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The 10 best laptop bags to buy in Spain

Picture of a laptop bag

Anyone that owns a laptop can benefit from buying a laptop bag. The best laptop bag will ultimately depend on your laptop, although there are many other factors worth considering when looking for a suitable bag. With many great laptop bags available, finding the best one for your laptop requires some patience, as there is simply a huge selection of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Check out some tips below in the handy buying guide to help you find the best laptop bag.

What are laptop bags?

A laptop bag is a popular accessory that many buy to carry and protect their laptop. Available in many styles, from backpacks to messenger bags, a laptop bag offers protection from potential damage by providing a secure location for the computer.

They tend to feature additional padding compared to a normal bag, which is designed to protect the laptop from scratches and other forms of damage, keeping it safe and secure when traveling with a laptop. If you want to avoid scratches then you could consider using a screen protector, too.

Why should you buy a good laptop bag?

The best laptop bags offer great protection from accidental bumps, bangs, and scrapes. As laptops are made to be portable, it makes sense to have a suitable bag to store and transport them with. For instance, if you want to take your laptop to school, college, or work, then a good laptop bag will keep it safe and secure, unlike a traditional backpack or bag that doesn’t offer padding.

How to choose the right laptop bag in 2024?

Another picture of a laptop bag

There are many great laptop bags available, but not all of them will be suitable for your needs. Here are some things to consider that will make it easier to find the best laptop bag:

  • Size: The most important part of a laptop bag is its size, as you need something that fits your laptop. Remember, there are various sizes of laptops, resulting in many different size laptop bags, too. Measure the size of your laptop and be sure the bag you choose offers enough space to fit it.
  • Use: There are many different uses for laptop bags, from everyday commutes to long-distance travel. Think about how the laptop bag will be used to find the most suitable option you can. For instance, frequent travel usually takes its toll on a laptop, so you will want a heavy-duty bag with thick padding if you need to use it every day.
  • Comfort: The best laptop bags offer quality support and are generally more comfortable to use. Laptops are quite heavy, especially when placed in a bag with other stuff, so make sure you have a bag that is comfortable enough - check the straps, weight distribution, additional handles, and anything else that eases strains from carrying the laptop bag.

What is the best kind of laptop bag in Spain?

Like any bag, laptop bags come in a variety of styles, with many shapes and sizes available. Here is a list of the most popular laptop bag styles:

  • Laptop Sleeves: While technically not a bag, a laptop fits securely into a sleeve, offering a layer of padding that protects the computer from damage. This means it can be placed into most ordinary bags and remain protected.
  • Shoulder Laptop Bags: These laptop bags resemble the shape of a briefcase and include a single strap to be worn over the shoulder, although they can also be carried by the handle. Compact and lightweight, this a great laptop bag for working professionals, although they often lack space for additional storage
  • Laptop Backpacks: The same design as a traditional backpack, laptop backpacks offer a casual style yet plenty of function, with plenty of space for storing things as well as the laptop. Ideal for work, students, and anyone traveling, they are probably the most comfortable bag and aren’t too restrictive.

Top 10 list of laptop bags in Spain (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their laptop bags. Which laptop bag is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of Lenovo GX40Q17225 laptop bag
Lenovo B210 Casual - Mochila para Equipos portátiles de 39,6…
Offer TOP 2
Image of Kono  laptop bag
Kono Mochila Portatil Mochila Hombre Mochila Ordenador Portatil 15.6 Pulgadas con Puerto USB Mochila Trabajo Hombre Mochila Viaje Mochila Escolar Mochila Negra Trabajo Negocio Diario Sport
Image of Besttravel BP-88B laptop bag
Besttravel Mochila Unisex Impermeable para Ordenador Portátil de hasta 15.6 Pulgadas, conector para Auriculares y Bolsillo Antirrobo,Para los estudios, viajes o trabajo
Image of WENIG GD/1/1363 laptop bag
Mochila antirrobo para laptop, mochila de viaje de negocios con bloqueo de puerto de carga USB, resistente al agua, mochila de trabajo para hombres y mujeres, se adapta a portátiles de 15.6 pulgadas,
Image of Della Gao DG2819BK laptop bag
Mochila para computadora portátil, mochila antirrobo impermeable con mochila de bloqueo Hombre Mochila portátil de 17.3 pulgadas con apertura de carga USB, viaje o trabajo - Negro
Image of HP 2Z8P3AA laptop bag
HP Prelude Mochila para Portátiles de hasta 15,6" - (Tejido Resistente al Agua, Bolsillo Protector Acolchado, Ultraligera), Color Gris
Image of MATEIN LSX1091BLKB2 Y017-8 laptop bag
MATEIN Mochila Portatil Mochila Hombre Impermeable Mochila Ordenador Portatil 15.6 Pulgadas Mochila Portatil con Puerto USB Mochila Antirrobo del Negocio Trabajo Diario Viaje Escolares - Negro
Image of Della Gao DG1810BK laptop bag
Mochila Antirrobo Impermeable, Mochila Portátil Hombre 17.3 Pulgadas Puerto USB Impermeable Trabajo Ordenador Viaje Negocio Multifuncional Daypacks Negro
Image of unycos 12 laptop bag
unycos - Mochila 15L para Portátiles y Netbooks de hasta 15,6 Pulgadas, Impermeable, Puerto de Carga USB, Mochila de Hombre y Mujer Ergonómica para Trabajo, Viajes, Colegio y Uso Diario (Negro)
TOP 10
Image of LOVEVOOK  laptop bag
LOVEVOOK Mochila Portatil Mujer, 15.6 Pulgadas Impermeable Antirrobo, Casual Backpack Escolar para Ordenador Portátil con Carga USB para la Trabajo Viajes Universidad Colegio, Caqui Beige
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