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The 10 best shampoo bars to buy in the UK

Picture of a shampoo bar

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and plastic-free alternative to traditional liquid shampoos? Look no further than the best shampoo bars! Say goodbye to wasteful shampoo bottles and hello to a more sustainable haircare routine with solid shampoos. If you consider making the switch to solid shampoo bars today, then check out the buying guide below for all the info you need to find the best shampoo bar.


What are shampoo bars?

Shampoo bars come in a solid form providing a natural and eco-friendly alternative to liquid shampoos. Without the need for plastic bottles, this shampoo has minimal or plastic-free packaging, making them a great choice for those who are environmentally conscious. The best shampoo bars are available in a variety of formulations, making them suitable for different hair types. So, whether you have dry or oily hair, there is probably the right shampoo bar out there for you.

Why should you buy a good shampoo bar?

Unlike liquid shampoos, shampoo bars don't require plastic bottles, making them an eco-friendly choice. By choosing a shampoo bar, you can significantly reduce your plastic waste and help to protect the environment. The best solid shampoos are also formulated vegan and cruelty-free and have nourishing ingredients like natural oils and botanical extracts that help to strengthen your hair and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

How to choose the right shampoo bar?

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Shopping for the best shampoo bar is not always easy, so here are three things worth considering when buying:

  • Ingredients: Look for quality shampoo bars with ingredients that suit your hair type. If you have dry hair, then you should avoid chemical ingredients like sulfates that deplete the hair's natural oils. In this case, a gentle option with aloe vera and shea butter is better-suited.
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free: If you are committed to using products that align with your values, look for a shampoo bar that is vegan and cruelty-free. This means that it neither does contain any animal-derived ingredients nor has it been tested on animals.
  • Sustainability: While solid shampoos are generally more eco-friendly than traditional shampoos, consider the packaging the shampoo bar comes in. Consider buying from reputable brands that use plastic-free packaging, which is a more sustainable choice. Additionally, if you are interested in organic and natural shampoo bars, be sure to check also these labels.

Top 10 list of shampoo bars in the UK 2024

The bestseller list compares brands and their shampoo bars. Which shampoo bar is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Little Soap Company LSC 6102 shampoo bar
Eco Warrior Deeply Nourishing Shampoo Bar - Vegan, Cruelty Free, No…
  • Little Soap Company Promise - We are proud to say that all of our products are Cruelty…
  • Perfect for Bathrooms & Travel - Ideal for use in the bathroom eliminating the…
  • No Nasties - You’ll find no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or synthetic chemicals in…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Faith In Nature 0100011610901 shampoo bar
Faith In Nature Natural Coconut & Shea Butter Shampoo Bar, Hydrating,…
  • Vegan Society approved and cruelty free hair care
  • 99% natural origin ingredients and 100% natural fragrance
  • Paraben free and SLS free
Image of BAMBOEARTH SB001 shampoo bar
Solid Shampoo Bar And Conditioner Effect Hair Soap – 4 Pack…
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK! Our Shampoo bars are 100 Organic and our packaging…
  • ZERO WASTE IS OUR MISSION! Green Earth is our goal! Everything from our products…
  • PACK OF 4 FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY! This pack of shampoo bars comes with 4 unique…
Image of Friendly Soap SB003 shampoo bar
Friendly Soap- Natural Peppermint & Eucalyptus Shampoo Bar, Refreshing,…
  • The aim is to empower you to act for a world that cares about the environment, people…
  • Friendly Soap product cartons are made from zero virgin fibres and 100% recovered…
  • Includes natural ingredients that are free from preservatives, sulphates and palm…
Image of Aussie  shampoo bar
Aussie Moisturising Vegan Shampoo Bar with Australian Macadamia Nut,…
  • Rub the Koala B(e)ar in your hair with water, work the full-on foam into your mane,…
  • 1 bar = up to 2x Aussie 250ML liquid shampoo (depending on lengths and habits), 20…
  • Vegan formula (no animal derived ingredients or by-products), with Australian Macadamia…
Image of Garnier 3600542372435 shampoo bar
Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strengthening Shampoo Bar…
  • No silicones for a natural feel
  • Lasts for up 2 months of use
  • 97 percent biodegradable FORMULA with sustainably sourced Honey and Beeswax
Image of Garnier 3600542372879 shampoo bar
Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Softening Shampoo Bar for Sensitive…
  • No silicones for a natural feel
  • Yes Vegan FORMULA: No animal ingredients or by-products
  • Lasts for up 2 months of use
TOP 10
Image of Friendly Soap SB002 shampoo bar
Friendly Soap - Natural Lavender & Geranium Shampoo Bar, Relaxing,…
  • The aim is to empower you to act for a world that cares about the environment, people…
  • Friendly Soap product cartons are made from zero virgin fibres and 100% recovered…
  • Includes natural ingredients that are free from preservatives, sulphates and palm…
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