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The 10 best wood burning stoves to buy in Switzerland

Picture of a wood burning stove

Looking for the best wood burning stove for your home? It’s a great investment, bringing warmth and style to any room, while also being a cost-effective way to stay warm during the colder months.

However, finding the best wood stoves can be difficult unless you know what to look for, so check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need to find a great stove for your home.

What are wood burning stoves?

A wood burning stove is a home heating appliance that burns wood as a fuel source. While designs vary, it typically consists of a metal firebox and one or two vents for air control, while being are connected to a ventilation pipe to funnel out the smoke.

Why should you buy a good wood burning stove?

The best wood burning stoves let you heat your house for a low price, helping to keep energy bills down while cutting back on your carbon footprint, with wood logs producing very low carbon emissions. Moreover, a great wood stove makes a fantastic addition to any room. It can act as a focal point of the décor, with various styles and materials available to match most homes.

Plus, because the stove produces radiant heat, it will heat a room much quicker than electric or central heating, making it a great addition to your home heating system.

How to choose the right wood burning stove in 2024?

Another picture of a wood burning stove

Not sure what to look for in a good wood burning stove? Here are some things to think about:

  • Heat Output: You need to ensure that the wood stove produces enough heat to warm the room it is being installed in. Outputs are measured in kW and you need 1kW for every 14m³ of space in a room, so simply measure the room size (length x width x height) and divide by 14 to see how much you need.
  • Fuel: While wood burning stoves obviously use wood for fuel, there are variations called multi-fuel stoves that can use wood and other fuel sources like coal. A standard wood stove may be fine for your needs if you have good access to wood logs, otherwise, multi-fuel stoves may be more economical for your home, with coals being more widely available.
  • Location: Think carefully where the wood burner is going to ensure that you choose a suitable model. A freestanding model is the most versatile as it can be installed almost anywhere, while there are also inset models that fit into an old fireplace or flush to the wall, so require a more precise location for installation.

What is the best kind of wood burning stove in Switzerland?

There are several types of wood burning stoves available, including:

  • Freestanding Wood Stove: As the name suggests, they are freestanding so don’t need to be built inside of a chimney breast, giving more placement options throughout the room.
  • Inset Wood Stove: These are more like a traditional fireplace, being installed inside of a chimney breast or within a wall, so it will likely require a more extensive installation process if you don’t have an unused fireplace or chimney breast.
  • Cassette Wood Stove: This type of stove is like an inset, with the main difference being it’s usually installed flush to the wall rather than into it. Typically installed within a closed hearth, allowing it to be placed at different levels on the wall.

Top 10 list of wood burning stoves in Switzerland (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their wood burning stoves. Which wood burning stove is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Victoria-05 Ltd. Victoria-Taro wood burning stove
EEK A Victoria Taro Fireplace, Black, Continuous Burning, 10 kW
  • Device dimensions width mm 585 depth mm 545 height mm 985 combustion chamber dimensions…
  • Nominal heat output kW 10.00 efficiency % 77 CO emission at 13% O2% 0.0907 (<…
  • - Timeless look - Solid, robust metal construction with very good material thickness…
starting from CHF 979.02*
Image of THERMIA  wood burning stove
Thermia Munich Wood Stove Natural Stone 7 kW Continuous Burn, Automatic, Grey
  • Meets 2nd stage of the BImSchV German regulation:
  • Memory stone cladding.
  • Large viewing window.
starting from CHF 1,263.22*
Image of BALKAN ENERGY Troy wood burning stove
BALKAN ENERGY Troy Wood Stove with Oven 7.8 kW
  • Combustion chamber dimensions (height, width, depth): 295 x 400 x 290 mm
  • Tested according to EN 13240 standard; certification: CE; BlmSchV2; ECO design
  • Colour: graphite black; heating type: convection; weight (kg): 68
starting from CHF 538.02*
Offer TOP 4
Image of AONELAS  wood burning stove
Wood burning stove with stove. Made of steel. 12 kW heat output.
  • Standard EN 13240:2001
  • Should be connected to a 130 mm flue pipe, heating output 12 kW, heating surface…
  • Oven dimensions: 360 x 370 x 190 mm (W x D x H).
starting from CHF 513.86*
Image of JUSTUS 8357 22 wood burning stove
Justus 8357 22 Vegas Fireplace/A+
  • Fine dust: 38 mg/m³ wood
  • Exhaust gas mass flow: 7.3 g/s
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 231°C
starting from CHF 551.75*
Image of THERMIA TM-XL-W wood burning stove
München Wood Stove XL, Steel White, 7 kW, Storage Stove Panoramic Door, Grooved Look, Wood Stove, Continuous Fire, Suitable as a Swedish Stove, 150 mm, Exhaust Gas Socket, Self-Closing Door (Type 1)
  • Optionally available are storage stones that can be integrated into the fireplace…
  • Large panoramic door with semi-circular viewing window, integrated wooden compartment…
  • Modern round fireplace with type 1 (self-closing door), approved for multiple us…
starting from CHF 1,459.22*
Image of ProTermo Alpina G wood burning stove
ProTermo Alpina G Beige Fireplace with Fireclay Stone - 8 kW Heating Output - Fireplace Wood Stove with Viewing Window, Type 1
  • Type 1 - with self-closing door. The Alpina indoor fireplace meets the BImSchV level…
  • Weight: approx. 85 kg | Nominal heat output: 8 kW | Stove pipe diameter: 120 mm |…
  • The combustion chamber is lined with high-quality fireclay bricks that can easily…
starting from CHF 734.95*
Image of Prity  wood burning stove
EEK A Prity K1-9 kW Fireplace
  • Erf. Delivery pressure at nominal heat output: 12 Pa / medium. CO content of the…
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 325.6°C
  • Approved fuels: wood and wood briquettes
starting from CHF 360.64*
Image of Magnus GT7 wood burning stove
Stove Stove Workshop Stove Garage Stove Black GT7
  • Stove pipe diameter: 120 mm
  • Item weight: 25 kg
  • Ventilation type: vent free
starting from CHF 215.50*
TOP 10
Image of kratki THOR wood burning stove
KRATKI THOR Wood Stove Freestanding BImSchV 2 Compliant 8kW Corner Stove Thermal Efficiency 83% Dust Outlet 150mm Steel and Decorative Glass Straight Glazing Energy Efficiency A+ Fireplace Stove
  • Corner Glazing The double sided view of the fireplace fits perfectly into the atmosphere…
  • TWO CONNECTION OPTIONS The fireplace has the ability to connect the flue either from…
  • Convenient to use: the cast iron grate and removable steel ash tray guarantee comfortable…
starting from CHF 1,657.18*
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