…
  • 4 pre-set height settings. Minimum 29” – Maximum 34”
  • Sturdy T-leg design with safety locking system for easy set-up, take-down and mo…
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