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Review10Best compares the best pressure washers in the UK and selects the one by Kärcher as the best pressure washer. In a pressure washer buying guide, you can read more about the features of the different pressure washers and see a recommendation on which pressure washer to buy in the UK in 2021. By considering the top list of pressure washers, you can find the best pressure washers and save time shopping online.

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Best pressure washers: A complete buying guide

All you need to know before buying a great pressure washer

Picture of a pressure washer

To find the best pressure washer for you, it is a good idea to understand where you will use it most. There’s a selection of options available, with different types of pressure washers being better suited for certain tasks. Therefore, it is important to know what types of pressure washers are best suited for your needs, otherwise, you may end up wasting money on a model with too much or too little power!

What are pressure washers?

A pressure washer is a cleaning tool that blasts water at a high enough pressure to remove tough dirt and grime. They are easy to use, simply being attached to a water source, not unlike a garden hose. Pressure washers are typically used for outdoor cleaning, such as a patio, driveway, windows, and cleaning vehicles.

High-pressure washer are a great product to have, especially if you intend to use the pressure washer regularly, as they allow for a high level of maintenance around the home.

Why should you buy a good pressure washer?

The best pressure washers will provide you with many uses, namely cleaning away hardened stains and removing general mess from surfaces. You could clean the entire outside of your home or be able to regularly wash your car to a professional standard with a good pressure washer, and they are also becoming much more affordable.

Whether you want to wash your windows, patio, driveway, vehicle or anything else, a great pressure washer can get the job done to a very high standard. Plus, as a durable machine that will get plenty of use, a pressure wash can end up being a fantastic investment that pays for itself over the long-term!

Another picture of a pressure washer
How to choose the right pressure washer?

There are many things to consider before purchasing the best pressure washer, as you will want a model that is better suited for what you need.

  • Uses: Perhaps one of the first things to consider – what will you be using the pressure washer for? Certain tasks will only require a certain amount of pressure to clean, so a pressure washer with a low-pressure bar, known as the measurement of water pressure produced, may not be able to remove tougher stains.
  • Power: The more powerful the pressure washer, the better it is at removing tough dirt. The most powerful pressure washers are therefore great for cleaning walls, fences, gutters and many other things, while less powerful machines are better for more mild cleaning such as your car, windows, or garden furniture. Be sure to consider the power of the pressure washer before making your final decision, as you will want one powerful enough for the right type of cleaning.
  • Price: An entry-level pressure washer can be very affordable, but it may lack additional features and will not carry the same power as costlier options. So, remember that the best pressure washer isn’t necessarily the cheapest. However, if you may not be using it frequently but would still like to have it for the odd cleaning job, a low-price pressure washer should still be a great tool to have.
What is the best kind of pressure washer in the UK?

Pressure washers are generally categorised by their pressure power. Entry-level pressure washers will come with lower pressure levels, while costlier models carry more power and many additional functions, such as extra nozzle attachments.

More importantly, certain types of pressure washers are better suited for certain types of cleaning, so knowing the different types and what they are best used for is very useful.

  • Light Pressure: With upto 100 bar these pressure washers are best for lighter duty work, such as wood decking, garden furniture, electric bikes, small vehicles, and rubbish bins.
  • Medium Pressure: With approximately 110 bar these pressure washers offer more versatility, making them quite good pressure washers for many different tasks. For example, most vehicles can be thoroughly cleaned using this type, while other exterior surfaces such as gutters and small patio areas can be tackled too.
  • High Pressure: With more than 120 bar the best pressure washer for the toughest of stains and dirty marks, high-pressure washers can get almost anything cleaned to a very high standard. This includes most surfaces outdoors, such as driveways, patios, pathways, decking, and even brick and stonework.
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Top 10 list of pressure washers in the UK (January 2021)

The top 10 list shows how brands and their pressure washers compare. Which pressure washer is the best?
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Top choice* TOP 1
Image of Kärcher 16018850 pressure washer
Kärcher 16018850 K 3 Home Pressure Washer, 1600 W, 240 V, Yellow/Black*
  • On-Board Storage – Trigger gun, hose and lances can all be stored neatly on…
  • Quick Connect Hose System – With the Quick Connect system, the high pressure…
  • Integrated Detergent Tank – Built in detergent tank allows you to easily apply…
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7972 pressure washer
Bosch High Pressure Washer EasyAquatak 120 (1500W, Home and Car Kit Included, Max. Flow Rate: 350l/h, in Cardboard Box) - Amazon Edition*
  • Scope of Supply Amazon Edition: EasyAquatak 120, High-Pressure Gun, 250 Patio Cleaner,…
  • Powerful cleaning around the home: Jet washer provides 350 litres of water an hour…
  • Adjustable cleaning intensity: Tailor the size of spray and cleaning intensity level…
Image of Kärcher 1.673-402.0 pressure washer
Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer*
  • Item Weight : 4.3 kg
  • Trigger gun, hose and lances can all be stored neatly on the machine
  • With the quick connect system, the high pressure hose is easy to connect to both…
Value deal* TOP 4
Image of RYOBI 0 pressure washer
Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer, 1500 W, Amazon Exclusive*
  • Weight (kg) : 5.1
  • Amazon Exclusive
  • External detergent bottle included
Image of VYTRONIX PW1500 pressure washer
VYTRONIX High Pressure Washer Powerful 1500W Jet Wash For Car and Home Garden Patio Cleaner*
  • One year warranty as standard for complete peace of mind.
  • Adjustable pressure nozzle means no changing attachments in between tasks, simply…
  • The lightweight design makes the machine easy and convenient to transport as well…
Image of Kärcher 1.324-002.0 pressure washer
Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer*
  • CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER - 01295 234020
  • Flow rate (l/h) - max. 420 . Max. water feed temperature (°C) - max. 40
  • 3 years manufacturer's warranty
Image of Kärcher 1.673-429.0 pressure washer
Kärcher K2 Premium Full Control Car and Home Pressure Washer*
  • On-board storage: Telescopic handle and storage for the high pressure gun, high pressure…
  • The accessories included are ideal for cleaning large areas of patio, decking and…
  • Detergent application direct from the machine from the on-board detergent tank
Image of Kärcher 1.673-501.0 pressure washer
Kärcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer*
  • Trigger gun, hose and lance can all be stored neatly on the machine
  • The integrated suction tube allows detergent to be applied to any surface being…
  • The lightweight design makes the machine easy and convenient to transport
Image of Bosch 06008A7F70 pressure washer
Bosch EasyAquatak 110 High Pressure Washer*
  • The high-pressure detergent nozzle reduces cleaning time by quickly applying the…
  • Includes variable power and rotary nozzles for deeper cleaning.
  • Simple push fit connections for quick and easy set up.
TOP 10
Image of Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7C70 pressure washer
Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 High Pressure Washer*
  • Ready to use out of the box so no Customer assembly required
  • Strong 135 bar pump delivering effective cleaning power
  • Easier to Move and store with an extending handle and larger wheels

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