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The 10 best wood burning stoves to buy in Italy

Picture of a wood burning stove

Looking for the best wood burning stove for your home? It’s a great investment, bringing warmth and style to any room, while also being a cost-effective way to stay warm during the colder months.

However, finding the best wood stoves can be difficult unless you know what to look for, so check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need to find a great stove for your home.

What are wood burning stoves?

A wood burning stove is a home heating appliance that burns wood as a fuel source. While designs vary, it typically consists of a metal firebox and one or two vents for air control, while being are connected to a ventilation pipe to funnel out the smoke.

Why should you buy a good wood burning stove?

The best wood burning stoves let you heat your house for a low price, helping to keep energy bills down while cutting back on your carbon footprint, with wood logs producing very low carbon emissions. Moreover, a great wood stove makes a fantastic addition to any room. It can act as a focal point of the décor, with various styles and materials available to match most homes.

Plus, because the stove produces radiant heat, it will heat a room much quicker than electric or central heating, making it a great addition to your home heating system.

How to choose the right wood burning stove in 2024?

Another picture of a wood burning stove

Not sure what to look for in a good wood burning stove? Here are some things to think about:

  • Heat Output: You need to ensure that the wood stove produces enough heat to warm the room it is being installed in. Outputs are measured in kW and you need 1kW for every 14m³ of space in a room, so simply measure the room size (length x width x height) and divide by 14 to see how much you need.
  • Fuel: While wood burning stoves obviously use wood for fuel, there are variations called multi-fuel stoves that can use wood and other fuel sources like coal. A standard wood stove may be fine for your needs if you have good access to wood logs, otherwise, multi-fuel stoves may be more economical for your home, with coals being more widely available.
  • Location: Think carefully where the wood burner is going to ensure that you choose a suitable model. A freestanding model is the most versatile as it can be installed almost anywhere, while there are also inset models that fit into an old fireplace or flush to the wall, so require a more precise location for installation.

What is the best kind of wood burning stove in Italy?

There are several types of wood burning stoves available, including:

  • Freestanding Wood Stove: As the name suggests, they are freestanding so don’t need to be built inside of a chimney breast, giving more placement options throughout the room.
  • Inset Wood Stove: These are more like a traditional fireplace, being installed inside of a chimney breast or within a wall, so it will likely require a more extensive installation process if you don’t have an unused fireplace or chimney breast.
  • Cassette Wood Stove: This type of stove is like an inset, with the main difference being it’s usually installed flush to the wall rather than into it. Typically installed within a closed hearth, allowing it to be placed at different levels on the wall.

Top 10 list of wood burning stoves in Italy (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their wood burning stoves. Which wood burning stove is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of X-LINE  wood burning stove
Offer TOP 2
Image of Megashopitalia 793579905240 wood burning stove
Stufa a Legna in Acciaio 6.9-11 kW Roma con Vetro Ceramico Ampia vista fuoco Portalegna
Image of Megashopitalia MF10 wood burning stove
Stufa a Legna e Carbone con Forno in Acciaio 11-14KW Ischia Con Termometro e Regolazione Aria Primaria e Secondaria
Image of Megashopitalia CLASSIC GFS wood burning stove
Stufa a Legna Cucina a Legna con Forno in Acciaio Verona 5,9-10 kW con Piastra di Cottura Termometro Forno Regolazione Aria Porta Salviette
Image of AONELAS  wood burning stove
Stufa a legna con forno. In acciaio. Potenza di riscaldamento 12 kW
Image of GrecoShop  wood burning stove
Stufa a legna carbone acciaio Kir 9/12 Kw vetro ceramico piastra cottura
Image of GrecoShop  wood burning stove
Stufa a legna/Termocamino in acciaio e ghisa 5/7 kW - Mod. Long Hold Fire (Cod. 5565)
Image of Milo srl  wood burning stove
Stufa a Legna e Carbone"ERA" in Acciaio Verniciato 7 Kw Caminetto con Vetro Ceramico h 94 Cm Produzione Made in Italy 2 Anni di Garanzia Riscaldamento Casa (STUFA NERA, 7 KW)
Image of BLINKY  wood burning stove
Blinky 9815040 Stufa a Legna, Rosso
TOP 10
Image of GrecoShop  wood burning stove
Stufa a legna/Termocamino Compatto in Ghisa 5/8 kW (Cod. 5805)
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